Sunday, August 25, 2019

My New Mixed Media Victorian Collage Santa and Mrs. Claus Tree Art Dolls

As you all know I never do anything in moderation and when I get inspired to create - well, create I do.  And create, and create, and create.

Usually when I take the Artful Gathering classes in June, July, and August I get inspired to create dolls and crafts based on what I've learned.  Well, after a LOT of my own crafting trail and error, research and various online classes I've taken over the years I've learned a LOT about all sorts of dolls, crafts, mixed media art and more.

This summer I decided I needed some new Christmas decorations and felt really inspired to make some.  And make them I did.  At last count I was at 27 different creations so, as you can imagine, I have a lot to show you.

I just love creating Victorian inspired Santa and Mrs. Claus dolls and have wanted to create some with paper-clay heads affixed upon Styrofoam Christmas trees for some time.  Kind of a combination Santa doll and Christmas tree all in one.

I also love combining dried floral potpourri with some of my creations as I'm  always looking for ways to salvage dried potpourri so it doesn't go to waste once it's lost its' smell.

Five years ago I wrote a Linda's Blog post entitled "A Great Way To Use Up Old Potpourri" outlining my attempts to do so.

I had been saving two unfinished wood candle pedestals for several years now and thought they would make good bases for my Santa and Mrs. Claus tree art dolls I had in mind.

It was now or never to see if all of this would work together.  So, I created a mixed media Victorian collage Santa tree art doll and a a mixed media Victorian collage Mrs. Claus tree art doll.

I created Linda's Blog posts containing details of all the various media used to create them and close-up pictures of each.  Just click on the links below:

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