Monday, February 28, 2011

Primitive Annie Dreams Of Being Cinderella

"Primitive "Annie" is on the shy side, just like "Primitive Andy" who is her prince charming. While he is the shyest "dollie" on the planet she is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet. And, both got embroiled in the latest "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog. Such attention to herself doesn't make her happy at all. And, she knows it doesn't help "Primitive Andy" at all.

"Primitive Annie's" pattern was recently revised and in being revised there was a clamor as to why she didn't have a story. It had been 7 years since her creation and she had no story. Some of the "dollies" felt this wasn't right. It didn't bother "Primitive Annie." She was far too sweet to let anything like that bother her. She knew that Linda would tell her story in due course.

Here's "Primitive Annie's" story:

"Primitive Annie" was the 2nd primitive doll that Linda designed, but her first "raggedy Annie."

Sometimes you find someone who is just plain sweet. Someone who always thinks of others before herself, always tries to do the right thing, always tries to be polite and respectful of her elders, and who always tries to be the best she can be.

Well, "Primitive Annie" is such a person - or, such a "dollie!"  She is just the sweetest and nicest "dollie" you ever could meet. And, she's in love with her prince charming - "Primitive Andy.

"Primitive Annie" likes to pretend that she's Cinderella and that "Primitive Andy" is her prince charming.  She dreams of a beautiful future and life together.  The problem is that "Primitive Andy" is so shy that it's almost impossible for her to get near him.  In fact, he is the shyest "dollie" on the planet.

Primitive Annie has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with two-buttoned eyes, and oodles of freckles.  She is wearing a coffee stained, tattered, and fringed dress with 3/4 length fringed sleeves.  She is also wearing gathered bloomers and a tattered and fringed apron. She has a small tattered ribbon tied around her neck, patches on her clothes and raggedy red looped hair along the sides and top of her head. Floss is sewn to her feet and legs for her raggedy red stripes.

"Primitive Annie" may be wearing tattered clothes, but she is sweetness in life.  And, she has a dilemma. How can he know how wonderful she is if she can't even get to talk to him? How can Cinderella meet her Prince Charming when he's so shy?

Can you help her?

And, Then There's Gypsy Annie!

While "Primitive Andy" is the shyest "dollie" on the planet, and "Primitive Annie" is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet, "Gypsy Annie" takes the prize at being the most adventuresome "dollie" on the planet. She may be a "dollie", but she is a "gypsy" after all. She travels from town to town and lives an unconventional life.

Given how much she travels she was unaware of all the brouhaha surrounding the lack of stories for "Primitive Andy", "Primitive Annie" and herself over on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog.

"Gypsy Annie" is a "dollie" who just goes with the flow. She was happy to hear that her pattern was revised, but not concerned with her story not being told for 7 years. If Linda wanted to tell in now that would be fine as long as she doesn't jinx it by telling it in the 7th year.

Here's her story:

Like many of her relatives "Gypsy Annie" is a fortune teller.  It's not an occupation she would have picked for herself.  She'd rather be a travel agent, but she had a natural ability for it and so that is what she does for a living.

"Gypsy Annie" really prefers to travel and would love to travel around the world some day.  The problem is that she doesn't make a lot of money as a fortune teller.  But she's saving her pennies and hoping to do a bit of traveling this summer.

Gypsy Annie has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with black button eyes, and oodles of freckles.  She has red lace-tied boots and long raggedy red looped hair along the sides and top of her head.

 She is wearing a coffee stained,  tattered, and fringed shirt that is gathered at the neck and has fringed sleeves that are gathered at the wrists.  Her skirt is gathered at the waist and fringed along the edges.   She has a tattered sash and fringe tied around her waist and she is wearing a pair of fringed bloomers that are gathered at the waist. She has a fringed gypsy kerchief tied around her head.

"Gypsy Annie" is a wanderer by nature.  She dreams of one day circling the globe.  She knows there is something like that in her future.  She just doesn't know when it will happen.  She's got her fingers crossed for "soon!"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

If Ever There Was An Unbelievably Shy Guy It Would Be Primitive Andy!

There are shy people and there are really, really, really shy people. Primitive Andy is one of those people. He could very well be the shyest person in the world.

Well, maybe we should clarify that. He could very well be the shyest "dollie" in the world.

He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. The latter is why he has gone 7 years without a story.

And, all this attention being draw to that fact in the latest "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog doesn't make him happy. No, not happy at all!

What all the "dollies" don't know is that he asked Linda not to write a story about him.  He's just to shy and would prefer not to have one.  Well, the latest fiasco makes that a little impossible now.  And, given that his pattern was just revised he had no confidence in being able to convince Linda, once again, not to tell his story.

Here's his story:

"Primitive Andy" has the distinct honor of being the first primitive doll that Linda designed and likes to pride himself on being small, lean, and, well, adorable.  Just don't tell anyone he said that and just don't draw any attention to him.  "Primitive Andy" is probably the shyest "dollie" in the world.  And, he's just fine with that.

He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. It was tough enough for him to have his picture taken for his pattern.  He was on edge for several days before and sick to his stomach.  But, Linda assured him there would only be two people in the studio taking pictures.  She would be there and "Primitive Andy" would be there.  No one else. 

So, "Primitive Andy" agreed.

"Primitive Andy" has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with two-button eyes, and loads of freckles.

He's wearing a  coffee stained and fringed shirt with 3/4 length fringed sleeves, buttons and patches.  His tattered and fringed pantaloons are gathered at the waist and middle of his calves and have patches. He has a small tattered ribbon tied around his neck, and raggedy red cut hair along the sides and top of his head. Floss is sewn to his feet and legs for his raggedy red stripes.

If you look closely at "Primitive Andy's" pictures you may see a little trepidation in his face.  He could barely muster a smile when Linda said, cheese!"  He knows there's only Linda and himself in the studio taking his picture, but he's just so shy. He really would prefer not to be photographed at all.

He's just unbelievably shy.  Probably the shyest "dollie" in the world.  But, he's just fine with that!  Not everyone needs there 15 minutes of fame!  Certainly not "Primitive Andy."

Betterfly - An Interesting Concept For Arts & Crafts Teachers Or Anyone With A Teachable Skill

If you're a reader of my Linda's Blog or Tips For Crafters On the Web you know how much I like to "play" online and try out different websites.

You also know from my "I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs" that I love arts & crafts and would like to learn just about every kind of arts & crafts category there is.

Unfortunately, with a list like the following: Altered Art, Americana, Angels, Animal Crafts, Apparel Making, Applique, Art, ATC's, Baby Crafts, Baskets, Bead Crafts, Bear Making, Birds and Birdhouses, Bridal Crafts, Broom Crafts, Cake Decorating, Calligraphy, Candle Making, Card Making, Cartoon Drawing, Carving, Ceramics, Children's Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Clay, Cloth Crafts, Colonial Crafts, Computerized Sewing, Cottage Crafts, Country Crafts, Crazy Quilting, Creative Embroidery, Crewel, Crocheting, Cross-Stitch, Cupcake Crafts, Decorative Painting, Deco Art, Decoupage, Digital Art, Doll Making, Dried Florals, Drawing and Sketching, Dyeing, Egg Art, Embellishing, Embroidery, Fabric Art, Felted Crafts, Fiber Arts, Floral Crafts, Folkart, Food Crafts, Fragrance Crafts, Garden Crafts, General Arts and Crafts, Glass Art, Gourd Art, Graphics, Hat Making, Home Decor, Holiday Crafts, Illustrations, Japanese Crafts, Machine Embroidery, Miniatures, Mixed Media, Mosaics, Native American Crafts, Needle Felting, Needlepoint, Origami, Painting, Paper Crafts, Papier Mache, Pen and Ink Crafts, Penny Rugs, Pet Crafts, Photography, Plastic Crafts, Plush Crafts, Pocketbook Making, Polymer Clay, Porcelain Crafts, Pottery, Primitives, Printables, Punch Needle, Punched Tin, Quilling, Quilting, Retro Crafts, Ribbon Crafts, Rubber Stamping, Rug Making, Rusty Tin Crafts, Santa's, Sculpey, Sculpture, Scrapbooking, Seasonal Crafts, Sewing, Shabby Chic, Silk Florals, Stamping, Stationary Design, Soap Making, Spinning, Stenciling, Stitchery, Tatting, Terra-cotta Crafts, Textile Art, Tile Crafts, Tole Painting, TyeDying, Victorian Crafts, Videography, Vintage Crafts, Watercolors, Wearable Art, Weaving, Wedding Crafts, Wire Art, Wood Crafts, Woodland Crafts, Woodworking, Wool Felt Crafts, Wreath Making, and Yard Crafts it would be nearly impossible for me to learn everything on the list.

For me there just isn't enough time in the day or within my lifetime to learn everything I want to learn.  My list is just way too long. But I'd like to try.

Given the above, when I received an email from Jeremy over at Betterfly my curiosity was piqued. Here's what Jeremy's email said:

Hi Linda,

I recently came across your crafts blog, which I really enjoyed reading, and so I wanted to introduce myself. I work for which among other things, has one of the largest directories of craft teachers in the U.S.( It provides a lot of utility for people who teach or want to learn about crafts and is also good for finding activity partners.

Betterfly has been featured in the New York Times and was named one of the top 10 job sites for service providers--like craft teachers--who are looking to turn their service into a paid gig.

I wanted to get on your radar, and I hope you'll have the opportunity to check out the site and pass it along to your readers, colleagues and friends if you like it.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd welcome the chance to give you more information either by email or phone.

Thank you,


I thought, "Now that's an interesting concept. I should check it out." So I did.

Well, if I wanted to learn just about anything on my enormous list then Betterfly would be a good place to start.

Betterfly is a website that, according to them, helps you "Be Better. At Anything."

Betterfly is the free and easy way to find the best people - not companies - to help you learn, look and feel better.

When you're looking for someone to whip you into shape, push back your cuticles, or teach you how to handle a knife (in the kitchen!), Betterfly matches you with the best person for you. It's that simple. Because nobody's perfect.
We all have a talent to offer. You might already be a dance teacher, speech coach, hairstylist, or SAT tutor. Or you might be really good at something and want to earn some moola doing that thing you do. Betterfly gives you the free resources to easily create your own page and connect to the people looking for you.
So, if you're an arts & crafts teacher or service provider (like a hairstylist or barber) Betterfly provides you with the ability to attract more customers by becoming a "Betterist."  And, if you're someone looking to find someone who could teach you something (like knitting or sewing, or how to draw, etc.) then Betterfly can help match you up with someone in your area who can do that.

And, they go one step further.  Not only can you search for "Betterists" by criteria but you can book appointments, read reviews of their services, and check when they may or may not be available.

Each of the "Betterists" can create a mini "Betterist Site" website that contains 6 tab pages: an overview tab that tells perspective clients about themselves, a services tab that tells what they have to offer,  an availability tab which provides a calendar of when they are available and allows prospective clients to book an appointment, a qualification & reviews tab which lists their education and experience as well as reviews of their services by clients, a resources tab where you can add a photo or a document or a video or an audio file, and a blog tab where the "Betterist" can create blog posts.

Clients or users of the Betterfly website also have a personal profile page where they can write reviews of the "Betterists" and list their goals, interests, activity partners, and their Betterists.

There is also a dashboard that tracks messages, notifications, and account settings.  It also contains information for the Betterist on their appointments, earnings, clients, analytics, marketing tools, and their booking & payment settings.  For the clients the personal profile section of the dashboard tracks appointments (upcoming and past), transactions (current, past, and Betterfly Buck), interests and activity partners.

Clients or users can pay for the services they want through Betterfly and Betterists can specify whether or not they will allow users to pay them through Betterfly.  According to Betterfly: The client who is booking the appointment pays no fee at all, other than the cost of your appointment, of course. The Betterist accepting payment pays gets charged a 5% fee on all money received online. So if you get paid $50 for your piano lesson, Betterfly will put $47.50 into your account. We call money received online for an appointment Earnings. The 5% is a small fee that helps Betterfly cover some of its costs, such as credit card processing fees.

Betterists do have some control over who can book them and pay for their services through Betterfly.  According to Betterfly: Betterfly has created a number of cool features to put you in control. One option allows you to limit online booking and payment to just Clients you’ve already worked with. Another feature allows you to set a cancellation policy whereby anyone who books you online must pay you in advance and loses 100% of the service cost if he cancels- and there are many more options for you to discover.

For the clients or users who are booking different "Betterists" services being able to pay through the Betterfly website is very convenient.  For the "Betterist" having the Betterfly website handle the payment process is also very convenient.

One of the ways to pay is through Betterfly Bucks which clients or users can use. According to Betterfly: Betterfly Bucks are currency used on Betterfly to do everything from paying for appointments with Betterists who accept them to giving gifts to friends. The only type of Betterfly Bucks that can be redeemed for money are Betterfly Bucks that have been Earned.

If you are teacher or a personal services provider (like a hairdresser, etc.) then Betterfly is a very interesting concept. When you think about all the different areas for learning and all the different personal services there are then the possibilities for matching consumers with the right "Betterist" become endless.

However, you don't just have to be a professional service provider or a teacher. Betterfly could as easily be used by students seeking another student as a tutor and vice versa. Someone to help them become just a little bit better at something they want to learn.

Right now most of the application seems to be matching users with Betterists in their area.  However, I don't see why it couldn't also be applied to e-classes, especially e-classes where the instructor is available for chats at specified days and hours.

Expanding this concept to include e-classes would considerably widen the playing field. Think of all the possibilities for learning something from the best person in their field despite where they are located.  The application of e-classes would truly expand matching the right user with the right Betterist - no matter where they are located in the world.

Betterfly is an interesting concept not only for arts & crafts teachers but for anyone who has a teachable skill.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally, A Story For Three Very Special Primitives!

You know that you're in trouble with the "dollies" when you find a note on your computer chair. It simply said, "You need to do something to resolve this situation. It has gone on way too long."


What does that mean?

What could they be talking about?

As I had no idea what the "dollies" were talking about and who had left the note I decided to just do what I always do with the "dollies" notes and ignore this.

Well, several days later I received another note. This time it said, "You cannot ignore this like all the other things you have ignored! They need a story! They've gone 7 years without one!"


A clue.

Which "dollies" had gone seven years without a story?


Many, actually, as most of the dolls that I created back in 2004 didn't have stories to accompany their patterns or handmade dolls. So, knowing that narrowed the field considerably. However, that could still mean 23 different dolls.

However, 20 of those dolls were Victorian "Ladies" and I knew they would never in a million years complain or send me a note. They were "ladies" after all and had manners.

So, it had to be my original 3 "raggedies." They were the only ones without stories out of all the rest of the dolls I had created.

Now I knew who it was. I knew for sure that neither of these three dolls had written the note themselves. They were just too timid. It had to have been written by someone else.

Exactly who, I don't know as of yet - but, I will find out. My "dollie spies" will tell me. That's for sure.

So, I'll wait to find out who wrote the note. However, despite the fact that I was annoyed that I had received a note I did have to agree with it that it was about time. Seven years is a long time to go especially if you're having seven years of bad luck. I hope by relaying their stories now that I'm not going to jinx things.

We'll find out in time - I'm sure.

In any event, I knew who the three "dollies" were. And, despite what all the "dollie" thought these three did have stories. I just hadn't conveyed them as of yet.

I guess now is as good a time as any.

Stay tuned for their stories.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

I HATE Snow, But LOVE Snow-people! I Must be Demented!

I HATE Snow, But LOVE Snow-people! I Must be Demented!  Now that's a contradiction. 

If you've been following my Linda's Blog this Winter you already know how much I dislike the snow so I won't bore you any more with ranting on and on about it. 

Instead, I thought you might like to see all the wonderful snow-people who decorate our house for the Winter season.  Most are my Linda Walsh Originals creations.  Some, however, were made based on other designers patterns. 

I hope you enjoy your visit. 

The picture at the beginning of this post is the snow scene we created in our dining room fireplace. 

This delightful snowman is I call "Charlie" and he was made based upon a "From My Heart To Yours" pattern.  He stands 30" tall.  His wool hat was one of my old ones and his black derby hat was a contribution from my sister-in-law.  His flannel scarf was made from one of my younger brothers old flannel shirts. 

Homer, our adorable snow bear greet each and every visitor.  He stands 29" tall and was made based upon a "TLC Crafters" pattern. 

Sitting on his throne is "Snow Cone Sam. He's 26" and was made based upon a "Time Worn Treasures" pattern. His jeans were from my two year old grandson, Noodles. 

Next, is "Sam, The Skiing Snowman."  Hubby and I stenciled and painted his ski's.  He stands 36" tall and was made based upon a "Maggie Ann & Friends" pattern.  He's wearing one of my brothers old wool hats and the scarf around his neck is an old scarf given to us many years ago from someone in the family.  His rolled up socks belong to my younger brother. 

In our sunroom we have an array of some of my favorite little snow-man and snow-woman designs. 

On the top shelf on the left is "Isabell - Cross My Heart" who is a 7" shelf sitting snow-gal.  If you'd like to make my Linda Walsh Originals "Isabell" design please CLICK HERE for her e-pattern. 

On the top shelf on the right is "Benjamin - Cross My Heart" who is a 7" shelf sitting snow-man.

On the second shelf on the left is "Jerry Snow Guy" who is a 10" self standing snow-guy.  

On the second shelf on the right is "Sissie Snow Gal" who is a 10" self standing snow-gal.  

On the bottom shelf on the left is "Kathleen Snow Queen" who is a 6" shelf sitting snow-gal.  

On the top shelf on the right is "Alexander Snow Tsar" who is a 6" shelf sitting snow-man. 

On the side table we have a jolly trio of snowmen ornaments. 

To the left is "Give Me More Snow" who is a 10"snow-man ornament.  

In the middle is "Marsh Me Snow" who is a 9" snow-man ornament. 

To the right is "Help! I'm Sliding!" who is a 10" snow-man ornament. 

Beautifully gracing our family room fireplace is "Nellie Snow-Lady."  She is a 23" Victorian Snow-Lady.  

On the shelves of our wooden clock in the family room we have some miniature snowmen and trees. 

Hanging on the knobs of a desk we have a pair of ghouls. 

On the left is "Winnie, The Snow Ghoul" who is a 6 1/2" extreme primitive ornament.  

On the top shelf on the right is "Wilbur, The Snow Ghoul" who is a 6 1/2" extreme primitive ornament.  

Over to our Dining Room, again, we have two snow spoons hanging from the fireplace flue opener. 

On the left is "Susie Snow, Spoon Me Up!" who is a 13" wooden spoon snow-lady ornament.

On the right is "Sammy Snow, Spoon me Up!" who is a 13" wooden spoon snow-man ornament.  

On the cabinet wall we have a trio of snow-people. 

"Brian Snow Buddy" is here to sheer everyone up, despite the fact that he's a snowman.  He's a delightful 5" shelf sitting snowman who just loves snow.  

Just behind "Brian Snow Buddy" is a family of snow-people.   Meet "Harriet & Donald, & Lil Charlie."  They just love having fun in the snow.  

We always like to create a seasonal or holiday theme on our front hall cabinet. 

Sitting so perky in the corner is "Snow Go! Noodles."  He's a 28" snowman who has his shovel ready - just in case we get any snow in the house!  Now that would be disastrous.  

Standing in the corner guarding our stirs is "Harry."  He's a 36" jovial bear who is wearing my 2 year-old Grandson Noodle's red knit shirt and jeans.  If you look closely you can see the diaper snaps.  He was made based upon a "Design farm" pattern. 

At the top of our stairs we have some of our Victorian Snow-people designs. 

We have "Petronella, The Bird House Lady!" who is a stump doll snow-lady.  

We also have "Sweetheart Faith!" who is a 14" stump doll snow-lady. 

In between his two favorite snow-ladies is "Doug, The Handy Dandy Gentleman!" who is a 13" stump doll snow-man.  

Over in the corner we have a Victorian mother and son. 

In front is "Brr.... Why Is It So Cold, Laura!" who is a 9" Victorian snow-lady.  

Behind his mother is "Brr... It's Cold Outside, Bruce!" who is a 9" Victorian snow-boy. 

I hope you've enjoyed our little tour of snow-people. 

It's Winter Outside and Inside Our House

The weather out side is frightful.....

But the fire's so delightful......

And, if there's no place to go.......

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......

Well, I don't think so.

There was a time when that song was a happy one for us.  Not any more.  Too much snow can have that affect on you.

As you know from all my Linda's Blog posts it's winter outside and inside our house.

Here's the remainder of our Winter decorations pictures:

On the front door we have a wood painted snowman .  "Snow Thyme Samuel" is  23" tall and was made from a "From My Heart To Yours" pattern.

Inside we also have two of the wool felt penny rig kits that I made and blogged about last year.  The one pictured above and the one pictured below I reviewed in my "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:I Really Wanted To Try Needle Felting and Penny Rug Felting - I Loved It!"

The one pictured above is the Wish Upon A Star Wool Felt Pattern by Lakeview Primitives and the one pictured below is the Piece on Earth Wool Felting Pattern by Lakeview Primitives.

We also have several of the punchneedle Winter themed kits we created and which we wrote about on our "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:  Last Year's Punchneedle Kits and Subsequent Gifts.

The bald headed snowman punchneedle pictured below we wrote about on our "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:  Punchneedle Fun With Dimensions Holiday Friends Ornaments Kit #73244 and Dimensions Santa's Presents Kit #73410 and the  little snowman punchneedle was made based upon a "Lizzie & Kat" pattern design.

The shadowbox snowman and snow-lady in the picture below were created and made by hubby and I.  I wrote about them in a Linda's Blog post entitled:The Rest Of The Shadowbox Pictures.

And, of course, the "Gray Is Beautiful" dolls get to participate in all the Winter fun with their "Gray Is Beautiful" wide calendar.  They may be snow-ladies, but their senior citizens and proud of it!  Right on!

We're done with the snow.  It's time for SPRING!!!!!  Now if I could just get Mother Nature to cooperate.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Thought You'd Like To See Some Of Our Winter Floral Decorations

It may be cold and snowy and wet outside during the Winter around my house, but it's beautifully decorated inside. We have a wonderful array of winter blue florals decorating almost every room in our house with each and every room having it's own array of snowmen and snow-ladies to create a wonderful Winter atmosphere.

Now you might wonder why I would want to decorate for the Winter or create a Winter atmosphere inside my house when I don't like Winter. In fact, I despise it. Well, simply put I LOVE creating floral designs and I LOVE snow-people.

I know that this is a contradiction. In fact, it's totally absurd. I would be very happy indeed if it never snowed again in my lifetime. We've had more than our fair share of snow this season and I, for one, am anxious for the Spring to arrive. That's not going to happen for a few months and more than likely we'll be getting more snow. My poor husband is getting physically and mentally fatigued by day after day after day of clearing snow. It's just too much "Mother Nature!" Cut it out!

And, to all the weathermen who think the weather we've had is "interesting" I'd like them to get a reality check and a grip on things. Heavy wet snow is a heart attack waiting to happen. There's NOTHING "interesting" about that.

In any event, before I get lost in a rant about ridiculous weathermen I thought you might like to see some of our Winter floral and Snow-people decorations. This post has the florals. Subsequent posts will have the rest of the Winter decorations.

I hope you enjoy your inside visit. You certainly wouldn't enjoy the outside visit.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Response From Dimensions Via Facebook

Last December 2010 after I finished my "M'Lady's Chateau - Dimensions Gold Collection Cross-Stitch Kit" I decided to tell Dimensions about my review of their kit that I had written on my "Linda's Blog" and on my "The Book Review Corner Blog."   So, I went to their EK Success Brand website and filled out their contact form.  I received an email on 1/1/2011 saying someone would contact me.

Well, I never heard anything in response so today, February 14, 2011 I thought I'd visit their website again to see if they had an address I could send a letter to. Well, to my delight, they had a Facebook link to their EK Success Brand Facebook page. So, I thought well let's see if they'll answer a Facebook comment.  So I "liked" it so I could make a comment and posted the following to their wall:

"I thought you might be interested in my review of M'Lady's Chateau - Dimensions Gold Collection Cross-Stitch Kit that I finished at and more about it on my Linda's Blog here - Have a great day. Linda"

I also posted the same comment to their review page after rating them with 4 out of 5 stars.

Well, within two hours of posting that to their EK Success Brand Facebook page I received the following comment on my "The Book Review Corner Blog" review post :

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just A few More Crafts Kits

One of the stores in Sturbridge that my Mom and I used to visit when we were in town was one called Colonial Crafts. They were a small store on the main drag that had all sorts of wonderful wool fabric bundles, primitive patterns, primitive cloth bundles and fat quarters, finished items, wool felt kits, and punchneedle kits.

The staff was always extremely helpful and willing to put kits together for just about any pattern you bought if they had it available. It was where I was first introduced to punchneedle. In fact, one of the owners had no problem taking the time to show me exactly how easy it was to thread the needle and, once you got the knack, how easy it was to do. I was instantly hooked on punchneedle by the time I left the store.  And, of course, I had bought several kits.

I wrote about this adventure and the kit I subsequently completed in a post on my "The Book Review Corner Blog" entitled: Last Year's Punchneedle Kits and Subsequent Gifts.

Well, unfortunately they closed their brick and mortar store. However, they opened up a website - which, of course, I was just thrilled with. Their website is called Colonial Crafts and it is at

At their website they have a birthday club which offers a discount to members during their birthday month so, of course with this year's birthday, I asked hubby to get me some things (just a few.... Wink! Wink!) for my birthday. So, he did.

Besides some of the wool bundles that I've been wanting to get for awhile he got the following (all at birthday club discount, of course!)

Wooly Pumpkin Mat - Chickadee Hollow Designs Wool Applique Patterns

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Thought They All Flew South For The Winter!

The other morning as I was walking by the picture window in my sun-room my eye caught a flicker of activity. And, there was a lot of activity going on.

When I turned my head there had to be 15 or 20 birds flying around the tree just behind my arborvitae bushes. They were darting in and out and all about. I was lucky to get the three pictures I did.

I have no idea what kind of birds they are. I was surprised to see them given our horrendous snowy winter. I thought all the birds flew south for the winter? Don't they?