Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's Really Pink!

If you are anything like, Patience Is A Virtue! you are happy-go-lucky.   Well, Patience who never has a care in the world wanted her re-designed fabric to represent her so she created the happiest, cheeriest, not a care in the world design she could find.

It's bright! It's cheery! and it's really "pink!"

Patience Is A Virtue Bunny Fabric

© 2004-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

For The Love Of Iris

I have been in love with flowers since I was a little girl.  Then again I've been in love with many things since I was a little girl.  My sister and I both love flowers with the dahlia being both our favorite flower.  I also love iris and, when I was gardening, loved planting iris bulbs.  They're such a beautiful flower.  Unfortunately they don't last long.

So, it's no surprise that when I was designing fabrics I would create some with iris in them.  Well, when I saw the Maximalist Design Challenge on Spoonflower I knew the different colors of iris would be perfect for a bright, splashy design.

Shown below is my challenge design.  It's definitely colorful, bright, and splashy.  I love it and hope you do too.

This, however, isn't the first time I've used iris in some of my Spoonflower Challenge entries.  Shown below is the design I entered into the Gardening Challenge.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Birds and Birdhouses Products - Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery

I love decorating my home all year for everyday, various seasons, holidays as well as decorating for all sorts of parties. I hope you enjoy my whimsical " Linda Walsh Originals Designs" that will, hopefully, satisfy your home decorating and party decorating needs all year long.

The first design I added to my new " Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery" is one of my favorite designs - birds and birdhouses with a teal blue background color.  Every time I look at it I can't help but smile.

It's filled with all sorts of wonderful custom products with my birds and birdhouses designs.  We have all sorts of clothing, electronic accessories, home decor, bathroom decor like towels and shower curtains, bedroom decor like duvet covers and pillowcases, kitchen products, pillows, various types of purses and tote bags, everything you need for gift decorating, paper products for entertaining, linens, pad-folio's, led candles, jigsaw puzzles, and so much more.

I hope you like my new "Birds and Birdhouses Products Collection" and my new " Birds and Birdhouses Category."

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My New Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery

I have wonderful news to tell you.  After many years of considering opening up a new Zazzle gallery to sell my whimsical graphic designs on customized products I've decided to open up my Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.

As you know I already have four other gallery's on Zazzle, which are as follows:

Even though I already had a lot on my plate with the above I decided it was time to create my  Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.  The "dollies" aren't happy about this as I've already told them they won't be involved in the designs here.  So, they've been giving me the cold shoulder  They'll get over it.

I have a LOT of designs to add to my new gallery and have started adding some already.  My new  gallery products are fabulous due to all the choices that the website gives their customers.

For example, every product has options for the customer to choose. Whether it's the size, color, or type of shirt, or the size or type of note-card there are just so many possibilities for you to get the product you want.

The clothes can be a whole variety of styles for babies, toddlers, children, females and males. The bags can be any one of the several different styles and colors. The various types of home decor can be different colors or sizes than the ones we chosen for our product, etc. So much variety.  It's great!

I've added my graphics to the products that I think you'll like on the style and color that I think is best suited to that particular graphic. However, if you want to change that you can do so.

I think you'll like my new gallery and hope you'll be patient as I continue to add more categories and products.

I love decorating my home all year for everyday, various seasons, holidays as well as decorating for all sorts of parties. I hope you enjoy my new whimsical "Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery" that will, hopefully, satisfy your home decorating and party decorating needs all year long.

I'm busy working on more designs and new galleries so stay tuned - there's a whole lot more coming!

Monday, March 11, 2019

2 in 1 Alpacas Rock Free E-Printable Bunting Set E-Book Tutorial

Some of the easiest decorations to make that fill a lot of space are banners and buntings.

If you're looking for an adorable decoration for your boys and girls birthday party or to utilize at one of your alpaca farm days events then you'll love our adorable free Alpacas Rock e-printable bunting set that contains graphics of some of the alpacas in our Alpacas Rock Birthday Party Home Decor & Clothing Products line category.

Our Alpacas Rock E-Printable Bunting Set makes an adorable decoration and is easy to make.