Sunday, March 31, 2019

It's Really Pink!

If you are anything like, Patience Is A Virtue! you are happy-go-lucky.   Well, Patience who never has a care in the world wanted her re-designed fabric to represent her so she created the happiest, cheeriest, not a care in the world design she could find.

It's bright! It's cheery! and it's really "pink!"

Patience Is A Virtue Bunny Fabric

© 2004-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Check It Out - Alpacas Rock Everyday Clothing For Women and Men

If you're an alpaca farmer who participates in alpaca farm days or who opens your farm to visitors several times during the year for farm day events then you're going to love our alpaca farm days customized clothing products for women and men. All of the clothing in our Everyday Clothing For Women and Men product line can be customized to add your farm name or details of your farm days events.  It can also be used for everyday clothing with out without your farm name.

Not only can they be utilized as everyday clothing but they make great products to sell in your farm stores.  Just add your farm name and you're all set.

We have short sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, sweatshirts, socks,  leggings and unisex tank tops.  All of the clothing can be changed for color or style.

Our clothing line utilizes the following designs:

Check out our Everyday Clothing For Women and Men Gallery. You won't be disappointed.

The Grays Have Been Busy Designing New Custom Fabrics

The "Grays" and I just LOVE designing fabrics and love it when some of the graphics we created for other purposes end up creating wonderful fabric designs. Such was the case with some of the graphics we created for the original products in our Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery.  

Well, over the winter the "Grays" were busy re-designing their "Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery" and ended up re-designing the bulk of our  Gray Is Beautiful Fabric Designs Collection.

Most of the new fabric designs will end up having coordinating Gray Is Beautiful Gallery Products.
We just finished five new product lines and will be working on the rest over the spring and summer.

The "grays" are very crafty and love to design so there are a LOT of new designs.    They hope you like their new custom fabric designs and their re-designed Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

For The Love Of LED Candles

I've always loved decorating my home with candles.  I started using wax candle tapers from the Colonial Candle Company decades ago and changed the tapers on my tables for everyday use, the holidays or the various seasons.

I graduated from the Colonial  Candle Company tapers when they went out of business to Yankee Candle wax in glass containers when they came out and also changed them out for everyday use, the holidays or the seasons.

I'm sure it won't surprise you but, since I'm an avid crafter and love trying all sorts of crafts, I decided to try my hand at making my own candles.  I thought it might be fun to have a crafter weekend with my Mom so I asked her if she wanted to help me and, of course, she said yes.

I had decided ahead of time to make seasonal, holiday and everyday candles so I bought a bunch of terra-cotta pots of different sizes and painted them with different colors of  DecoArt Patio Paint that I had bought.  Then I added a bunch of rub-on stencils to represent everyday use, holiday use, and seasonal use.  I sealed the stencils and terra-cotta painted pots with a light varnish and let them dry before I started using them. 

If you're interested in my step by step process for painting and stenciling terra-cotta posts please check out my "Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Make A Painted and Stenciled Terracotta Pot Decoration" E-Book shown in the picture above.

I had printed off several articles on making candles and knew I needed to buy paraffin wax, wicks and scents. I didn't need any dyes or molds as the candles were going to be clear and contained within the terra-cotta pots.  My Mother and I read through all the articles on how to do this until we were satisfied we understood what to do.

From what I can remember making the candles was a fairly easy process and went smoothly for us.  From what my Mother and I could tell the candles came out great and we decided to give some to my sister to try out.

Well, with anything you make, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't.  This was one of those times.  The candles didn't work.  For some reason they burned way too hot and the wick flame was too high.  There was way too much smoke with the candle so my sister extinguished the candle and told me they were too dangerous to use.  I don't know what was wrong with the candles we made.  Was there a problem with the wax, the wicks, the way we made them?  Who knows.  It didn't work and as far as we were concerned that was the end of our candle making experience.

Instead of wasting the pots I decided to remove the wax from the pots.  I had read that putting the candles in the freezer for an hour would help to easily remove the wax from the container.  It worked perfectly.   Given how my candle making attempt didn't work I resorted to just using the terra-cotta pots for my indoor plants or for decorations.  Oh, well! 

While I didn't have any luck with making my own candles I did enjoy the ones I had purchased but I didn't like the smoke, wax drippings, or potential problems with my smoke detector alarms they created so when I first saw LED Candles I jumped at the chance to try one.  They were great.  No smoke, no wax dripping and definitely no issue with my smoke detectors.  Just change the batteries when they wear out.  What's not to like.

Plus, the newest ones flicker just like real candles.  So, This Christmas season I decided to create some LED candles to intersperse among my holiday decorations so I created some custom designed ones using some of my Christmas designs on Zazzle.

For The Love Of Candles Collection

I love the LED candles so much I decided to create some for my Alpaca's Rock, Linda Walsh Originals Designs, Gray Is Beautiful,  It's Raining Baby Showers, and It's Raining Doll Parties Zazzle products galleries and added them  all to my For The Love Of Candles Collection.

There are 250 custom designed LED candles in the For The Love Of Candles Collection.  Lots to choose from for everyday use, seasonal use, holiday use, and party use.  I hope you like them and enjoy decorating with them as much as I do.

Like all other crafts I'd like to try, I accumulated a bunch of tutorials, video's and how-to's for candle making on my "Candle Crafts and Candle Making Tutorials, Video's and How-To's" Pinterest board.  If you want to try your hand at candle making you might have better luck than my Mother and I did.

Maybe one day I'll try my hand at it again.  Then, again, I do love the LED's!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Gray Is Beautiful Sayings Collection - Gray Is Beautiful Gallery

The "Grays" really do believe that aging is beautiful and gray hair is not only beautiful, but something to be proud of. So, they thought that a graphic with all the phrases they've developed for their "Gray Is Beautiful" gallery which is brought to you by the "Gray Is Beautiful" series of gray and white-haired dolls would be perfect on their new products.

Their adorable new "Gray Is Beautiful Sayings Collection" designs and new products are for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's and are intended for use as gifts and accessories for seniors birthdays, retirement parties, and other special occasions. They have products for home decor, special occasions, home office supplies, clothing, accessories, fun and entertainment, cell phone and laptop accessories, and so much more.

Gray Is Beautiful Saying Retirement Party Products
They hope you like their  new "Gray Is Beautiful Sayings Gallery."

New Winter Seasonal Designs and Products Galleries

For awhile now Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman, Sweetheart Faith, and Petronella The Birdhouse Lady have had a "Seniors Should Be Cherished" design in my "Gray Is Beautiful" gallery.  When I decided to re-design some of the "Gray Is Beautiful" custom fabrics I decided to re-design that as well for my new Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.

I decided to create one coordinating custom fabric designs to go along with the new design and to use these two designs in the Winter Seasonal category of my new  Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.

My new custom fabric designs are shown below:

Winter Seasonal Custom Fabric

So, what could be more adorable for the winter snow season than an adorable senior citizen snowman and two adorable snow-lady's in a winter scene with birds and snowflakes? Not much as far as I'm concerned.  Especially if that design is accompanied with a coordinating and complementary fabric design.  Think of all the possibilities you could make for your winter seasonal home decor.

I know not everyone sews so I decided to utilize these designs in my new  Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery as I thought they'd make adorable custom design products.  So, I set-up a Winter Seasonal category in my new Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery

Right now there are two designs in this category and both of the two have been added to various custom products, such as: party supplies, kitchen accessories and gadgets, holiday decorations, toys and entertainment, clothing, accessories, and so much more.

To make it easier for you to see all two of the custom product lines for this category I set-up two separate collections.  My two collections are as follows:

Winter Seasonal Products Collection #2
My Winter Seasonal products make wonderful gifts for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's. I hope you like them as much as I do.  Let is snow!

Our New Alpacas Rock Birthday Party, Home Decor and Clothing Products

One of the reasons we started "Alpacas Rock" was because the "dollies" and I had so much fun with our "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family Line.  So much so that we decided to create a line of party decorations, supplies and home decor and clothing products for their alpaca cousins.

Truth be told the "dollies" had been wanting me to do something for their alpaca "cousins"  since I had visited my sister and had come back with pictures and pictures of their "cousins."  So the"Alpacas Rock Line" for boys and girls birthday or crafting parties was born.

The "Alpacas Rock Birthday Party Home Decor and Clothing Products" line is for party supplies, party decorations, home decor and clothing products for boys and girls.

This line consists of graphics of some of the "dollies" alpaca cousins including Cosmo, Masquerade, Sunflower, Zinnia, and Ivy. Masquerade  who is a a full Peruvian alpaca is the mascot.  Our new line includes the following four graphics:

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

For The Love Of Iris

I have been in love with flowers since I was a little girl.  Then again I've been in love with many things since I was a little girl.  My sister and I both love flowers with the dahlia being both our favorite flower.  I also love iris and, when I was gardening, loved planting iris bulbs.  They're such a beautiful flower.  Unfortunately they don't last long.

So, it's no surprise that when I was designing fabrics I would create some with iris in them.  Well, when I saw the Maximalist Design Challenge on Spoonflower I knew the different colors of iris would be perfect for a bright, splashy design.

Shown below is my challenge design.  It's definitely colorful, bright, and splashy.  I love it and hope you do too.

This, however, isn't the first time I've used iris in some of my Spoonflower Challenge entries.  Shown below is the design I entered into the Gardening Challenge.

Grandma's Are Our Guardian Angels! New Designs, Products Gallery & Collections

Grandma's Are Our Guardian Angels! Baby Bib

If ever there was a guardian angel it would have to be "Grandma."  At least as far as the "Grays" are concerned.  So they thought they'd show their respect to all the Grandma's out there with an a new angel design.

Their adorable new "Grandma's Are Our Guardian Angels!" design and new products are for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's and are intended for use as gifts and accessories for seniors birthdays, retirement parties, and other special occasions. They have products for home decor, special occasions, home office supplies, clothing, accessories, fun and entertainment, and so much more.

They hope you like their new "Grandma's Are Our Guardian Angels!" designs and products.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

We're Just Two Old Bunnies In Love! New Designs, Products Gallery & Collections

Laura, The Quintessential Bunny and Devin, A Bunny Gentleman are two senior citizen bunnies who have been in love for close to 50 years. Time doesn't seem to matter to them. Their love just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day.

They will be celebrating they're 50th wedding anniversary soon so the "Grays" felt that their love was so special that it should be shared and cherished so they designed new graphics for Laura and Devin.

Their adorable new "We're Just two Old Bunnies In Love!" new design and new products are for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's and are intended for use as gifts, decorations and party accessories for seniors wedding anniversaries and wedding celebrations.  They have products for home decor, special occasions, clothing, accessories, fun and entertainment, and so much more.

If you're planning a casual or formal wedding or 50th wedding anniversary celebration they have many, many party products to make your celebration a very special event.  From party favors to decorations, paper products, linens, serving dishes, gifts & gift accessories, party invitations, games, and so much more - they have everything you need.

They hope you like their new "We're Just two Old Bunnies In Love!" designs and products.