Monday, October 30, 2017

Eleven Adorable New Baby Shower Cut and Sew Favors Ornaments Fabrics

If you're planning a baby shower and would like to host an enjoyable, old-fashioned shower where you can make all the decorations then you'll be pleased to know that my "It's Raining Baby Showers" shop has eleven adorable new cut and sew ornaments designs that make the cutest favors and decorations.  All are quick and easy to make.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our New Bassinet Boy and Girl Baby Heads Products Gallery Designs & Collections - The Dolls Product Lines Series

I love creating decorations that can be used for decorating a baby shower or given as a gift to decorate a nursery.

I also happen to like dolls - especially raggedies.  So, I thought it might be fun to make a raggedy baby head sticking out of a bassinet.

My "Raggedy Bassinette" free e-pattern makes either a boy (blue) or girl (pink) 7" by 9" boy or girl decoration.

Fabric Designs

My Chef Custom Fabric Designs and Products

I love many things when it comes to crafting and creating.  I especially love creating whimsical dolls and graphics of my designs in order to create whimsical fabrics. Such is the case with my two chef dolls and their  respective custom fabric designs.

Chef Connor's three designs are new.

I hope you enjoy my chef custom fabric designs.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

My New Thanksgiving Pilgrim Designs and Cut and Sew Pilgrim Doll Ornaments Fabric

As far as family holidays are concerned there is no other family holiday quite like Thanksgiving. At least as far as I'm concerned.  So, it should come as no surprise that I like designing pilgrim dolls and pilgrim Thanksgiving fabrics.   I hope you love all my new "Thanksgiving and Pilgrims Custom Fabric Designs" custom fabric designs.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Chef Connor

"Chef Connor - Food Is My Pleasure!" won't be cooking at his restaurant today.

You see, he and many other chefs are all getting ready for the "Emergency Worldwide Disaster Drill." They're job is to feed all the medical doctors, nurses, emergency personnel, patients, etc. Even the animals.

Basically, everyone and anyone who needs to be fed.It's a tall order, but Chef Connor can handle it. He knows that he can cook. Food is, after all, his pleasure and he is very, very good at his job.

Chef Connor has a muslin body and embroidered face with black satin stitched eyes, embroidered nose, and an outline embroidered mouth. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes and he has rusty blushed cheeks. His boots are white and cross-laced.

Chef Connor has a mass of curly brown yarn hair on his head. His puffy chef's cap has a center band and gathered puff top, and is attached to the top and back of his head. His fringed chef pantaloons are puffy, gathered at the knees and gathered at the waist. They are sewn with the seam out. His double breasted shirt waist chef's jacket sports 3 rows of 2 buttons each.

"Chef Connor - Food Is My Pleasure!" loves to cook, loves to eat, and loves to feed everyone. He's a master at his food craft and can cook anything and everything for anyone. Whether it's cooking for the patrons of his restaurant or cooking for the masses during a natural emergency "Chef Connor" is ready and able to the task. He is a skilled craftsman after all.

"Chef Connor - Food Is My Pleasure!!", 10" Country Chef Cloth Ornament E-Pattern - Occupation Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Free Halloween Printables From Hannah At

If you're looking for some adorable Halloween labels for Halloween treat bags or decorating fun check out the free printable labels from

Here's what Hannah at had to say about them:

"They come in handy when throwing a scary party, making cute and creepy treats or decorating your home. You can check them out here:"

Hope you enjoy the Halloween sticker printables.  It's almost Halloween!!!!! Get ready for a spooky time.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My New Fall Seasonal and Cut and Sew Designs


Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I love the bold and vibrant colors of the season as well as all the characters involved with this season. I also love designing sunflower fabric and fabrics showcasing all the different colors of Fall leaves.

I hope you love all my new "Fall Seasonal Fabric Designs Collection" custom fabric designs.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Simple Halloween Cut and Sew Trick Or Treat Tote Bags

Halloween Trick or Treat Tote Bags

If you love to sew and would like to make a simple Halloween Trick or Treat Tote Bag check out my nine spooky projects on Sprout.  Note: My projects are no longer available at Sprout as of November 2018.

According to Sprout Studios,  "The Everyday Tote from Sprout Studio is going to be your favorite go-to bag pattern. With a simple construction, optional lining, a box-bottom, and endless design options, this tote is a great beginner project that can be sewn together in an afternoon."

Just cut the project out and sew it. Make a lined bag or make two unlined trick or treat bags.   Or, for a extra fee, have them sew it for you.  That's a win - win.


The Dolls Product Lines Series - Ghosts

Boo! Hoo! Billy 

We all know that ghosts are supposed to be scary! That's their mission - to scare everyone at Halloween, especially the little children.

Well, what if there's a ghost that doesn't want to scare anyone - especially little children.

A ghost that just wants to be friends with everyone and a ghost that doesn't just want to be visible at one time of the year.

A ghost that wants to celebrate Christmas, and New Year's Day, and St. Patrick's Day, and Easter, and the 4Th of July, and any of the other holidays.

A ghost that wants to have a family someday of 12 little ghosts running around.

A ghost that is nice and kind and thoughtful and considerate.

Well, that would be "Boo! Hoo! Billy."

"Boo! Hoo! Billy" is tired of being viewed as mean and nasty and malicious. He's never been nor does he ever want to be anything like that. He just wants to be a normal person with a normal life.

Is that too much to ask? "Boo! Hoo! Billy" doesn't think so.

"Boo! Hoo! Billy" is a 7" primitive ghost ornament with a coffee stained white muslin cloth body and embroidered face. He is wearing a shredded shirt that he thinks fits him very well and isn't frightful at all. In fact, he will right proudly tell you that he made it himself.

Not only is he a very friendly ghost, but a very handy one, too. He'll need to be after all if he wants to have 12 little ghosts someday. Wouldn't you agree?

Boo Hoo Billy Handmade Primitive Halloween Ghost Ornament

New Halloween Cut and Sew Witches, Ghosts, Frankenstein's and Monsters - Oh! My!

When I was designing my Halloween custom fabrics I decided to add 9 new cut and sew dolls.  I love cut and sew dolls as I think they are a great sewing tool for kids and a quick and easy ornament to make and sell at local church fairs and craft shows.

Time to get sewing! Time to start crafting!  Onward to the craft shows!  Happy Halloween!

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

I Was In Halloween Fabric Designing Heaven

I can definitely get lost in designing custom fabric.  I love working on the computer and love creating whimsical designs, especially if they're for Halloween.  Hope you like some of my new Halloween designs.

© 2011-2017 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

If you'd like to see all my Halloween custom fabric designs please click here.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Witches

With Halloween comes the most recognized of the villains - the witches.

That got me to thinking a little bit about witches. And, of course, when I get to thinking about something I inevitably wonder about their history and what started the fear of "witches?" This fear might better be defined as a "manic craze" that lasted for hundreds of years. YIKES!

Now, I might be a little more curious about "witches" than I should be. You see, I was actually born in the state that is notorious for witches, witchcraft, and witch trials. Plus, in my genealogy search I found there may be a witch or two in my family in the past! YIKES!

Maybe I'm actually a modern day witch? Nah!!!! Witches don't like Victorian dolls - or do they?

If you'd like to learn a little bit about the history of witches please read my "A Little Witch History!"post.

I, personally, have made many witches and have designed many witch doll patterns for my Linda Walsh Originals website.   I have also designed several custom fabrics using some of my witch designs and have also made many witches based on other designers patterns.  Some of the witches I have designed have their own product lines which include e-patterns, handmade dolls, custom fabric designs, products made using their custom fabric designs, and products for home decor, accessories, and everyday use.

Primitive Witchy Annie 

Watch out for her. She can be quite frightening when she wants to be.

Sometimes she gets lonely and tries to be nice. Everyone needs a little company from time to time. Even Primitive Witchy Annie. Don't you feel bad for her?

In fact, she'd actually like to have some real friends. That way she could always call them when she's lonely and when she can feel a real "Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood coming on.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Primitive Andy Frankenstein

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Primitive Andy Frankenstein

Don't be frightened. He won't harm you. He's no scary Frankenstein! In fact, he's basically harmless.
He might be a "Frankenstein" in essence or appearance, but he considers himself just another "primitive."

Primitive Andy Frankenstein has a coffee stained cloth body and embroidered face with black bead eyes. He's wearing a coffee stained and fringed shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and large tattered and fringed pants with patches. He's also sporting a wool felt vest with patches. He has a small tattered ribbon tied around his neck, and wild black cut hair along the sides and top of his head. Old buttons are used for his head bolts and raffia is tied on his legs and feet for his raggedy stripes.

"Primitive Andy Frankenstein" just loves the fact that he's coffee stained throughout. Why? Because it provides him with a wonderful tan on his face and a wonderful aroma everywhere he goes. In fact, other primitives often ask where he got his "coffee glow" and his "coffee aroma." Primitive Andy Frankenstein just boasts "My Linda" gave it to me. She's wonderful. Primitive Andy Frankenstein might look like a regular Frankenstein, but he knows better. He knows he's a "Primitive" and that makes him special.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gotta Love Adorable Christmas Stocking Projects - Just Cut and Sew

Christmas and Winter Themed Christmas Stockings

If you love to sew and would like to make something simple for your family this Christmas season check out our twelve adorable Christmas Stocking projects on Sprout.  Five of my designs are geared to alpaca lovers as well.  Note: My projects are no longer available at Sprout as of November 2018.

According to Sprout Studios,  "this pattern is simple and fast - sew one up in less than 30 minutes!"

Just cut the project out and sew it.  Or, for a extra fee, have them sew it for you.  That's a win - win.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Best Dog In Class Granny Esther and I'm The Best Papa Pepper

"Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" takes life one day at a time and wasn't too concerned about getting an invitation to the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" from "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" She knew that eventually it would come, so why get yourself all in a tither until it does? When she was younger she may have worried about such things, but aging has mellowed Granny Esther. She much prefers spending her time reading, watching her Grandchildren, sewing, and just plain enjoying life than worrying about memberships to tea societies. She can understand why "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" set-up their own tea society. She was young once and would of done the same thing. Now, memberships just weren't that important to her. Good health, love of family, love of life. Now those are important issues.

Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther

Granny Esther had no doubt that she and her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!" would be invited to join as their families had been at the top of the social circle for generations. They were show dogs after all and had well established pedigree lines. The finest of the fine. In fact, Granny Esther had won "Best Dog In Class!" for so long that she had lost count. And, her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!" had been Father of the Year for so long he had lost count. However, both had aged ever so gracefully and time had been kind to them. For that they were grateful. They were both proud of who they were, proud of their families, proud of their friends. But, they also knew that each and every moment they had together was precious and that there wasn't anything better than a quiet romp in the woods holding each others hand or sitting on the porch enjoying a glass of lemonade. Yes, time had mellowed both "Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" and her husband, "I'm The Best Papa, Pepper!"

"Best Dog In Class, Granny Esther!" is a 14" self-standing Victorian dog with a square bottom, brushed felt body and embroidered face. She has black bead eyes, an animal nose, and blushed cheeks. The outline of her mouth is embroidered as are her eyebrows and her granny glasses sit lovingly upon her nose. Her big floppy ears are barely controlled under her lined and matching lace trimmed cap that is adorned with a bow in the front. Granny Esther has 2 layers of wonderful lace trim along the bottom of her square body and is wearing a multiple layered and lace trimmed and gathered slip. Granny Esther just loves her stylish lace trimmed dress with the dog print. It is gathered at the sleeves with gathered lace trim and straight lace trim layers along the bottom hem. The sleeves are also gathered lace trimmed and straight lace trimmed along the sleeve edges and gathered at the wrist. The neck line of the dress is gathered and adorned with two layers of lace trim and a ribbon bow. Her velvet vest is lined, has a fold down collar, is adorned with square buttons and tied with ribbon trim. A wonderful crocheted shawl is wrapped around her shoulders and adorned with a silk floral that Granny Esther just loves.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My “Morning Walk, Karl” Woodland Santa Doll Decoration E-Pattern

Morning Walk, Karl just loves walking in the woods. In fact, the mornings are his favorite time of the day. He gets to collect his thoughts and enjoy his walk with nature. Ah, there's nothing like the early morning sun to put you in the right frame of mind for the coming day.

He is a free-standing woodsman. He has a long embroidered jacket decorated with a painted wood canoe and painted wood spruce tree covered with snow. His shirt is white and he has cuffed velour pants, socks and green sock slippers. His hat is a wool cap and he has a very full beard and mustache and long white hair. His face is drawn and he has clear plastic and wire glasses. He also has a fabric covered head and wood body and feet. Rope is tied around his waist and his snow shoes so that he can carry them around his waist. He is using a walking stick.

"Morning Walk, Karl" is a likeable guy. But, he's usually in his best frame of mind in the morning. If you want to ask him something or get him to do something - ask him in the morning after his "morning walk." He'll probably say "sure."

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Norman The Pilgrim” Country Thanksgiving Pilgrim Doll Decoration E-Pattern

Norman The Pilgrim is a free-standing doll getting ready for Thanksgiving. He has a shirt with long sleeves and embroidered cuffs, square-bottomed pants, long embroidered vest with Pilgrim belt and buttons, embroidered Pilgrim collar, corduroy lined hat with Pilgrim hat belt, a beard, mustache and long white hair fastened in the back. His arms are wire-shaped and covered. His face is embroidered. He also has a fabric covered head and covered rectangular wood base. His inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by his shirt and squared-bottom pants. He is carrying a wooden rifle.

Norman The Pilgrim is on the hunt. You might wonder if he's on the hunt for turkeys? The answer would be "Yes" and "No." You see, he's really on the hunt for some "peace of mind" from his perfect wife, "Pleasantly Plump - Eunice." She just has to have everything so perfect hat Norman has to get out of the house. So, turkey hunting is an excuse. You see, "Norman The Pilgrim" is a practical man. So, just in case he was to happen upon a turkey, he brought his rifle along. He wouldn't want to disappoint Eunice. After all, she thinks he's the perfect man and perfect husband.....

Norman The Pilgrim Handmade Country Thanksgiving Pilgrim Doll

© 2004-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Pleasantly Plump, Eunice” Thanksgiving Pilgrim Lady Doll Decoration

Pleasantly Plump, Eunice is a free-standing doll getting ready for Thanksgiving. She has a buttoned decorated shirt with long sleeves and embroidered cuffs, gathered skirt with a waistband, tied apron, embroidered Pilgrim collar, embroidered and lined bonnet, squared slip to form her lower body, and long curly brown hair framing her face. Her face is embroidered. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. She also has a fabric covered head and covered rectangular wood base. Her inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by her shirt and square-bottomed slip. She is carrying a basket of pumpkins.

Pleasantly Plump Eunice is the "perfect" Pilgrim Lady. She is a hard worker and believes that everything should be cooked "perfectly." The table should be arranged "perfectly." Even the napkins have to be folded "perfectly." And, the apple pie, pumpkin pie, ricotta cheese pie, and blueberry pie had better taste "perfectly" delicious. She is carrying a basket of pumpkins that were "perfectly" grown in her own garden. She couldn't be more pleasant or more "perfect." Now, if she could just make her husband, Norman The Pilgrim, perfect.

Pleasantly Plump Eunice Handmade Thanksgiving Pilgrim Lady Doll

© 2004-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Halloween - A Time For Kids, Bud, and Dumbo Ears!

If you've been following my blog for years you know that I absolutely LOVE Halloween.  So, it should comes as no surprise that I would write about some of my Halloween memories.  I wrote the following post on Halloween on October 31, 2009 and thought you might enjoy re-reading it.  Enjoy!

Today is Halloween and while thinking about my own childhood Halloween adventures or misadventures I concluded that Halloween was definitely a time for kids, and maybe, well Bud, too!

My Irish twin brother and I always went trick or treating together and there was always a competition to see who could get the most candy. The competition would always end with him punching me and my crying. Sometimes they were fake tears which, unfortunately, my Mother always saw through.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Flower Fairies and Mish & Manda The Fairie Twins

What child hasn't imagined playing with fairies and wanting to make a fairy garden.  I know I did. While I never got the fairy garden I did enjoy making some fairies.

Manda - The Fairie Twin

Mish - The Fairie Twin

Floral Fairies

I have made many, many different types of dolls over the years. Most of them I have loved creating, but I have to tell you that I really liked making flower fairies out of wood doll pegs and silk florals. There's just something enchanting about them. I would hope you would agree.

Each fairy is made from a painted wood doll peg with a painted wood bead head with a drawn face. Each sports a full head of curly doll hair and is costumed in a silk floral dress and, in some instances, a silk floral head dress.

© 2004-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.