Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Adorable Alpaca Faces

Rock Garden Alpacas New Collage

Finally, a picture of Roxy.  Such a sweetheart.  

How beautiful are Masquerade's eyes? I wonder what kind of children Roxy and Masquerade will create?

Ahhh the good life.... I just LOVE this picture. Zinnia and her mom, Ivy enjoying the sun and grass.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Embroidered Vintage Birdhouse Ornament Picture

Several years ago I bought a couple of creative embroidery and stitchery patterns for making ornaments that I wanted to make into little pictures and have been trying to find some time to complete them.  I decided that with the beautiful Spring weather this would be the perfect time to work on some of them outside.

I decided to start with a Vintage Ornament #6 embroidered birdhouse ornament from Chickadee Hollow Designs as it was cute and looked relatively easy to complete.  The pattern included the design on pre-printed pre-colored fabric, as well as a basic embroidery stitches sheet and sheet of basic instructions for completing their ornaments.

I had decided ahead of time that I wanted to frame my ornament as a small picture instead of using it as an ornament.

The pattern included a basic instructions sheet which was a summary sheet for competing all of their ornaments and not specific to the vintage birdhouse ornament as well as a sheet showing basic embroidery stitches. It was left up to the user to choose which color floss to use and where and which embroidery stitch to use and where.

The instructions called for positioning the design over a piece of Warm-N-Natural batting and fastening this with small safety pins then embroidering the ornament. The pre-printed pre-colored fabric was fine except it was so small and the design so close to the edge that it was impossible to fit within any embroidery hoop.

My experience has always been that embroideries always come out better when stretched in an embroidery hoop so I chose to baste my to a standard felt square so that I could put in into a small square embroidery frame as shown in the pictures below:

When my embroidery piece was done I removed it from the embroidery square hoop and cut it along the brown dotted lines about 1/4" from the edge of the birdhouse outline as shown in the pictures below:

The instructions also said to finish the piece according to the finishing option of your choice. I decided to blanket stitch my ornament to one layer of quilt batting and a back piece of felt as shown in the pictures below:

Using the embroidered birdhouse as a guide I cut out a piece of batting and a piece of felt for the backing and then layered them as shown in the picture below:

I had decided to use red floss to blanket stitch around the edges of my vintage birdhouse ornament and like how it turned out as shown in the picture below:

As mentioned previously I was going to put my finished vintage birdhouse ornament in a small picture frame and had decided to use decorative paper as a background for my picture. The choice was between an evergreen colored background or a bright red colored background. I chose the bright red colored background as shown in the picture below:

I had chosen a creme colored wood frame for my finished piece as I thought it really complimented the color of the pre-printed fabric and was thrilled with the way my Vintage Birdhouse Ornament turned out.

It took me 10 hours to complete this picture including the framing and was thrilled with the way it turned out. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

How Can You Not LOVE These Faces

The "dollies" just LOVE their alpaca cousins.  How could they not? Just look at their faces!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Linda’s How-Do-I Series? How To Make My Flower Panel Fabric Picture - NEW Free E-Book

I have been anxious to use my flower picture large panel fabric design for a few months. With Spring finally arriving I decided it was time to create my “Flower Panel Flower Picture.”

I had decided to frame my fabric picture in a finished frame as I wanted to hang it as a picture in one of my bathrooms. So, I chose a finished gold frame that I had used for some press flower pictures I had created years ago that were faded now. I thought the gold frame was perfect for the cheery flower fabric. I also thought a dark teal blue 16” by 20” mat with 11” by 14” opening would be a perfect compliment to my flower fabric picture. I had also decided ahead of time that I wanted to add some dimension to my picture and thought a few silk ribbon flower heads would be perfect for that.

Here’s how I made my picture:


Fat Quarter Flower Picture - Large Panel Fabric -
16" by 20" Finished Picture Frame
16” by 20” Mat With 11” by 14” Opening - Teal Blue
Quilt Batting - 16” by 20”
3/4” Cream Colored Silk Ribbon Flowers - 5
16” by 20” Heavy Cardboard, Poster Board, or Foam Board
16” by 20” Piece Heavy Cardboard (If Necessary)
Masking Tape
16” by 20” Heavy Stock Paper For Backing
Double Sided Tape
Glue Gun and Hot Glue
Picture Hanger With Saw Teeth
Nail (for Hanging Picture On wall)


1) Measure around the fat quarter flower picture - large panel fabric so it evenly measures 16” by 20” and then draw a line around it with a pencil. Make sure there is the same amount of spacing on the vertical and horizontal sides of the flower picture - large panel fabric.

2) Cut the 16” by 20” flower picture - large panel fabric out along the pencil lines you just drew.

3) Cut a piece of the quilt batting 14” by 18”.

4) Apply the double sided tape along all the edges of the 16” by 20” heavy cardboard, poster board, or foam board.

5) Center and lay the 14” by 18” piece of quilt batting on top of the 16” by 20” heavy cardboard, poster board, or foam board.

6) Center and tape the 16” by 20” flower panel fabric picture evenly to the 16” by 20” heavy cardboard, poster board, or foam board and on top of the 14” by 18” quilt batting.

7) Apply hot glue to the backs of the 5 cream colored silk floral and glue them to the front of the flower panel fabric picture as shown in the locations below:

8) Put the 16” by 20” teal blue mat inside the picture frame.

9) Put the flower panel fabric picture glued to the heavy cardboard, poster board, or foam board inside the picture frame and behind the mat making sure the picture is centered properly.

10) If the heavy cardboard, poster board, or foam board is not flush with the depth of the frame add a 16” by 20” piece of cardboard(s) until it is.

11) Tape the back of the heavy cardboard, poster board, foam board or cardboard piece you may have added to the back side of the frame with masking tape.

12) Apply the double sided tape along all the back edges of the 16” by 20” frame.

13) Cut a piece of the heavy stock paper 16” by 20”" for the backing.

14) Tape the heavy stock paper to the back of the frame so that it is evenly spaced on the back .

15) Center the picture hanger with saw teeth in the center of the top of the picture frame back and then hammer it to fasten it.

16) Hammer the nail into the wall where you want to hang your flower panel fabric picture and then hang your picture on the nail.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Haunted Library - Mill Hill Buttons & Bows Cross-Stitch

One of my all time favorite holidays is Halloween. I think it's the large number of creatures that you can make for this one holiday that draws me to it. So, of course, I was drawn to some of the Haunted Library Cross Stitch Kit from Mill Hill.

Like the other Mill Hill - Buttons & Beads Series patterns I had bought the  Haunted Library kit included the pattern, embroidery thread, perforated paper, beads, ghost button, 2 needles and instructions.

The Haunted Library pattern uses full counted cross-stitch and outline stitching as well as beads and buttons for emphasis and depth. The pattern also calls for certain areas of the perforated paper to be left untouched as the background. In this case they were leaving sections of the dark blue perforated paper background untouched.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I've Taking My 2nd and 3rd Online Class At Artful Gathering! YIPPEE!!

I just loved the Artful Gathering e-class that I took last June. I had been wanting to take an e-class for years and just never had the time. Well, last year while perusing Pat Winter's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" magazine for the umpteenth time   I saw a page on the "Artful Gathering 2012 - An Online Video Art Retreat" which was offering online classes in June 2012. This piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out their website.

While browsing through the Session One Workshops I saw several that I thought would be nice to take. And, I saw one that was being taught by Pat Winter, who is one of my all time favorite crazy quilt designers. So, when I saw that Pat and several other amazing artists that I know were teaching I decided "if not now - when" and signed-up for the workshops.

I made some wonderful friends and had such a wonderful time taking Pat's class I decided to take some classes in 2013. The problem was going to be which one - there are just so many astonishing artists teaching at Artful Gathering I knew it would be hard to choose.

Well, this year when I got the email on the available classes I knew it was going to be a hard decision. I wanted to take them all, but that wasn't going to happen. The problem was narrowing my list down to 1 or 2. It took me a week to decide on 2 classes - one for each session.

I decided to take Colleen Moody's "Briley The Birdie" class in the first session....
Briley The Birdie
A Vintage Tweetheart by Colleen Moody

and Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden" in the second session....
Lovely Sea Maiden
A Needle Felting Adventure by Judy Johnson

The first session doesn't start until June 6th. I can hardly wait. Wish me luck. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

How Beautiful Is This

ICBD006 Moms Joy E-Pattern
34” L x 29” W Frame or Quilt - Fabric Wall Art
E-Pattern With Framing Instructions

I just love my sister's wall art - especially the one you see above.  Isn't it beautiful?

Here's what my sister had to say about her e-pattern: My Mom loved the color blue, and like myself, loved flowers - her favorite being roses.  I wanted to create something in memory of her.  I think she would have really liked this!  I hope you do.

"Moms Joy" is 26 pages containing a digital picture of the framed fabric wall art, supplies needed and detailed instructions for creating the frame or quilt - fabric wall art; illustrations to guide you along the way, instructions for creating the wood frame, and full size pattern pieces.  Pattern also includes both the forward and reverse pages for easy tracing onto iron-on transfer paper.

I hope you enjoy creating "Moms Joy."