Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Really Need To Stop Playing!

I think I'm losing it!

You see I can't seem to stop playing these games. Last time it was with my Linda avatar on YoVille, and my "Peaches" dog on Super Poke Pets. This time it's Farm Town. What is wrong with me?

Pictured above is what my Farm Town currently looks like. I've been adding trees and animals sent by my friends and then harvesting the crops so I can buy things for my farm.

CLICK HERE or click on the picture above to see what I've managed to do so far.

I really need to stop doing all this and get back to work. It's just that I LOVE shopping and buying things for my YoVille avatar, my "Peaches" Super Poke Pet, and My Farm. Maybe there just isn't any hope for me!

Come join me on and see what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have Fun At The Beach - Peaches Habitat!

You're probably going to think that I'm loosing my mind. Either that or I'm just having too much fun with some of the Facebook applications.

Shown above is my "Peaches" doggie avatar on Facebook's SuperPoke Pets. She not only loves the beach, but is quite the spender as you can see from everything she's added to her beach scene.

She wants to buy more, but, personally, I think she's done with spending for awhile. She should concentrate on playing with her friends and giving to others. What do you think?

Have fun at the beach!

Isn't She Adorable?

If you've been a reader of my Linda's Blog for a while now you know that I just LOVE graphics - especially dollie graphics - animated or not. And, I just LOVE blinkies - which is another story for another day.

In any event, I was asked to join YoVille on Facebook by one of my friends and have to tell you that I just LOVE it.

I created my Linda avatar above and I'm in the process of furnishing my apartment which right now consists of a living room, bedroom, and kitchen. I have to work or visit my friends to earn YoVille coins so that I can buy things for my apartment. I'm working on it and hope to have a wonderfully furnished apartment before long.

I LOVE my new avatar so much I decided to add her to the sidebar of my Linda's Blog. She can take her place amongst all the rest of the dollie graphics and blinkies I have there. I'm sure she'll feel right at home.

If you LOVE dolls - especially animated doll graphics and would like to have a little fun come and join me on Facebook and then visit me on YoVille. Hope to see you there.

Have fun.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I Hope You Like My Faceless Beauties Video

I think you all know that I, personally, love faceless dolls. Victorians, primitives, colonial, prairie dolls, rag dolls, or country style dolls. It doesn't matter. I love them all.

In fact, I created a video to reflect my feelings about faceless dolls which is: "Beauty lies not only in what is seen, but what is imagined. I believe the essence of a dolls faceless beauty should determine her personality."

Please CLICK HERE or on the video above if you would like to view my "Linda's Faceless Beauties" video.

My Goddess Doll Adventure So Far!

In February I wrote a post on my Linda's Blog entitled "Why Not Be Adventuresome!" which was about my buying a batch of 10 small goddess art forms from Monica Magness of "Girl Gone Thread Wild" blog that she had for sale on her GirlGoneThreadWild Etsy shop.

I wanted to try something different this year and have been wanting to make some mixed media "goddess dolls" as I haven't made any as of yet. The doll body forms that I bought ranged between 4"-6" tall in size and are of of various colors.

Some of the "goddess dolls" that I have seen are either faceless (which is fine with me) or have cloth faces, clay faces, have sun or moon faces, even beaded faces. Some of the face shapes are round or oval, some are square, and some are triangles. I haven't quite decided what kind of face I want to try as of yet, but I always like to be prepared.

They probably will be clay so I decided to buy some polymer clay to sculpt my own and also buy some polymer clay masks to use in the event my clay ones don't look exactly as I had envisioned them. If these don't work then they may have cloth faces or be faceless. I might even try beaded faces although I think they were be difficult to do. Or, I may just decide to do several of each. I just won't know until I start creating them.

Next I need to decide whether they should have hair or no hair. Headdress or no headdress? Since I was running out of doll hair (well, not really, but you never know what you want to use until you start creating) I also decided to replenish my supply of doll hair. I made a note to look at the yarn sections of my local craft stores and also look on line at some of my favorite doll hair websites to see if there was anything that caught my eye and would help me to decide which way to go with the hair.

I decided to buy some hair from one of my favorite websites for doll hair, Cloth Doll Hair Supplies at as Suzy was offering a discount to all her Twitter followers (which I am one of).

Also, I wanted my "goddess dolls" to have beaded decorations along their bodies or in their clothes (should I decide to add something along these lines) so I decided to visit my local craft stores to see what they had. I was expecting a little section of beads. Au Contraire! Make that ROWS and ROWS of beads. Aisles and aisles of beads. So many so that it was almost impossible to decide.

Should they be round? Should they be flat? Should there be a combination of the two? Should they be large, small, or medium in size? What color? Solid or multi-colored? Shiny or not? And on and on it went!

Obviously, this was not going to be as easy as I had thought. I really hadn't thought this through and should have tried to design what I wanted my goddess dolls to look like before I attempted to by the beads. Should they be traditional mixed media art dolls or should I make them a little different? Maybe they shouldn't even have beads? But, I really want to try beading as the dolls I've seen are just so beautiful. Time consuming to make, but beautiful.

In any event, I bought several different colors and sizes of beads and because I like to be organized I also bought some containers to house my beads. Can't have them falling all over the floor. That would not be good!

So, now I have my doll forms, various ways to make the faces, and lots and lots of beads. Since I just love history next on my agenda is to do a little research on the Internet on "goddess dolls" also known as healing dolls and spirit dolls. I'm not sure what this will tell me - other than I just love research, especially on different doll legends.

What I'm hoping is that it might just help me decide what type of "goddess dolls, healing dolls, or spirit dolls" I want to create. It might even inspire me to create a goddess doll, healing doll, or spirit doll design of my own - which, of course, I'd create an e-pattern for. Oh, what a delightful adventure this is going to be. Wish me luck.

I'll let you know what I find out.