Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brothers & Sisters - Over 50 Years Ago

Oh, How Cute!

We are very fortunate in our family in that we are still a close knit family. As a result there is always a lot of bantering going on between the brothers and sisters. Well, during one such occasion of email bantering between myself and my "Irish twin" older brother I embedded the above picture into the email I was sending him. 

The original picture was one of those little black & white Polaroid shots that were the only pictures available to us back then. The images are small and you really can't see a lot of the details. 

However, nowadays with the ability to scan these old images and blow them up on the computer you get to see things you hadn't noticed before - like expressions, things being held, large heads, etc. On the picture above I immediately noticed how large my brother's head was and, of course, I had to tease him about it. 

Well, in looking at a few other pictures from over 50 years ago I noticed a few other things in my expression. Here's what I saw: 

I Don't Know What You Did To Piss Me Off, But You Did Something!

It's Mine - Give It To Me!

He's My Best Friend!

Okay, Enough With The Pictures!

My grandparents were always taking pictures of the two of us. If you look at my expression you can see that I've just about had enough of the picture taking that day.

You'd Never Know We Weren't Twins From This Shot!

 Give That To Me!

I don't know what was grabbing my attention, but whatever it was - I wanted it!

Come On! It's Not That Funny!

 A Mouthful of Something! 

I don't know what we have in our hands, but our cheeks certainly are full. Maybe this was after we had the mumps?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!  Enough With The Picture Taking  - Let's Play!!

Just Let It All Hang Out!

When I blew this picture up I thought, "It's a good thing I had underwear on. How unlady like!" And, I noticed my mother's expression. She wasn't too happy. Perhaps, she, too, had enough of the picture taking that day.
 She Might Be Happy, But I Don't Want a Baby Brother!

I guess my mother was happy that day, but my sister surely wasn't!

What Happened To My Sister's Bangs? Did She Try To Give Herself A Haircut?

Nope! She's Not Happy To Be Marching In That Parade!  Love The White Gloves! 

Look At The Toys!  A Horse, A Truck, and Probably THE ROBOT Of The Season! Those Were The Days!

One of these days I hope to have enough time to scan it all the old family pictures. Some of the family photo's are even as far back as the civil war and are on tin. Those are really tiny. I can hardly wait to see what the expressions are on them. 

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of the print pictures. Some were lost over the years. 

When video camera's first came out in the 50's my Dad rushed to get one. He spent hours just taking pictures of my brother and I running up and down the dunes at the beach or diving off the rocks. When we played them he just loved putting the movie projector into reverse to see us run backwards up the dunes or dive backwards onto the rocks. He and we would laugh and laugh every time. Nowadays with all the special effects going backwards is nothing. Back then, however, it was the latest in technology. Times change. So do the images and the equipment. Unfortunately, the video eroded over time. Video hasn't stood the test of time in the same way that old print pictures have. 

I hope you enjoyed the black and white (and some color) pictures of my brothers and sister from over 50 years ago.  I know that I did.  Hope my siblings did!