Friday, September 25, 2009

One Of Our Patterns Was Featured On

Sometimes when it rains it pours.

And, sometimes it's just a delightful sprinkle.

Well, the month of September has been a delightful sprinkle for Linda Walsh Originals. Not only were our Victorian "Ladies" written about by Elizabeth de Almedia who is the N.Y. Doll Collecting freelance writer for the, but one of our patterns was published on the website and blogged about in the Favecrafts blog.

To give you a little history behind our pattern being published last May Christine Doheny, who is the editor of (which is published by Prime Publishing LLC) emailed me and said she had run across one of my Uncle Sam dolls that had made her smile. She asked if I would be interested in contributing a craft project, tutorial, or tip to or contributing something as a guest blog on the Favecrafts blog.

When I had a chance to respond I sent her back an email thanking her and asking her which Uncle Sam doll she was referring to as I have a LOT of websites and blogs! LOL LOL Ya think! LOL LOL But, I might be interested and asked her for more information on what was involved and how much time it would take. As always - I had a lot on my plate! LOL LOL

In any event we corresponded back and forth a few times and I finally decided since it was my favorite time of the year - Fall - that I would send her my "Punkin Ornaments Are We! A Trio of Ornaments" pattern and did so last week.

Well, I'm excited to tell you that it was published on at the beginning of this week. If you'd like to see it please CLICK HERE.

Linda Walsh is here to teach us to make colorful pumpkin ornaments. Using felt, flannel and fabric you can create these wonderful Halloween crafts in no time. This is a great free sewing pattern and you can make a trio of them.

She also told me I could post about it on their blog so I, of course, agreed. A chance to blog and I not take advantage of that! You'd have to be kidding! LOL LOL

Here's what said about themselves on the About page of their blog:

Thanks for visiting FaveCrafts’ blog space! is an exciting resource for all things craft — from expert tips to project ideas for every style and skill level.

Meet the editors of the FaveCrafts Blog here!

Prime Publishing LLC was established in 1995 as a traditional niche book publishing company. The company created their first web site in 1996. By 1998, the company had over 500,000 opt-in e-mail subscribers to various women focused niche content newsletters and web sites.
A shift to a proprietary lead generation response technology fueled continued growth and a spin-off of the technology into a new company. Some awards and recognition include:
- Recipient of the 2004 Technology Fast 50 Rising Star program for Chicagoland by Deloitte & Touche.
- The Direct Marketing Association, Marketing & Technology Internet Council, awarded the first annual “Award of Excellence” for its lead generation technology in December 2003.
- Named a finalist in the first annual by Click Z/Message Media for “Best E-Mail Driven Community” in 2001.
Today, we are an Internet Media Company that operates web site communities, e-mail newsletters and e-commerce stores in niche areas such as crafting, home d├ęcor, wellness, diet and cooking. With a flexible and scalable platform, Prime Publishing operates a rapidly growing network of websites that offer consumers the ability to share information through extensive online communities and make informed purchasing decisions.
Check out our ever changing Google Profile.

I haven't had a chance to thoroughly review everything on their website and blog but from what I can tell there seems to be a LOT to offer on and the blog. They have a TON of categories and a TON of free crafting patterns, projects, tips, how-to's and more. You won't be disappointed by your visit.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Some Recognition For The Victorian "Ladies" Dolls

A few weeks ago I got an email from Elizabeth de Almeida who is the NY Doll Collecting freelance writer for the .

Elizabeth is a doll artist who creates OOAK handmade dolls that have been featured in Contemporary Doll Collector and who has won numerous awards. She is also the owner of Lizjul Doll Designings and has written a book entitled: Sounds Like A Doll: We Can Find Inspiration Behind The Soul of Imagination. If you'd like to buy her book just click on the link image below:

If you'd like to read more about Elizabeth her bio is here and her About Us page is here.

Well, Elizabeth wanted to know if I would be willing to do an interview for her as she was writing a few articles pertaining to dolls that depict historic times, like that of the Victorian period and thought my Victorian faceless "Ladies" would fit right in.

I, of course, was flattered and happy my Victorian "Ladies" were going to be written about. So, I told Elizabeth I would be happy to do the interview.

Elizabeth has already written two wonderful articles about historic dolls that I think you will like and they are as follows:
Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design
Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design - part II

To our delight we were mentioned in Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design - part II . Here's short except of what Elizabeth said: Doll creations costumed in the designs of historic times such as that of the 15Th and 16Th century, (the Elizabethan and Shakespearean era) and the Victorian age, have been embraced by doll artists who have a great love for a time where one’s clothing represented status, way of life, romance, royalty and ....... And doll artists of this particular genre, capture that story through their work, technique and their artistry gifts; Doll artists such as Sara Dunlup of Ladye Fayre Dolls and Puppets, Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Paula Wagner of Victorian Designed Dolls.

Linda Walsh creates wooden Victorian dolls, standing from 12 inches to 16 inches tall. Layers of lace, cotton, handmade bouquets and baskets of flowers, lined jackets, ribbons, laced parasols that create an essence that brings the era of the design to come to the forefront of history and time. The dolls are very unique; for the dolls bare no features on their countenances. It may offer doll collectors a chance to look beyond and through their imagination.

I hope you get a chance to read Elizabeth's two articles and will let you know when my interview is posted. I am so honored to be included in Elizabeth's "Dolls back in time: dolls of historic design" articles.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Fan Box and Live Stream Widgets

If you are a reader of my Linda's Blog then you know I just LOVE to experiment with new widgets and gadgets for my blogs.

Well, I have been experimenting with and I have to tell you that I LOVE it.

Not for the reasons that anyone at probably intended, but because it allows me to do something really COOL as a small business owner who is also a multi-blogger.

If you are not familiar with I should tell you that it is the LATEST thing in FREE social networking services (i.e. Internet communities). Twitter allows you to post instant text-based messages up to 140 characters per post to the Twitter website and your profile page. The instant messages are sent via Instant Message services, email, via RSS feed, or to your mobile phone to other users who have signed up to receive them and/or that you have approved to get them.

They also have a widget that you can add to your blogs or websites that looks like the widget above. It can be color customized for your particular taste and your profile page on can be customized as well.

In thinking about the Twitter widget I thought that it would be great to add it to all my blogs so that if I have fabulous news that I want to tell everyone I can just send an IM to my profile and update all my blogs at once. That way I wouldn't have to post the LATEST NEWS from Linda Walsh Originals to every blog. COOL, huh!

The Twitter widget has up and down arrows so you can view all my instant messages or connect to my profile page at

Since I have AIM as my instant message service I set TwitterIM as a buddy on my AOL buddy list and connected it to my profile. So, now I just go to my buddy list and send TwitterIM an instant message like the one shown above. That updates my profile and all the blogs that have the Twitter widget. How COOL is that?

Besides the latest NEWS I can let everyone know if there are any problems with any of my blogs or websites, if I'm on vacation, craft shows I'm currently in, etc.

Of course, I can also use it as a social networking gadget for all my friends if I want to. For now, I'm going to use it for my "Linda's Latest NEWS" flashes and see how all my blog readers like it.

So, what do you all think? COOL, huh!