Saturday, June 24, 2023

My Mixed Media Slow Stitching Pictures - Beach House Scene and English Cottage Kits

On my beach scene mixed media slow stitching picture adventure I mentioned that I was looking for beach or spring flower kits.

Even though I am a seasoned crafter I was new to slow stitching so I thought a kit with a picture of the finished item would be helpful.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

My "Float Along Quietly" Mixed Media Slow Stitching Collage Picture

As you all know over the years I have bought a lot of craft related items and tend to prefer craft kits as I just don't have a lot of time to peruse fabric or craft stores.  That's what makes shopping on the internet a problem for me.  I can't just buy one kit.  I have to buy more than enough figuring I'm saving time in the long run.  

If you remember some of my stories about making dolls and crafts that I always made things in a factory line way.  I'd design a whole bunch of items, cut all the wood for all of them, sand all of them, put the kits together for all of them and then save them in contains for future assembling.

I also wanted to try every single craft there was and have been endeavoring to do this for the past sixty+ years.  The problem is with numerous kits for each craft you want to try you end up with a LOT of containers filled with items waiting to be made....LOL

So, when I read about "Slow Stitching" I couldn't just buy one kit.  I bought MANY of them.

I was particularly interested in ocean and summer themed kits and found several kits that I liked on Etsy.  I should clarify that - I found "many that I liked.....LOL

Monday, June 19, 2023

My "Surprises In The Mail" Package For My Sister

Yesterday I published a post on my Linda's Blog entitled "My "Take Me To The Ocean" Mixed Media Slow Stitching Applique Collage Wall Art Picture." about the new slow stitching picture I had created recently from a slow stitching kit I had bought.

In that post I mentioned that I had enough fabric from that kit to also make a "surprise packages in the mail" for my sister. However, I didn't have enough embellishments so I had to improvise and add some from my stash.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

My "Take Me To The Ocean" Mixed Media Slow Stitching Applique Collage Wall Art Picture

A couple of months ago I saw a Facebook group "Slow Stitching For The Soul" that intrigued me. So, of course, I had to do a little research.

The group which was started by Bev Ramsbotham - Textile Artist, based in Retford intrigued me because it was a group of no judgement on right or wrong ways to sew something - just creativity.  The idea was to relax and spend time hand stitching in different media to achieve a hand made piece of textile art.  

According to Bev, it was meant for members to "soothe their soul or just have some fun and not worry about 'perfection' or criticism from others, and be pleasantly surprised at what they create."

Given how much I love history and research I decided to find out a little more about "Slow Stitching."

According to "The Craft of Oz" Slow Stitching is: "Slow stitching is a relatively new concept that incorporates old hand stitching traditions. It's a craft where ancient practices and creativity collide. Unlike stitching that is used to mend or make a garment, slow stitching is the act of using needle and thread to create art; just as you would paint, draw or sculpt out of clay. I like to think of it as hand stitching with a creative purpose."

Given my curiosity I wondered when this movement started and who started it.  Well, according to my Google search it was started in 2015 by Mark Lipinksi, an internationally known quilting artist.

So, I thought to myself, "where have I been for the last eight years...." LOL

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Another Remake For My Large Silk Floral Dining Room Fire Place Decoration

Back in March of 2014 I decided to create a tutorial of how I made my large silk floral basket for my dining room, as shown in the picture below.  My post is here.

Well, since then I really haven't been happy with it.  I didn't like the size, the large pink daises, the light blue daises and the white daises.  So, I decided to recreate it with some new beautiful white dahlia silk floral I had bought.  It basically was made exactly the same as my original but, with different flowers.

The result of my recreation is shown in the picture at the top of this post and below.  

I was really pleased with the new floral arrangement and the way it turned out and hope you like it too. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Happy Heavenly 57th Birthday, Kim

Kim, I saw this Precious Moments purple birthday figurine and thought that would be a perfect birthday present for you, but can only send it your heavenly way.  

Oh what fun we would have teasing you about being 57 today - 3 years away from 60.  Of course, if we teased you about your age today you would gently and lovingly remind us of how really OLD we are.  We would give anything to be able to banter with you as we used to do.   It was always so much fun! 

We want you to know that a day doesn't go by without thinking of you.  We can't help but think how different life would be were you still here with all of us and just want you to know that your whole family misses you and wishes you Happy Heavenly 57th Birthday today. 

I saw these quotes online and thought you might like them.  As always I couldn't pick just 

It’s your birthday again another one, without you here 
 Our thoughts turn again, to this day and all the memories, it holds so dear. 
You gave us so much love and you cared so deeply too
The place that’s empty in our hearts is the space that’s just for you.

Oh, how we miss you every moment of each day
 We long to have you back with us we have, so much to say. 
But we know, that cannot be for you’re in Heaven above.
And that is where we’re sending all our birthday love.

Unknown Author

Thinking of you on your birthday with sadness in our hearts
For a very special someone from whom we had to part.
  How very much you’re missed is something you will never know
 You left behind the broken hearts of those who loved you so. 
A sea of tears and endless grief would simply ebb away
 If only you could celebrate your special day today. 
This birthday token brings you love it’s just a simple touch 
To let you know, how dear you are you’ll always mean so much.

Unknown Author

We never need a special day to bring you to our mind 
For days without a thought of you are very hard to find. 

 Unknown Author 

Friday, September 23, 2022

My New Mixed Media Beach House Diorama

Back in 2014 I decided to take the Artful Gathering Session 1 Class - Let's Go For A Ride by Julie Haymaker Thompson. 

This class taught you how to make a mixed media shadowbox "doggie" wall decoration, which was a lot of fun to make.   

Like other classes I've taken I usually make more than one item and this class was no exception.  I created two base shadowbox pieces but, for some reason, only used one of them for the class project.

So, when I was looking at my supplies for the Spring and Summer mixed media shadow box diorama's I wanted to create I decided to use the extra mixed media base I had created for this class.  

As you know, I always save everything. You just never know when you might need the perfect thing for the creation you are making.

This time I wanted to create a wall house decoration with a window beach scene shadowbox diorama, which is shown in the picture above.

Here, too, I decided to use scrapbook papers for the outside and inside of the front and back and all the sides versus sponge painting all of them, like I usually do.

I selected two scrapbook paper collections to use: P13 - Beyond The Sea Scrapbook Paper Collection and Graphic 45 - Catch of the Day Scrapbook Paper Collection as well as bits and pieces from other scrapbook papers as well.

I also decided to use mixed media trims along the house edges, alpaca roving for the bottom of the window frame to create a sand dune, paper flowers, and paper leaves and reeds to create the effect of sand dunes with beach flowers and reeds leading down to the beach.

I was really happy with the way this decoration came out and decided to hang it in my kitchen year round.  It looks great there and compliments the "Let's Go For A Ride" decoration I had made that is also hanging on that kitchen wall.

Copyright © 2004 - 2023 - All Rights Reserved - Designed and Written By Linda Walsh

Thursday, September 22, 2022

New Mixed Media Shadow Box Diorama Trio For The Summer

I've been crafting my whole life and love the Fall and Christmas holiday season.  As a result I have made more decorations for those two seasons than any other season or holiday.

The Fall and Christmas holiday season only lasts for 3 months from October to December so there are 9 other months that need decorations too.  

Over the years I started adding more decorations for the Winter, Spring and Summer months but always fell short on the Summer decorations for some reason.

So, I decided to make some additional mixed media shadow boxed dioramas for the Spring and Summer seasons.  Of course, I just made them and, of course, the Summer season is basically over.

God forbid I should ever make decorations ahead of the 

The three new diorama's shown in the picture above will be put away until the next Spring and Summer season.  It'll be a delayed viewing but be enjoyable anyway.

Usually for the shadowbox decorations I make I use wood shadow boxes and, generally, sponge paint them inside and outside for the backgrounds and sides.

This time, however, I decided to use scrapbook papers to cover the wood shadow boxes inside and outside and on all the sides.

I wanted all of these shadow box dioramas to have a 3D effect from the bottoms and sides of the shadow box so I cut some of the figures I wanted to use with bottom or side tabs and glued them in various positions within the 2" bottom and side areas of the shadow boxes.

I also wanted to use mixed media paper flowers, various types of fibers, alpaca roving with and without Angelina fibers, and various other mixed media effects to get the looks I wanted.

I just loved the Stamperia - Romantic Sea Dream Scrapbook Paper Collection and decided to use only this paper for the 4" x 4" wood shadow box diorama shown in the picture above.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Baby Sister Hits 4 Home Runs With Her Floral Art Entries

My sister and I are alike in so many ways.  We both love to craft but we're individual when it comes to our passions.  I love Victorian dresses, dolls, all crafts but especially mixed media, genealogy, history and silk floral crafts.  My sister loves natural flowers, gardening, fiber arts, spinning yarn, dying yarns, knitting and Nuno felting. 

Years ago her love of gardening drove her to join a local gardening club. Being a member meant that you were encouraged to participate in creating entries for the garden clubs competition for the local country fair. 

Over the years my sister has entered numerous entries for the fair and has won some of the time and lost some of the time.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Christmas and Winter Santa, Mrs. Claus, Snowman and Snow-lady Ornaments Free E-Patterns

In the middle of the summer it's seems strange to be posting about Christmas and winter decorations you can make.  

However, if you're a crafter like I am, you know that the summer is when you start on the Fall, Christmas and winter decorations so you have enough time to make all of them.

Plus, if you're making decorations to give as presents during the holiday season you definitely need time to get them all done.

So, I decided to add 8 free e-patterns for making several of my ornaments or decorations for the Christmas and Winter season.  Four of the free e-patterns below are primitive ornaments for Christmas and four are stand alone snowman and snow-lady decorations for the winter season.

I hope you enjoy making them.

Just click on the picture or name below for the link to the free e-pattern.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Bah! Carols! Harpo Christmas Ornament Caroler Decoration Free E-Pattern

One of my favor activities at Christmas was to go out caroling or to be singing Christmas carols with our church choir.  

Even though we're in the middle of the summer Christmas is not to far off in our future I thought you might like to get a jump start on making some new Christmas decorations with a free e-pattern to create a primitive caroler ornament.

"Bah! Carols! Harpo!" really does love to carol. He just pretends he doesn't just to get a laugh from everyone. 

He really does love to sing and loves to be out amongst his best friends. Traveling from house to house singing all, their favorite carols. 

And, best of all, receiving hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts. Ah, just the thought of the hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts makes his mouth start to water. 

Caroling Gertie Christmas Ornament Caroler Decoration Free E-Pattern

I don't have a good singing voice but I still love to sing.  When I was a child one of my favorite activities at Christmas was to go out caroling or singing Christmas carols with our church choir.  

So, when designing some new Christmas decorations decades ago I thought about how much I love to go caroling and designed to create some caroler ornaments.  

With caroling in mind and Christmas not to far off in our future I thought you might like to get a jump start on making some new Christmas decorations with a free e-pattern to create a primitive caroler ornament.

"Caroling Gertie" just loves to carol. She loves to sing and she loves to be out among her best friends. She loves traveling from house to house singing all, their favorite carols. And, best of all, receiving hot cocoa. 

She just loves the hot cocoa. Especially when it's freezing cold outside and her cheeks are bright red. S

She loves caroling so much even the cold can't keep her from singing.