Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Special Request and My Doll Clothes Tutorials & Accessories Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's Pinterest Board

Back in 2008 I received a request from a customer asking if I would consider making a special order item for them. Now, I don't normally do special orders, but my customer wanted a graduation doll and both of my were sold out.

I told my customer that they could make either my "Anna" or my "James" graduation doll as both patterns and e-patterns were available. Well, for my customer, that was not an option as they did not sew and they already had a 20" doll. What they really wanted was a graduation cap & gown to fit their 20" doll.

So, what to do? My customer pleaded with me to "please" consider a special order request and make them a graduation cap and gown for a 20" doll. After much discussion I finally agreed and made them the black graduation cap & gown you see in the picture above.

Since I had already created the pattern pieces in order to make the graduation cap and gown I figured I might as well create the pattern to go along with the pattern pieces. My customer was happy with their gown and I ended up with a new pattern.

My new graduation cap and gown for 20" doll e-pattern is for making a gown with a two-snap front closure with fold down lapels, gathered front, and mid length full sleeves. The lined cap has a cardboard top, tassel, and elastic strap for affixing the cap to the doll's head.

As it turns out, it is one of my best selling patterns and because it is easily adjusted is used to make all sorts of graduation caps and gown for various size dolls, bears, centerpieces at graduation parties, etc.

I have full intentions of creating a handmade doll clothing line for various size and styles of dolls, but just haven't done so as of yet.  It's on my list.

I have, however, designed hundreds of my own dolls all with different styles of clothing which I can use as inspiration for my handmade doll clothes line. While, I'm sure, you'll love my doll clothing line you can't wait for me so I set up a "Doll Clothes Tutorials & Accessories Tutorials , Video's, Patterns and How-To's" Pinterest board to help you.

I just LOVE making doll clothes and accessories for my dolls. If you do, too I hope you find these tutorials, video's, patterns and how-to's helpful.

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Have fun making your doll clothes.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Birthday Cakes and My Cupcake and Cake Tutorials, Video's and How-To's for Decorating Cupcakes and Cakes Pinterest Board

Like most young girls from the "baby boomer" generation I learned how to cook from my mother. We'd bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes. The latter I wasn't particularly fond of as my brothers favorite birthday cake was white cake, white frosting, and coconut sprinkles everywhere.

I never had a piece of this cake.  I couldn't stand the smell of it. The reason is I had made the mistake of eating a whole package of coconut snow-balls on a dare from my older brother and ended up upchucking the whole bunch. As a result and to this day, I can't stand the smell of coconut. If someone asks me what kind of dessert I want for my birthday I always say lemon meringue pie. So, when it came to birthday cakes I let my mother make them.

I loved baking small things like cupcakes because you can easily decorate them. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when the Easy-Bake Ovens for girls came out. I could make all the cakes and cupcakes I wanted. Unfortunately, my first attempt at a cake in the Easy-Bake oven didn't turn out so well. It was hard as a rock and inedible.  Subsequent attempts, however, were a hit.

I've always wanted to learn how to make those fancy decorated cakes you see in the bakeries but have never had the time. However, it's on my craft bucket list.  In the meantime I set-up a  Cupcake and Cake Tutorials, Video's and How-To's for Decorating Cupcakes and Cakes Pinterest board and have been adding all sorts of delicious looking cakes and cupcakes to it.  Enjoy!

I would love to learn how to create beautiful cakes and cupcakes. If you would love to learn this, too perhaps these tutorials, video's and how-to's will be helpful.
Linda Walsh

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Have fun making your fudge and candy.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The "Dollies" Are Stirring and My Doll Furniture & Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's For Making Doll Furniture Pinterest Board

My "dollies" have always thought they were human and entitled to human niceties. As a result we have had many confrontations over the years as to something they wanted and which I was not prepared to give them.

One of the things I did give some of them was chairs.  I love taking pictures of my dolls in various types of chairs as they always look so beautiful sitting in them. And, I love displaying some of them as decorations in my home sitting in their chairs.

Several days ago I heard  rumbling coming from "The Dollie Storage Room." I thought all the muttering and sputtering that I was hearing was due to my using the little red wagon for my Fall decorations seasonal scene which I had posted about HERE.

However, that was days ago and I thought the boy "dollies" had already gotten over that. So, if it wasn't that what was all the clamor about? I didn't have to wait long to find out.

The "dollies" were annoyed that not only had I given chairs from the group of chairs my sister had gotten for me to Baptist and Jael but they now were prominently displayed on top of the book shelves in the upstairs hall.

"Just Look At Them," one of the "dollies" said. "Just Who Do They Think They Are?"

Oh, boy! The "dollies" weren't happy about this.

Of course, the "dollies" aren't happy unless they're all included. Well, with 2,000+ dolls of my own creation there was no way I was going to give each of them their own chair.

So, I explained to the "dollies" who had gathered in the upstairs hall that the chairs didn't belong to Baptist and Jael. I was going to use the two wonderful chairs Baptist and Jael were sitting in to display some of the other dolls from time to time.

The "dollies" that had gathered in the upstairs hall seemed pleased with this idea.

That is, until they returned to "The Dollie Storage Room" and told the others. I should have know what was going to happen. It had happened before with the boy dolls." The "dollies" wanted to know how I was going to decide who should be featured and when.

They were all yelling and stammering and jumping about so as to get noticed. When this happens the only thing to do is to shut the door and walk away. The "dollies" would have to figure this out on their own.

So, I shut the door and started to walk downstairs. As I passed Baptist and Jael in the upstairs hall I couldn't help but think how adorable they looked in the chairs. Perhaps I'd teach the "dollies" a lesson and give the chairs to Baptist and Jael after all. If all the clamoring in "The Dollie Storage Room" didn't stop soon that was exactly what I would do.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Custom Fabric Designs For Gray Is Beautiful Helena and Sweetheart Faith

Sweetheart Faith Snowlady and Irises Winter Custom Fabric Design

Not Your Grandmothers Gray Tulips Fabric Custom Fabric Design

© 2016 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Designs By Linda Walsh.

(Note:  Actual fabric will not contain © Linda Walsh watermark.)

Perfect for making decorations, ornaments, pillows, quilts, wall art, totes, table linens, etc.

Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs are available at  All transactions for purchasing fabric are between you (the customer) and

For More Information About Spoonflower Please CLICK HERE For Their About Us Page.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Custom Fabric Designs For The Fall Season

One of the things I love about the Fall season is the beautiful brown, orange, yellow and rust colors. In New England there's nothing quite like it. I also love creating wreaths and wall flower baskets utilizing silk floral with these colors. So, I decided to design 3 new Fall season custom fabric designs for you and hope you like them.

Fall Flowers, Reeds, Leaves,Wreaths and Pumpkins Custom Fabric 1 

Fall Flowers, Roses and Baskets Fall Collection Custom Fabric #2

Fall Flowers, Sunflowers, Baskets and Wreaths Fall Collection Custom Fabric #3

Perfect for making decorations, ornaments, pillows, quilts, wall art, totes, table linens, etc.

Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs are available at  All transactions for purchasing fabric are between you (the customer) and

For More Information About Spoonflower Please CLICK HERE For Their About Us Page.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Presents For You Santa

Several years ago I decided to enter one of the doll challenges on the Cloth Doll Artistry community that I belong to. I didn't win, but that was okay with my Santa. You see, I had told him if he didn't win it would be okay as I would make a pattern out of him.  So, a pattern he became. And, that suits him just fine.

I had previously written about being "In Sewing Heaven" on a post on my Linda's Blog when I was creating him but, wasn't able to tell you the details of the challenge at that time.

Well, the rules of the challenge were that we would each have a partner that we would swap 3 different holiday fat quarters with. Each of us would use the fat quarters sent by our partner to make a Santa doll. We were each sent a simple body pattern to use that could be altered anyway we wanted. The clothing was entirely up to us as long as we used the fat quarters we were sent and, as a bonus, could add 2 solid colors. There were three categories we could enter our doll in: Silliest Cartoon Character Type Santa, Most Creative In Color In Style, and Most Traditional In Style To Father Christmas.

My partner had sent me a bright red/green fancy floral fabric, rustic pine cone printed fabric, and a light beige/cream fabric. I decided to make my Santa Victorian in nature (pray tell now why would I choose that? LOL LOL) with a long lined coat and cuffed and gathered pantaloons.

I also decided to partially embroider and watercolor his face and give him silver embroidered glasses, as well as a raised nose. He had a full curly mohair mustache, full combination straight and curly mohair beard, and a straight mohair full head of hair.

His lined jacket was adorned with gold trim on the inside and outside edges of his jacket with the front lapels folded back and tied in place with red DMC floss bows. His lined jacket was fastened with a wired gold bow with wood button and the lined sleeves were gathered and cuffed with bright red fabric.

You can't tell from the pictures, but he's also wearing a solid green tunic that is gathered at the neck and wrists and fastened around his waist with a gold rope. His hat had a lined band, large red pompom and matched both his coat and cuffed two colored pantaloons.His black boots had criss-cross laces of white DMC embroidery floss. And, I decided to sit him atop a wrapped box with a large wired ribbon bow and have him hold a pre-bought decorated wooden sled.

It was a tough challenge as all the Santa's that were submitted were excellent. I submitted mine under the Most Creative In Color and Style category. It was hard choosing which one I liked for each category - besides my own, of course!! LOL LOL

Alas, he didn't win. Of course, I'd hoped I would win. I didn't but - a pattern he'll be for all of you to make. And, he's just fine with that.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Who Doesn't Love Turkeys and Thanksgiving - Or Is It The Pies?

Included in my love of Fall crafting and decorating is Thanksgiving.  After all - who doesn't love turkeys and Thanksgiving?  Or is it the pies we all love?

With Thanksgiving comes crafting turkeys and pilgrims - both of which I have created over the years.  I love them all but my all time favorite Thanksgiving decoration is a BIG wood craft that my husband and I made many, many years ago. It's a wood turkey who has become part of our Thanksgiving decorating tradition.

He stands 34" tall and I call him "Give Me Turkey Talk!"

He was made based upon a Tattered Treasures design and is an all wood "sponge" painted turkey. He does have some cloth associated with him, but that is to decorate his beautifully colored feathers.

"Give Me Turkey Talk!" is actually everything you'd want in a turkey. Meaty, colorful, silent, and festive.

He also was the wood craft I learned how to "sponge" paint on. After doing it once I absolutely fell in love with the way multiple paint colors can be applied using an ocean sponge. It has definitely become my favorite way to paint.

I really think he came out great and I just love the "sponged" blue and brown colors of his huge feet. Plus I love the brown "sponged" colors of his body.

Multiple different colored fabrics have been glued to his feathers to make him a very colorful turkey.

He is carry a "sponged" sign with a saying that every turkey in America wants everyone to do at Thanksgiving which is to "Eat Beef!"

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Hunting Is In My Blood, Quinn

"Hunting Is In My Blood, Quinn" is a hunter to the core and he's ready to get going. It's hunting season after all and he looks forward to it every year. It doesn't matter if it's freezing out there - he'll be outside.

He doesn't mind a little cold weather, freezing weather, or even rainy weather. He loves the outdoors and all that comes with it. Of course, he also loves to hunt. Not for sport, but to talk to his "friends." You see, he loves nature and he loves all his animal friends. He "hunts" just to talk to them. To him there is nothing better than a brisk walk in the woods and talking to all his "deer" friends.

Quinn's all set for hunting. Now if he could just find his "deer" friends.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cookie Making Marathons, My Love of Fudge, and My Fudge and Candy Pinterest Board

One of the things I always looked forward to during the Christmas season was my cookie marathons with my mother. There's nothing quite like the smell of cookies baking, the scent of Christmas candles burning, and the festive atmosphere of a busy kitchen during the holiday season.

For many years my Mother and I would reserve 3-4 days in the weeks before Christmas for our annual cookie marathons. We would spend two days baking cookies and then one day packaging the cookies for our friends, loved ones, and several senior centers and nursing homes.

Every year we would select the cookies we would be baking from our list. For the most part we kept making ones that we knew were really good. Once in awhile we would add a new cookie, but it had to be exceptional to bump another cookie off the list. Sometimes we added fudge and chocolate candies that we'd made. We knew that our cookies were good - how could they not be with many, many years of experience honing our cookie making skills? As our list continued to grow we even had people asking to be put on our list. So, of course, we added them and the list continued to grow and grow.

During this period we really took over the kitchen, the dining room, the family room and the sun-room. Let's face it during our cookie marathons we basically took over the house. There were tables everywhere for cooling the cookies or cookies on cookie sheets waiting to go into the oven or tables for the bags of finished cookies. Everywhere you looked there were cookies, but the smell was irresistible.

During the Christmas season hubby and I would inevitably attend one of the larger and more popular craft shows in our area. One show, in particular, always had a fudge booth which I loved seeing. I couldn't resist all the different types of fudge. I wanted to try making some so I started saving fudge and candy making recipes I thought might be good.

During one of our cookie marathons I told my mother I wanted to make some fudge and candy. She thought it was a great idea. Given how we were distributing our cookie containers and the time frame involved with doing so we decided that we would only make fudge and candies that didn't require refrigeration and selected several types of fudge we wanted to try.We created the fudge and then put each into a long rectangular Tupperware container for setting and then put it into a large cooler we had in the garage so it could set overnight.

Our Wonderful Alpaca Accessories, Household and Home Decor Products Collection

Not only do the alpacas love to decorate for the holidays and plan birthday parties they also love creating products they can use everyday.  So,  they decided to create several different graphics for their Alpacas Everyday Home Decor Products collection.  They include some of the graphics shown below:



Friday, November 18, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - It'll Be A White Christmas, Santa

If there's one thing "It'll Be A White Christmas, Santa" loves it's a white Christmas.  He loves waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground.  An, if it's lightly snowing all day - well, that's icing on the cake.

He is a free-standing Santa doll with a square bottom body and partially drawn face. He's sporting a large, bushy beard and moustache as well as a full head of hair.  He is wearing a green Santa outfit adorned with brushed felt cuff, hat, and center bands trim. The cuff bands are adorned with red and gold decorative trim and the center band is adorned with bright gold trim. His long Santa hat is adorned with a white pom pom. He has wire rimmed glasses and is holding a bag of presents in his right hand.

He was so excited by the snow falling he ran right outside so he's covered with snowflakes.  "It'll Be A White Christmas" for sure.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Santa Me Up! Scotty

If you can't tell by his name already "Santa Me Up, Scotty" is a Star Trek fan. He just loves the TV series and movies. While "Santa Me Up, Scotty" flies around the earth in his sleigh he dreams of visiting Mars one day. Perhaps on a spaceship like the ones in Star Trek.

"Santa Me Up. Scotty" is a self-sitting Santa ornament with a roly-poly body, chubby head that's bald on the top, and partially drawn face with black bead eyes and a little pompom nose. His thick wire rim glasses cover his face. He has rag doll hair, a rag doll beard and roving mustache. He's wearing black boots, his favorite striped Christmas fabric shirt and favorite Christmas fabric pants. He's seated in a sitting position and holding a red present. His body is covered with snow accents.

Santa me up, Scotty. Make that "Beam me Up, Scotty." Santa can dream - can''t he?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Bowling For Xmas, Santa

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" just loves to spend his leisure time bowling.  The problem is that during the holiday season he has no time for anything but getting the toys ready for the good girls and boys. He's just too busy to even think of taking time off for his favorite sport. Mrs. Claus has him going from sunrise to sunset. By the time the day is over he's just too exhausted to even think of bowling.

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" is an 8" bendable Santa whose body is made from a wood bowling pin. He has a painted face, white roving beard and moustache and his arms and legs are bendable with black wood beads for shoes. His shirt is gathered at the neck and tucked into his red felt pants with Christmas fabric patches on the knees.  His pants are embroidered and gathered at the waist. His matching red felt jacket is embroidered along all the edges and has Christmas fabric patches on the sleeves. His pants are tucked into his white felt socks which are criss-cross tied with rope over his black bead shoes. His white roving hair is barely controlled under his green felt hat with white felt band, Christmas fabric patches, and white pompom.

A fringed Christmas fabric scarf is wrapped around his neck and he is holding a miniature wood pony and small present.

"Bowling For Xmas, Santa" is hoping to have some time for his favorite past time after the holidays. That is, if Mrs. Claus gives him some time to bowl. We'll see.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A New Festive Design For The Christmas Holiday Season - Christmas Collection - Grays Have More Fun! Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery

What could be more festive for the holidays than an adorable senior citizen snowman and snow-lady's? Not much, as far as the "Grays" are concerned. One of their new "Gray Is Beautiful" designs is an adorable graphic featuring Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman, Sweetheart Faith, and Petronella The Birdhouse Lady.

The "Christmas Collection - Grays Have More Fun" line includes party supplies, kitchen accessories and gadgets, holiday decorations, toys and entertainment, clothing, accessories, and so much more.

The "Christmas Collection - Grays Have More Fun" new products make wonderful gifts for senior citizens, grandma's and grandpa's. Happy Holidays.

A Group Of Adorable Christmas Decorations Free E-Patterns, Tutorials and E-Patterns

Who can resist adorable Christmas carolers and decorations.Certainly not I.

If you can't either then you'll be happy to know that we have several free e-patterns and e-books for creating some adorable Christmas carolers and decorations. Just click the links below. Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Floral Decorating Fun Free Tutorials, E-Patterns, and E-Books

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year to decorate with all my Christmas floral designs. I have so many at this point in time that I have to rotate them year to year. Since most are made with silk floral or pine-cones and nuts they never wear out and look just as good now as they did when they were made. Some have lasted twenty years or more.

If you love decorating for the Christmas season with floral as much as I do then you'll be happy to know that we have several free tutorials, how-to's, and e-books for creating floral Christmas decorations. Just click the links below. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Celia's Purple Dress, Hearts and Flowers Custom Fabric Collection

The "Grays" love designing custom fabric - especially Celia, who is the most prolific designer for the Gray Is Beautiful Group.  Celia decided she wanted to update her custom fabric designs to embrace her favorite color - purple.  Based on the collage above, she certainly did that.  I hope you like Celia's new custom fabric designs.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Christmas Make-do Santa's

We all know Santa as the familiar image with his red suit, sled or sleigh, reindeer, and sacks of toys delivering packages to "all the good girls and boys!" I love the Christmas season and I always have. It is by far one of my favorite times of the year.

The familiar image of Santa Claus is an American invention that first appeared in a drawing by Thomas Nast in Harper's Magazine in 1868 (see picture on the right).Thomas Nast helped create the kinder, more fatherly, plumper Santa as we know him today. But, Thomas Nast wasn't the only person to contribute to this legend. Clement Clarke Moore was a huge contributor as in 1822 he published his poem "A visit From St. Nicholas," better known as "The Night Before Christmas." His poem is the first mention of a sleigh powered by "eight tiny reindeer" and mentioning their names.

When the name Santa is mentioned everyone thinks of the traditional image. However, that doesn't mean Santa couldn't be  a little unconventional - like a primitive make-do Santa.  I hope you like my primitive Santa make-do's.

A Little Bit Of Country, Santa

"A Little Bit Of Country, Santa" is one of the new members of the "Santa Make-Do's" series of cloth and wood make-do's. He's "A Little Bit Country" while "A Little Bit Primitive, Santa" is - well, "a little bit primitive."

They are a fun loving group of Santa make-do's that just love to decorate the homes of primitive and country lovers alike during the holiday season.

"A Little Bit Country, Santa" is a 7" self-standing country Santa. He has a muslin cloth head and wooden candle stick body. His face is embroidered and his nose is embroidered with a burgundy satin stitch. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes and mouth. Santa has a string yarn mustache and stringy beard. He has a dark print Santa cap with fringed bow decoration and a green painted wood candle base decorated with a fringed bow.

"A Little Bit Of Country, Santa" is looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Christmas Carolers

It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh

I just love working with terracotta and creating all sorts of wonderful decorations.  Several years ago I decided to experiment and try making Christmas carolers and Santa decorations out of terracotta. They turned out wonderful so I made a bunch to give away as gifts. Everyone loves them so I thought I'd create e-patterns so you can make your own group of terracotta carolers and Santa's.

"It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh" is a pattern to create a family of terracotta carolers. There's Ma and Pa, and Sis and Bro, and a baby. All have painted terracotta bodies, painted wood knob heads, yarn or roving for their hair, knit caps, and scarves of various materials.

"It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh" are fun and easy to make and are adorable decorations for the holiday season.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Four New Christmas Holiday Season Custom Fabric Designs and Gift Wrap

It's hard to believe the Christmas holiday season will soon be upon us.  With that in mind I decided to design four new Christmas holiday season custom fabrics for use in your holiday decor.  All of these designs are also available as gift wrap.   I hope you enjoy my new designs.