Friday, June 14, 2019

My "Snowman and Friends" Dimensions Gold Petites Collection Cross-Stitch Picture

It seems a little crazy at the start of the summer to be posting about a winter cross-stitch picture I just finished.  You might wonder why I didn't post this in the winter.   Well, there's a really good reason for that.  I started this back on the Fall of 2018 and finally just finished it in June.  Everyone who cross-stitches knows that WIP sometimes take months or years to

I was looking for more cross-stitch winter seasonal pictures to display during the winter season and was drawn to the picture in the Dimensions Gold Collection Petites "Snowman & Friends" picture when I saw it.  So, I decided to buy the kit and add it to my other winter cross-stitch decorations on my fireplace mantle.

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Victorian Miniature Dress Ornaments Free E-Patterns

I have been in love with beautiful little girl dresses my whole life. I have to blame my grandmother "Dee" for this as she used to buy me the most beautiful little girl dresses. They were frilly, flouncy, lacy, filled with tulle underskirt dresses and I just loved them. I could stand and look for hours at my dresses.  The dresses I loved - the tulle not so much!

I, of course, wasn't allowed to touch them - I'd get them dirty. They were for our best occasions which I was hoping would be that day or the next day just so I could wear the dresses. Inevitably, a holiday or special occasion would occur and I would get to wear one of my dresses.

I'd tell my mother I just wanted to put them on for a few minutes.  Truth be told I wanted to put them on and just twirl around and around and watch them poof out!

I could just twirl and twirl and twirl in them. Around and around I'd go.  Until I got dizzy and fell down and, you guessed it, the dresses would get dirty.

My mother always knew I'd get the dresses dirty and then she'd have to wash and iron them before the special occasion I might be wearing them to so she always said "no." 

I never understood then why she'd say "no."  I do now, but didn't back then so I'd pout for the rest of the day.

In our family room we had some steps right next to a sofa. When I was wearing one of these dresses I would love to stand on the steps and then jump down into the sofa.

As I did my dress would fly up in the air like a parachute and then come landing down on me.  I loved it and thought this was a lot of fun!

Of course, everyone could see my frilly underwear, leotards, slip, etc. when I did this - but, only for the briefest of moments.

My Grandmother would "tsk, tsk" and would give me one of those looks of "that's not a lady like thing to do!" I'd just look back at her and smile. I just had to be me.

And, then I'd look over at my Mother and she'd be smiling. She knew I just had to be me, too.

My Grandmother was born in 1896 and she definitely had a closet of beautiful Victorian dresses when she was growing up, like the one shown in the picture to the right.  Unfortunately, she passed away in 1975.

While she is not here with me now she left an indelible impression on me, my life, and my creativity. She is largely responsible for my love of Victorian dresses.

When I was knee-high she gave me a very old print of Godey's Fashions for August 1870 that belonged to my great, great Aunt Flossie (the first female in my family to graduate from college). I was captivated with the dresses and forever hooked. That was the start of my love of Victorian dresses.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

My "Bruce Sunshine" Primitive Cloth Doll Clown Free E-Pattern

"Bruce Sunshine" is one of the members of the "Clown Around With Me Group" of cloth clown dolls that are a fun loving group of various kinds of clown dolls that love to having fun,  laughing and, most of all love to make you laugh.

In fact, they're willing to try anything to bring a smile to your face.

They'll make fun of themselves. Fall down. Run around. Bump into each other. Even pretend to slap each other - all in the name of "good" fun.

They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love making you laugh.

They are all so confident that they can make you laugh that they even have a contest going - to see which clown can make you laugh the most. The winner gets a free trip to Clown College.

"Bruce Sunshine" is a 19" primitive clown cloth doll. His body is made of muslin and his face is embroidered with black eyes, embroidered nose with dark rose water coloring , black embroidered smile, and embroidered cheek circles with bright orange water coloring. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes. And, he has smile triangles on the sides of his eyes.

Bruce Sunshine has a mass of thick, curly, auburn colored yarn hair on the sides of his head with the back left bald. His favorite and coordinated beanie is on the top and back of his head.

He is wearing his favorite fringed print shirt which is gathered at the neck and has ruffled trim down the front center. He is also wearing his favorite fringed print pants with ruffled trim suspenders. There are two large white buttons holding the suspenders on the front of his pants. His pants are gathered to the tops of his boots on the bottom and gathered at the waist. His black boots are cross laced and he is coffee stained throughout.

"Bruce Sunshine" is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Nothing even his"BFF" clown pal "Ambrose Blues!" can change.

Nope! Nothing can change Bruce's mood.

If he wins the trip to Clown College - that's good.

If he doesn't win the trip to Clown College - one of his pals will and that's good.

Nope! Nothing can get "Bruce Sunshine" down.

My "Ambrose Blues" Primitive Cloth Doll Clown Free E-Pattern

"Ambrose Blues" is also a member of our the "Clown Around With Me Group" of clown dolls.

The "Clown Around With Me Group" of cloth clown dolls are a fun loving group of various kinds of clown dolls that love to having fun,  laughing and, most of all love to make you laugh.

In fact, they're willing to try anything to bring a smile to your face.

They'll make fun of themselves. Fall down. Run around. Bump into each other. Even pretend to slap each other - all in the name of "good" fun.

They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love making you laugh.

They are all so confident that they can make you laugh that they even have a contest going - to see which clown can make you laugh the most. The winner gets a free trip to Clown College.

"Ambrose Blues" is a 19" primitive clown cloth doll. His body is made of muslin and his face is embroidered with black eyes, embroidered nose with dark rose water coloring , black embroidered lips with yellow water coloring, and embroidered cheek circles with bright orange water coloring. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes. And, he has smile triangles on the sides of his eyes.

Ambrose has a mass of thick, straight, bright orange yarn hair on the sides of his head with the back left bald. His favorite and coordinated beanie is on the top and back of his head.

He is wearing his favorite fringed striped shirt which is gathered at the neck and has ribbon trim down the front center. He is also wearing his favorite fringed striped pants with ribbon suspenders. His pants are gathered to the tops of his boots on the bottom and gathered at the waist. Large gray buttons are holding his suspenders to his pants in the front. His black boots are cross laced and he is coffee stained throughout.

"Ambrose Blues!" has a serious case of the "blues" is hoping to win. He knows he's funny , but he's just plain "blue" lately. He does not know why and is hoping a little time away at Clown College will resolve his "blues."

He's hoping that maybe the other clowns will recognize how "blue" he is and let him win. Poor Ambrose - he's "got the blues!"

Friday, June 07, 2019

My "Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" Free Cloth Doll E-Pattern

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" just loves having fun and always sees the beauty and good in everything.  He likes to spread joy, happiness, and kindness to everyone he encounters and incorporates his "positive" attitude in everything he does.

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" is a 16" country raggedy cloth clown doll. He has a muslin body and embroidered face with black and white satin stitched eyes, red satin stitched nose, and an outline embroidered mouth with red stain stitched lips. His eyebrows are embroidered as are his eyelashes and he has orange blushed cheeks. His legs are cross-laced with bright, yellow straps tied into knots. Clarence has a mass of thick straight orange yarn hair glued along the side seams and top of his head.

He is wearing a yellow shirt that is gathered at the neck and wrists and his wrists have matching yellow straps tied in a knot. His pants have suspenders, are gathered at the waist and have cuffs on the bottom of his pant legs. He has a bandanna tied in a knot around his neck that matches his pants.

"Clown Around Sunshine Clarence" loves to clown around but prefers spreading sunshine wherever he goes.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

My "Gypsy Annie" Free Primitive Cloth Doll E-Pattern

While "Primitive Andy" is the shyest "dollie" on the planet, and "Primitive Annie" is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet, "Gypsy Annie" takes the prize at being the most adventuresome "dollie" on the planet. She may be a "dollie", but she is a "gypsy" after all. She travels from town to town and lives an unconventional life.

Given how much she travels it's amazing that she was even aware of all the brouhaha she had created concerning the lack of stories for "Primitive Andy", "Primitive Annie" and herself over on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog  eight years ago.

You see, she was the impetus behind the letter writing and privately urged their stories being told then. She wrote the notes. If she thought seven years was enough time back then, most assuredly she thinks fifteen years is more than enough to wait for her story. I would have to agree which is why I decided to post her story now.

So, here's her story:

Like many of her relatives "Gypsy Annie" is a fortune teller. It's not an occupation she would have picked for herself. She'd rather be a travel agent, but she had a natural ability for it and so that is what she does for a living.

"Gypsy Annie" really prefers to travel and would love to travel around the world some day. The problem is that she doesn't make a lot of money as a fortune teller. But she's saving her pennies and hoping to do a bit of traveling this summer.

Gypsy Annie has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with black bead eyes, and oodles of freckles.  She has red lace-tied boots and long raggedy red looped hair along the sides and top of her head.

She is wearing a coffee stained,  tattered, and fringed shirt that is gathered at the neck and has fringed sleeves that are gathered at the wrists. Her skirt is gathered at the waist and fringed along the edges. She has a tattered sash and fringe tied around her waist and she is wearing a pair of fringed bloomers that are gathered at the waist. She has a fringed gypsy kerchief tied around her head.

"Gypsy Annie" is a wanderer by nature. She dreams of one day circling the globe. She knows there is something like that in her future. She just doesn't know when it will happen. She's got her fingers crossed for "soon!"

Sunday, June 02, 2019

My Lady Loren of Galapagos Custom Fabric Is Now Available!

Lady Loren of Galapagos is in a really happy mood and is dancing up a storm.

The reason is she loves the fact that her custom fabric designs are now available in my Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs Spoonflower shop.  Yippee!

Think of all the possibilities for creating adorable home decor.

I've got a few items in mind that I want to make and hope you do too.  Let's dance!

Friday, May 31, 2019

I Can Hardly Wait For Artful Gathering To Start!

I'm a lifetime student or lifetime crafter always in search of learning something new.  So, for someone like me, what could be better than taking online classes.  I love taking online arts & crafts classes and could, literally,  spend 24/7 just doing this.

In 2012 I discovered the Artful Gathering online classes and fell in love with them. They offer online art retreats that are available in the Spring and Summer each year that are are taught by some of he most unbelievable and creative artists I have ever encountered and whose creativity is beyond measure.

Artful Gathering was established in 2009 by Christina Zinnia Galliher, who is an exceptional artist in her own right.   I am taking her "Leonardo Loves Zia" class this Spring and can hardly wait. 

Here's what Zinnia had to say about Artful Gathering: Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats is a one-of-a-kind online event destination. Each summer we celebrate our annual tradition of presenting brand new mixed media art workshops, with new and returning art mentors.

We have been presenting our retreats online for at least a decade, working side by side with artisans from all over the world. We gather online in the spirit of our like-minded passion for learning, and out of a mutual reverence for the individual differences that make our artistic perspectives unique to us.

Our workshops are designed and presented by real-world working artists. Our mentors are selected not only on the basis of their knowledge and expertise within a particular genre, but for their passion for sharing with and inspiring others on the journey. 

Artistic people don't all fit into the same niche. Most of us are like a unique tapestry woven together with our personal experiences and creative vision. This is why Artful Gathering embraces a wide variety of artistic perspectives; there is always something new to see, do, and learn!

We love to seek new ways to inspire your imagination and broaden your horizons. What better way to learn than to see through the eyes of a kindred spirit. We hope to spark a passion for art in you. 

So far I've taken 11 Artful Gathering e-classes and can hardly wait to take classes this spring and summer.  I wasn't able to take any classes last year so, as you can imagine, I'm itching to go.

I've always looked forward to the excellent instructing by all the phenomenal artists that teach at Artful Gathering but, what really makes the classes outstanding is the student and teacher class participation.  That's what makes all the classes so delightful.  My guess is this year will be no different.

It's always been hard to select my classes as there are always so many unbelievable classes to choose from. The instructors are always amazing and their selection of classes to teach are always amazing.  This year was no exception.

Am I in love with the Artful Gathering choices this year.  Absolutely!  There are so many classes I wanted to take, but couldn't fit them all in time wise.  Here's what I decided to take:

My Adorable New "Booby" Wedding Category and Collection

As you know from my previous Linda's blog posts, I fell in love with the Blue Footed Booby of the Galapagos Islands in 2012 when I saw several pictures of the adorable bird.  He or she always inspired me to create something.  I didn't know whether it was the teal blue feet or how determined the birds looked in every picture I saw of them.

Well, last weekend I decided to create five Blue Footed Booby graphics and to create some custom fabrics based on my design.

Then, after creating my new Blue Footed Booby of the Galapagos designs, I decided to add them to my gallery " Linda Walsh Originals Designs".

Well, in looking at my new graphic designs, I decided my  "Booby" would make adorable bride and groom dancing graphics.  So, I created a bride and groom.

The, I decided it would make an adorable wedding invitation, so I designed one, too.  Then, two, then....  Well, you know where this went.  I ended you creating a new "Wedding" category for my " Linda Walsh Originals Designs" and creating a "Let's Dance! Wedding Collection."

So, I ask you, who doesn't love adorable, whimsical designs of birds? Especially birds with teal blue colored feet who love to dance and love to celebrate weddings. Please come celebrate their wedding. Let's Dance!

It's filled with all sorts of wonderful custom products with my two bride and groom Booby designs on them.  I created everything you need for the perfect wedding and hope you like it.  Let's Dance!

Please note that all transactions for purchasing any of the items at my products galleries are between you (the customer) and

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Design An E-Pattern & Where To Sell Them Online Free E-Book

Back in 2009 I decided to share my secrets of pattern designing.  Some thought it was a little foolish back then as it would be foolish as a pattern designer to give away trade secrets to the competition.

Actually, I was happy to do this. It was kind of a "pay it forward" for all the help I had received years ago when I was just starting out.

I was happy to do this and thrilled to know there were so many individuals out there  who wanted to design their own patterns which meant the interest in sewing, creating, and selling of e-products (i.e. digital goods) on the Internet was growing. More growth meant more business for all of us. Plus, if it meant more growth for e-patterns which, in my opinion were still in their infancy on the Internet at the time, then it was a really good thing..

Over the years I revised and updated my original e-book.  Well, I'm happy to report that it was time to revise it again and to revise my "I'm An Independent Pattern Designer - Where Can I Sell My E-Patterns?" Linda's Blog post as well.

I'm happy to report my free "Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Design An E-Pattern and Where To Sell Them E-Book" is finished and is now available as a free download in Google Drive.

So, am I still giving away trade secrets? Guilty as charged.

Is more competition bad news? Absolutely not! I couldn't be happier, especially if it translates into more business for e-patterns on the Internet.

You know my crafting community motto - what helps one of us helps all of us.

I hope you enjoy the revised version of my "Linda's How-Do-I Series? How To Design A Print Pattern and E-Pattern and Where To Sell Them E-Book" and hope it motivates you to create your own e-patterns.

I'm An Independent Pattern Designer - Where Can I Sell My E-Patterns? - Updated 5/28/2019

I often get asked by independent crafts pattern designers where they can sell their e-patterns so I thought it might be helpful to create a blog post about this.

To give you a little background on me I'm a doll maker and doll pattern designer and have had several websites for over 15 years.

Fifteen years ago for a small business owner to have a website online that you had control over you basically had to either create your own using HTML or some comparable software that could publish to the web and then FTP (file transfer protocol) it to what-ever service provider was hosting your website and domain name.

Back in 2004, when I started, I created two of my own websites that I updated to Godaddy via FTP.  I wanted to be able to update my website whenever I wanted and change it whatever way I wished. As a result my first two websites were created in Microsoft Publisher and FTP'd to my hosting accounts at GoDaddy where my two domain names resided.

I used Paypal HTML coding back then and had to copy and paste their payment HTML coding for every item I wanted to sell. While I had complete control over my website design the coding was tedious at best.

When instant download e-patterns came along I used PayloadZ and Paypal to handle the "Buy Now" capabilities. This, too, utilized HTML coding which, again, was tedious at best.

So, before long I outgrew the capabilities of these two websites and needed websites with more sophisticated shopping carts and with the ability to handle instant download e-products. So, I decided to open two new websites utilizing a CubeCart shopping cart at In A Pickle Web Design, which was owned by Annie Kelly.

With the two new websites with Annie I now had 4 websites and a GoDaddy Website Tonight "Information" page. Two of the websites I was still maintaining with Publisher and transferring via FTP to GoDaddy, two I was maintaining using the In A Pickle Web Design CubeCart interface, and one the "Information" page I was maintaining through GoDaddy's interface.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

There's Nothing Quite Like These Cakes - Especially The Doll Cakes!

Some of my earliest memories of birthday parties had me sitting in a chair propped up on pillows so I could reach the table, like the picture shown above.

It's too bad the picture above is a black and white photo.  What you can't tell from the picture is my cheeks were bright red and I had a fever.  I was sick but there was no way I was going to miss my birthday party.  I'm sure you all have memories of such times.  There is no way you can go through childhood and not remember a time when you were sick and should have been in bed, but wanted to attend the birthday party.

I can remember family birthday parties as well as birthday parties filled with some of my childhood friends.  There would be birthday cakes with candles to blow out, ice cream, party hats, those old fashioned party horns that you would blow into, and presents.

My older brother and I were "Irish Twins" because we were born 10 months apart.  So, when I was very young for the family birthday party when one of us had a birthday the other one would get presents, too.  I guess it was just easier for my folks and grandparents to give both of us presents at each others birthday then to deal with the fallout of one of us not getting presents that day.  That way neither one of us was jealous of the other getting presents when we didn't and we ended up having two family birthday parties. Sounds like a win-win.

In the early years my mother always made the birthday cakes.  As I got older I always wanted to make the birthday cakes. A lot of the time I didn't get to as my Dad and brothers inevitably wanted a white cake with white frosting loaded with coconut.  I hated coconut and never had a piece of their cakes.

I never had a piece of this cake.  I couldn't stand the smell of it. The reason is I had made the mistake of eating a whole package of coconut snow-balls on a dare from my older brother and ended up upchucking the whole bunch. As a result and to this day, I can't stand the smell of coconut. If someone asks me what kind of dessert I want for my birthday I always say lemon meringue pie. So, when it came to birthday cakes I let my mother make them.

Like most young girls from the "baby boomer" generation I learned how to cook from my mother. We'd bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes. I loved cookies and cupcakes, but really wasn't a big fan of cakes. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Reflections On Memorial Day

For my Dad who was a corpsman who fought in World War II at the battle of Iwo Jima.  For my grandfather who fought in World War I.  For my two uncles who fought in World War II.  For my brother who served in the military.  For my brother-in-law who served in the military.   For my great, great grandfather who fought in the Civil War.  Thank you for your service to our country.

For those military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and who we honor this Memorial Day, thank-you from a grateful nation.  We will never forget what you did for all of us.

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.” –Unknown

 “May we never forget freedom isn’t free.” –Unknown

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ceremonies are important. But our gratitude has to be more than visits to the troops, and once-a-year Memorial Day ceremonies. We honor the dead best by treating the living well. Jennifer Granholm

“Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay, but we can honor their sacrifice.” –Barack Obama

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” –Elmer Davis

Sunday, May 26, 2019

My Cupcake and Cupcake Making Recipe Pinterest Board

I have loved flowers, floral design and floral crafts since I was a little girl.  My love of flowers was fostered by my next door neighbor's beautiful English Garden. I was mesmerized by the colors and textures of the various flowers.  I can remember just standing there admiring all the beautiful flowers and thinking of creating a beautiful bouquet with them.

While I loved all the flowers my favorite was always the dahlia.  It never mattered to me whether it was a spider dahlia, anemone dahlia, cactus dahlia, waterlily dahlia - it didn't matter.   I loved all of them.  Every time I planned a garden I planted dahlia bulbs.

When I was 8 I decided I wanted to have my own garden and wrote about this experience in my "Wonder What The Birthday Flowers Will Be Next Year?" post.  It was definitely a learning experience and one I never forgot.

I think being mesmerized by my neighbor's beautiful garden at and early age fostered  my love of all things floral, including floral crafts.  While I absolutely love fresh flowers and can be mesmerized for hours at their shear beauty, unfortunately, they just don't last.

That's what drew me to naturally dried floral and then silk floral in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  The silk floral last for decades and if they get a little banged up, you just re-do the floral arrangement.  It's hard to do that with fresh flowers.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memories To Be Cherished Of Cookie Making Marathons


One of the things I always looked forward to during the Christmas season was my multi-day cookie marathons with my mother. There's nothing quite like the smell of cookies baking, the scent of Christmas candles burning, and the festive atmosphere of a busy kitchen during the holiday season.

And, there's nothing like working with your mother in the kitchen when you're both totally in sync and have similar cooking habits.  Not only did she teach me how to cook when I was a young girl,  but she taught me her cooking and kitchen style.  As a result, whenever we cooked together we were always in a perfect rhythm.

For many years my Mother and I would reserve 3-4 days in the weeks before Christmas for our annual cookie marathons. We would spend two days baking cookies and then one day packaging the cookies for our friends, loved ones, and several senior centers and nursing homes.

Every year we would select the cookies we would be baking from our list. For the most part we kept making ones that we knew were really good. Once in awhile we would add a new cookie, but it had to be exceptional to bump another cookie off the list.

Sometimes we added fudge and chocolate candies that we'd made.

We knew that our cookies were good - how could they not be with many, many years of experience honing our cookie making skills? As our list continued to grow we even had people asking to be put on our list. So, of course, we added them and the list continued to grow and grow.

During this period we really took over the kitchen, the dining room, the family room and the sun-room. Let's face it during our cookie marathons we basically took over the house. There were tables everywhere for cooling the cookies or cookies on cookie sheets waiting to go into the oven or tables for the bags of finished cookies. Everywhere you looked there were cookies, but the smell was irresistible.