Saturday, March 05, 2011

It's Graduation Day All Around and We Are Thrilled For "James" and "Anna"

This is the story behind my "James" and "Anna" graduation doll patterns and involves my Dad, my niece, and my twin granddaughters.

When both my twin granddaughters and my niece were graduating from high school and college, respectively, I wanted to give them something special. For me, that usually involves something crafty that I'd made or, and this may come as a surprise to all of you, a doll. So, I decided on a doll. But, I didn't want just any graduation doll. I thought how about taking their graduation picture and transposing that onto a doll's head using iron on transfer paper. It was a nice idea, but a bad application from the start.

So, I set about to design a stand alone graduation doll that would have each of their respective graduation gown colors. I knew I wanted the doll to be stand alone and wanted the body bottoms to be made out of denim. I decided that I would use popcorn kernels to weight the bodies down. So, I began by scanning in their respective graduation pictures and then setting about to crop the images and adjust the image size until their faces would fit on my graduation doll patterns head. I should have known right from the start that this was going to be a disaster. I just couldn't seem to get the right size face with the right size head. In any event, I finally had something I could work with and transferred the face to my cloth head piece.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sometimes You Have A Favorite - Josephine Is One Of Them! - Victorian Lady Doll

Sometimes even designers have to admit they have favorite creations. They don't like to because they like to think that all of their creations are their favorites. It's kind of like mothers who when asked: "Mom, am I your favorite child?" reply with, "I love you all the same."

So, while I do love all my creations I do have to admit that some more than others just appeal to me. Just don't tell the "dollies" I said that. There will be sibling rivalry like unbelievable in our house if they find out.

In any event, Josephine is one such creation. I don't know whether it's her red hair or her green outfit with all the filly lace or both. There's just something beautifully appealing about her.

Josephine is a free-standing Victorian lady doll who can hardly wait for spring to show off her new toilette. When she saw it in the Godey Fashion Magazine she knew she had to have it. It was in her favorite color, after all. And, not too many outfits that season were in green. But, she knew that it would look wonderful on her and really highlight her beautiful red hair. So she ordered it and asked that it be sent as soon as possible.

Josephine is a 13" Victorian wood and cloth doll. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. She also has a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace which is also covered by a gathered and lace trimmed slip.

Josephine is wearing a coordinated green outfit which consists of a lined jacket with large puffy sleeves, lined & fitted vest, large lace trimmed ruffled blouse with bow, and a multi-tiered lace trimmed and gathered skirt with floral decorations. Her beautiful red hair is fastened in a bun and is highlighted by a ribbon & floral trimmed lined hat with a large bow on the back. She is carrying a multi-tiered lace trimmed parasol.

Josephine thinks she looks quite fetching in her beautiful green outfit and hopes you agree. She doesn't mind being one of Linda's favorites. Just don't tell the other "dollies."

Designer - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dee In Her 1870 Prairie Dress E-Pattern

My "Dee" victorian doll pattern is named after my Grandmother Doris (who is shown below). My Grandmother "Dee" was born in 1896, went on to college and graduated with a teaching degree in 1917.

My great, great Aunt "Flossie" was a true believer of women's rights, as was my Grandmother "Dee". Both women were very intelligent and were very strong women. Both were very confident in themselves and both held strong beliefs and convictions. They both were believers in women's rights. Their beliefs definitely had a profound affect on my mother which, in turn, had an affect on me.

As an aside. I just love asides, don't I? The only weakness in my Grandmother as far as women's rights were concerned had to do with the wearing of pants. She strongly disagreed with this fashion statement and was very critical of my Mother for wearing them. I never saw my Grandmother in anything but a dress or skirt. God forbid a bathing suit. Yikes!

When I was designing my Victorian Ladies collection I wanted to make a simple Victorian Lady yet somewhat country doll in nature. Someone who you'd see strolling in a garden or park. Elegant but simple at the same time. With this in mind my "Dee" Victorian Lady doll design was born. Dee is a free-standing doll all ready for her Sunday picnic. She just loves to stroll among the flowers just enjoying the country air. Without a care in the world. Searching out the perfect spot to place her blanket for her country picnic.

Dee is a 16" Old Lady" Victorian, yet country doll. She is a cloth and wood doll with a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. A lace trimmed slip frames her inner body and is gathered around her waist. She is wearing a 3-tiered gathered lace trimmed dress with lace trimmed long sleeves and has a ribbon tied sash wrapped around her waist. Her shawl is crocheted and wrapped beautifully around her shoulders. Her blonde hair is tied in a bun in the back and her bonnet is decorated with ribbons and silk floral. She is carrying a basket of flowers.

Most of the time Dee she likes to be near the lake. But, today, she prefers a spot next to the flower gardens. It's a lovely day and the flowers are all in full bloom. What could be better than tea and biscuits next to the flower garden on a beautiful day? Just a perfect day for a picnic. Wouldn't you agree?

Dee is the third Victorian doll I designed and is named after my Grandmother.

For Sheer Elegance Take A Look At Joy and Her Beautiful Victorian Outfit

My Mother was a beautiful woman inside and out so when I was thinking of a design for a doll named after my mother I wanted to create something beautiful. Something elegant. Something to define the beauty of my Mother. So, "Joy" was born.

Joy is a 14" free-standing doll all dressed up and waiting to impress her friends with the latest in Paris fashion. She's been itching to wear her new outfit for weeks now but was waiting for the weather to get a little warmer for a nice stroll down the avenue. But, mother nature hasn't been cooperating and this wasn't an outfit that could be worn in the snow. So, Joy has been patiently awaiting the arrival of Spring. And, today it finally arrived.

"Joy" is a cloth and wood doll with a painted wood head and covered round wood base. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. Her inner body is made from a dowel covered with fabric and eyelet lace. She has a lace trimmed slip that is gathered at the waist. She is wearing a very fancy lace trimmed dress with puffed sleeves and both a large & small lace and ruffled trimmed over skirt. Her beautifully coordinated lined jacket with puffed up long sleeves has double tiered lace trim along the front edge and lace & ribbon trim along the bottom edge. Covering her shoulders is a fancy lace trimmed and lined shawl. Her lined jacket and lined shawl are both tied at the front with ribbons. She has long curly hair which is tied at the nape of her neck. Her bonnet is lined and has fancy lace & floral trim along the cap. She is carrying a fancy lace trimmed parasol.

It's a beautiful day for a stroll along the avenue and Joy is hoping that all her friends will be out so she can impress them with her beautiful new fancy outfit. She's got her fingers crossed. Mother nature better not disappoint her today.

Scarier Per Pound David Has A Revised E-Pattern

"Scarier Per Pound, David" is a happy ghost and a right proud "DAD GHOST." And, right now he has his "Baby" ghosts with him. They were born just a few days ago and are still just "infant ghost heads." The rest of their ghostly bodies will develop over time. For now, they're healthy "infant ghost heads" and "Scarier Per Pound, David" is very happy over that.

"Scarier Per Pound, David!" is a free-standing cloth and wood happy ghost. His arms are wire-shaped and covered. He has a square-bottomed body and covered rectangular wood base. His inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by his squared–bottom body piece. He has a fabric covered and wire shaped head and embroidered face. He has a worn and shredded gown with gathered long sleeves, pinking sheared cut vest, and long fringed scarf. He is carrying a “Boo!” bag filled with 2 small baby wire-shaped ghost heads. Orange and black raffia is tied around his neck, his sleeves and his “Boo!” bag.

He might be named "Scarier Per Pound, David" but he us anything but. In fact, he'd be better suited to the name "Prouder Dad Per Pound, David.

"Scarier Per Pound, David" was the 2nd large wood and cloth doll that I designed and was named after my baby brother who is anything but "scarier per pound." In fact, he's just one big teddy bear.

Wickedly Plump Dot Is All Set With Her New E-Pattern

Watch out Ladies and Gentleman! Don't get too close to the runway! Dot can be quite scary. That is - when she puts her "scary" face on. And, she has it on for "The Dollie Fashion Show." After all, she and all the rest of the dolls have been waiting a long, long time for their blog post. She wants to make the best of it for it might not happen again for awhile. So, watch out - BOOO!!!!!!! Dot's strutting (or should be say half-flying half-strutting) down the catwalk. She considers herself quite "the fashionable witch" and dares anyone to prove otherwise. Go ahead - see if she'll cast a spell on you?

Wickedly Plump, Dot is a 25" free-standing cloth and wood happy witch. Her inner body is supported by a dowel and wood base and is covered by her square-bottomed orange body slip. Her head is fabric covered and face is embroidered and dirtied with black blush. She is a witch after all and they do get into some messy stuff. Her arms are wire-shaped and covered. She has a worn and shredded dress with long gathered sleeves, shredded multi-layered overskirt with tulle and shredded shoulder caps. Her scallop trimmed vest is embroidered and fastened with a large button. She has an embroidered and lined cape which is folded back along the edges. Black tulle is hanging from her waist and arms. She has black mohair hair which is barely controlled underneath her embroidered, lined and wired ribbon & tulle decorated witches hat which is pose-able. She is carrying a witches brew bag filled with orange and black raffia and a decorated broom. Orange and black colored raffia is tied around her hat, broom, sleeves, waist, and her neck for decoration.

Casanova Has Revised E-Pattern

Primitive Andy Scarecrow considers himself to be the "Casanova" of the scarecrow set. Certainly the most desirable model of the "dollie" fashion shows.

Why, all the girls just love him. They adore him. They want him. Just ask them. They'll tell you.

They just love his button eyes and raffia strips. They love his floppy hat and all his clothes. They love his smile and his "primitiveness." Why, they just love everything about him. He's just so little and so cute!

Primitive Andy Scarecrow Handmade Primitive Scarecrow E-Pattern