Saturday, May 23, 2020

Twenty Years Without You - Kim

Today is May 23, 2020 and it's been twenty years since we lost you  - our beloved Kim.

Twenty years without seeing you, without hearing your voice, without participating in your infectious laugh, without seeing that "little twinkle" of impishness in your eyes - especially when you were plotting something, without seeing your adorable dimples, without seeing your beautiful face and experiencing your beautiful soul every day, and without talking endlessly with you.

Twenty years without shopping, shopping, and shopping with you, without watching you mothering our amazing grandchildren and seeing them grow into the extraordinary adults they have become, and without helping you with whatever you needed done.

Twenty years without planning and attending events with you, without discussing everything from a good recipe to world events, without cooking, cleaning and crafting with you.

Twenty years without the quietness of just being with you and doing absolutely nothing (which wasn't very often given you had four children).

Most of all, twenty years of missing you.  Our beloved daughter, step-daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, cousin, aunt, granddaughter, niece, and to so many - a friend.

Twenty years without living life with you - our beautiful Kim.

I promised you we would never forget you and we haven't and never will.  How could we possibly ever forget the imprint you left on our hearts and souls.

How could we ever forget the love you shared with all of us during the precious thirty-four years we had with you.

How could we ever forget you, Kim.  That would be impossible and something none of us would ever be capable of doing.

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