Wednesday, June 02, 2021

My Victorian Conservatory and How I Put It Together

For most of my life I have wanted to build a Victorian dollhouse.  As far as I was concerned the more Victorian and ornate the better.  I wanted to build everything in the dollhouse from the Queen Anne furniture to the traditional Victorian furnishings.

I was not na├»ve as to how much work was involved, or so I thought.  I knew it would be a LOT of work starting from the wood kits to the adding of all the embellishments like the wallpaper, buildable furniture, floors, rugs, lighting, ceilings, and all the accessories associated with a dollhouse.  

I wanted everything to be handmade.

Well, time definitely gets ahead of you the older you get and over the years life kept happening.  I never did build my dream dollhouse.  Well, here I was at 67 years of age, in the in the middle of a Covid pandemic and thinking about building that dollhouse.  

You might be wondering - why now? Well, as it happens in April 2021 I saw a June 2016 blog post by Laura Carlson on the Alpha Stamps Blog entitled "Miniature Victorian Conservatory!

I was intrigued by this and thought it might be a good introduction into miniatures and a good example as to what was involved with creating a doll house which I knew would be much more elaborate and time consuming than a Victorian conservatory.

I was drawn to this conservatory as it was Victorian and involved plants, which I also happen to love and thought it would be perfect in my sunroom.

I decided to research what supplies were needed and started with the Alpha Stamps website to see what was available now.  Keep in mind the blog post was written in 2016 and it was now 5 years later so I wasn't sure what supplies were still available.

Well, to my delight the conservatory itself was still available in laser-cut 3D chipboard, as was a platform foundation of laser-cut 3D chipboard.  I was thrilled.