Thursday, June 25, 2009

Psst!!!! Linda, You'd Better Check This Out!

I found it on my chair when I returned to my study this morning. Another teenie, tiny note. I hadn't received one in such a long time. Not since the last "dollie" uprising. This one read "Psst!!!! Linda, You'd Better Check This Out!"

I knew the note had come from Elmer's Little Boy. I recognized his handwriting.

It had to be something about the "dollies" and something to do with their "The Dollie Storage Room Blog."

I wondered what the problem was going to be this time? What were the "dollies" up to? And, why was Elmer warning me. Hmmmmmm........ I guess I'd better check it out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Got A Facebook Username!

Last night I decided to get a Facebook Username.

Facebook decided to make Usernames available to everyone for their profiles in the middle of June. So, I decided to see if my name was available. Well, it was.

So, my new Facebook URL is and I'm thrilled because all of my previous links to my Facebook profile are now linked to my new username and I no longer have a long, long URL.

Linda Walsh's Facebook profile

I'd love for you to join me on Facebook and to visit my Facebook profile page. Just CLICK on the button above or go to my new URL -

If you would you like to become a fan of Linda Walsh Originals page on Facebook just CLICK HERE and then click "Become A Fan" in the top right hand corner box.

Hope to see you on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Byrum Spiritual Art Award

Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise. Marcie Hart from "A Work Of Hart" blog gave me the The Byrum Spiritual Art Award.

I was truly flattered to know that I inspire Marcie and honored to have received such an award from an astonishing doll artist and sculptor. Marcie creates the most beautiful polymer clay dolls and faeries. Each creation is a work of art and beautiful to look at. If you'd like to see some of Marcie's amazing creations please visit her "A Work Of Hart" website.

The Byrum Spiritual Award means "You make a difference ... I know, because you have for me!"

I know so many gifted artists in so many different mediums who inspire me every day with their creativity so to choose just 6 was going to be difficult indeed.

So, in thinking about who has inspired me and continues to inspire me I couldn't help but think of doll artists whose creations are truly breathtaking and whose works of doll art continue to inspire me towards my own level of excellence. It's not that I'll ever be at the level of any of the following - but, I can dream and the following doll makers show me what is truly possible in the hands of a gifted artist.

Now I would like to pass this along to 6 doll artists whose work I find very creative and inspirational:

1) Sherry Goshon of "Sherry's Creative Corner" blog. Sherry is an astonishing doll artist who creations take my breath away.

2) Fran Parrigan Meehan of "Dolls Are My Canvas Within My Soul" blog. Fran is not only an extraordinary doll maker, but is also a multi-faceted doll artist. She is not only a cloth doll maker but is also a paper doll designer, doll pattern designer, and clay doll sculpture who also sells her own press molds.

3) Julie McCullough of Magic Threads website and "Magic Threads" blog. She is an extraordinary textile artist, doll artist, teacher, writer, and pattern designer. Her doll creations are delightful, whimsical creations that are phenomenal in their creativity.

4) Linda Smith of Linda Smith Originals and Linda Smith Originals blog. Linda is an Original Doll Artist, Designer & Sculptor whose polymer clay one-of-a-kind creations are simply exquisite. Each of her designs is truly a work of art and an inspiration to all doll makers striving for excellence.

5) Sue McFadden of Sues Daily Blog and her Sue McFadden - Original Felt Dolls website. Sue is is an astonishing cloth and felt doll maker. Her creations are beautiful works of art, each with their own distinctive personality - their own heart and soul. Each doll speaks to you in their own unique way and conveys Sue's feelings on life.

6) Patti LaValley of "Patti LaValley Designs" blog and Patti's Dolls website. Patti's creations are unique, creative, and breathtaking. She is so original and ingenious in her designs that it's hard for me not to be extremely jealous of her creativity.

Please take the time to visit the blogs and websites of these inspirational artists.