Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Can Do Better - My Xmas Evergreen Arrangement Decoration

Back in November of 2011 I wrote a Linda's Blog post entitled "20 Years Later and Still As Good As New!" It was about the  BIG artificial wreaths I had bought 20 years before which were still as good as new and which we take out every Christmas to decorate the front of our house.

If you would like to read that post please CLICK HERE.

This year I decided that our farmer's porch area needed some Christmas decorations, too, So we went out on Black Friday, which we hate to do, to buy a fresh arrangement of pine and evergreen branches in a container that would be suitable for the farmer's porch.

I found a container and  arrangement that I thought might work for us and would be visible on the farmer's porch. We have a row of yews along the walkway to our farmer's porch that are about 2 1/2' feet tall so I knew I'd need to put my container on something so it would be seen.

The arrangement container we bought was black in color so we decided to use a plastic black container we had turned upside down on which to place the arrangement.

I also decided that the arrangement I had bought could use more height so I added red berry sprigs and gold painted bamboo to give the arrangement height. It came with one white painted pinecone so I added a trio of 3 Christmas color bulbs and another white painted pinecone for decoration.

I'm happy with the way the arrangement looks on the farmer's porch. It's bright and festive and compliments the wreaths on the front of the house. However, I wasn't happy with the price as I know I could have made an artificial arrangement that would last forever for half the price.

So, I decided that when the floral Christmas stems go on sale at Michael's or A.C. Moore that I'm going to buy some. At the end of the Christmas holiday season I'll remove the dried fresh branches from the arrangement and replace them with artificial evergreen branches. That way I'll already have my arrangement for the farmer's porch ready for next year's Christmas holiday decorating.

It won't be as good a buy as my artificial wreaths were, but it won't dry out and will last 20 or 30 or 40 more years. For sure it will outlive me!

When I put my artificial arrangement together I'll try to create a tutorial for it so you can create an arrangement of your own. So, stay tuned for that.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

One of These Days I'll Create an Art Journal

I love seeing beautiful art journals and would love to create one, or two, or three....... It's on my bucket list. When I do I'm hoping some of these tutorials, video's and how-to's will be helpful.

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For The Love Of Gingerbread Men

There's nothing quite like the smell of gingerbread cookies baking, the scent of Christmas candles burning, and the festive atmosphere of a busy kitchen during the holiday season.

For many, many years my Mother and I would reserve 3-4 days in the weeks before Christmas for our annual cookie marathons. We would spend two days baking cookies and then one day packaging the cookies for our friends, loved ones, and several senior centers and nursing homes.

Every year we would select the cookies we would be baking from our list. For the most part we kept making ones that we knew were really good. Once in awhile we would add a new cookie, but it had to be exceptional to bump another cookie off the list. Sometimes we added fudge and chocolate candies that we'd made. We knew that our cookies were good - how could they not be with many, many years of experience honing our skills? As our list continued to grow we even had people asking to be put on our list. So, of course, we added them and the list continued to grow and grow.

During this period we really took over the kitchen, the dining room, the family room and the sunroom. Let's face it during our cookie marathons we basically took over the house. There were tables everywhere for cooling the cookies or cookies on cookie sheets waiting to go into the oven or tables for the bags of finished cookies. Everywhere you looked there were cookies, but the smell was irresistible.

Of course, the rest of the house had already been decorated with Christmas decorations. We'd have the Christmas music playing in the background and the moods were bright and cheery. After three days of cooking we were always tired, but that never dampened our joy or the festive atmosphere.

One year I thought it might be fun to build a gingerbread house so I bought a kit.  Unfortunately we didn't have the time to fit it into our cookie marathon schedule so it went unmade.  But, I always wanted to make one.

So I started collecting pictures of gingerbread houses that I loved on Pinterest like the gingerbread White House replica, shown in the picture at the top of this post, made by pastry chef Bill Yosses in 2009.

Every time I visit my Gingerbread Houses Pinterest board I fall in love with all the houses there. Each time I think I've settled on a favorite I scroll down and see another.  I just can't decide.

I would still love to make a gingerbread house. If I do make one maybe some of the ones on my Pinterest board will provide me with inspiration. I'd have to make a simple one as some of the elaborate ones definitely require a great deal of skill and really are food works of art.

I have always loved gingerbread houses. The more elaborate the I hope you find the pictures, tutorials, video's and how-to's helpful in your gingerbread house creating.

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Shelf Sitting Primitive Andy - With Blue Plaid Shirt! Stump Doll

"Annie - With A Red Bow!" and "Andy With A Blue Plaid Shirt!" are adorable shelf sitting primitive raggedies who just love hanging out in  any primitive home.  Whether they are alone or paired together they make an adorable primitive decoration.

"Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt!" is a self sitting raggedy boy stump doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and a full head of raggedy red straight hair which he cannot keep controlled under his Sculley cap. He is wearing his denims, and a checkered shirt decorated with 3 large buttons. He is coffee stained throughout.

I think I'll make him a free e-pattern so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Ho Ho Ho Santa Beaded and Buttoned Cross-Stitch

There is nothing I find more relaxing than cross-stitching.  Given that I've been blogging about my cross-stitch projects for years now it should come as no surprise that I created another Christmas cross-stitch.  This time I decided to do Ho Ho Ho Santa - Cross Stitch Kit from Mill Hill that had a lot of the background unfinished.

The Ho Ho Ho Santa - Cross Stitch Kit pattern uses full counted cross-stitch and beaded half stitch as well as beads of various sizes for emphasis and depth. The pattern also calls for certain areas of the perforated paper to be left untouched as the background. In this case they were leaving sections of the brown perforated paper background untouched.

I decided to frame my finished cross-stitch picture in the Mill Hill Wooden Frame, 6 by 6-Inch, Holiday Red, which is shown in the picture above.  It's a 6" x 6" handpainted red wooden frame without glass.  Unlike the shadowbox frames I had been using more of the perforated paper would be seen surrounding the cross-stitch picture.

The pattern called for a green frame and certain areas of the perforated paper to be left untouched as the background like the picture shown below:

Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

When it comes to Christmas crafts I can make them any time of the year and have done so many, many times.

Christmas has been one of my favorite holidays for decorating since I was a young girl as it was a tradition in our house to make a new Christmas decoration each year.  Of course, when I became an adult with a house of my own I wasn't limited to just one new decoration each year.

Given that I never create anything in moderation I've made many, many, many (better make that many more than I can count) Christmas decorations over the years.

I was always finding Christmas decorations that I wanted to make all during the year and was saving them in a folders here and folders there.  Of course, the folders got too big and too numerous so I started saving some of the decorations I wanted to make to a Christmas Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's Pinterest  board.  There are more projects on my board then I'd ever be able to make in my lifetime, but at least I now know where to look.

I hope you enjoy some of the Christmas crafts tutorials, video's and how-to's I have found.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

104 Adorable Cut and Sew Doll Ornaments Custom Fabric Designs

When I was designing my cut and sew dolls I wanted to create something that would be a great sewing tool for kids as well as something that would give them a more immediate feeling of achievement. I realized after creating all my cut and sew dols that they would also be a great ornament to sell at local church fairs and craft shows.

I now have 265 different cut and sew doll and ornaments designs for just about every holiday, season, and decorating style. Plenty to choose from.

They're quick and easy to create and totally adorable.  Plus, there's so many different types to choose from - what's not to love?

Time to get sewing! Time to start crafting!  Onward to the craft shows!

 If you'd like to see all my cut and sew designs please CLICK HERE.

Adorable New Cut and Sew Doll Ornament Custom Fabric For The Sneaks Family

Leave it to the Sneaks Family to get what they want. They are super stars after all and decided they wanted their own cut and sew doll ornament custom fabric designs. So, what could I do? I had to design some for them and have to admit they are quite adorable.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Perfect for making quick and easy cut and sew dolls, favors, decorations, ornaments, softies, etc.

(Note:  Actual fabric will not contain © Linda Walsh watermark.)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Who Doesn't LOVE Heavenly Angels?

Over the years I've made many angels of different forms and shapes.  Some were wooden, some cloth, some animal angels, terra cotta angels and mixed media angels.  I've even made a cross-stitch angel which is shown in the picture below:

Each and every one of them I have loved making.  After all who doesn't love heavenly angels?

So, of course, I created an Angel Doll & Craft Tutorials, Video's, Pattern and How-To's Pinterest board so you could make some angels of your own.

I hope these tutorials, video's, patterns, and how-to's are helpful.

Friday, November 06, 2015

The Sneaks Family Division Has Products For Fabulous Boys Birthday Or Baseball Parties

It's always a wild and crazy scene at the "Sneaks Family" house with four young boys running around so you can imagine how excited they are by the release of their e-patterns and birthday party products. They can't sit down.

"The Sneaks Family" has it's own line of adorable graphics, custom fabric designs and party products. Each of the boys have their own line of graphics, custom fabric designs and party products.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Our New It's Raining Doll Parties "The Sneaks Family" Product Line and Gallery

We have fabulous news. We just launched "The Sneaks Family" division of It's Raining Doll Parties and it now has it's own party products line.

If you're planning a boys birthday party, boys baseball party, or just a friends get together our new "The Sneaks Family" division can provide you with custom fabric designs, e-patterns and print patterns to make your own Sneaks Family dolls, and a party merchandise store with invitations, puzzles, cake toppers, wall decals, table decorations, baseballs, and so much more.

We can help  to make your boys burthday or baseball party the best ever.

There are five sections to our new "Sneaks Family" product gallery as follows, each with their own adorable graphics:

Monday, November 02, 2015

New Sneaks Family Custom Fabric Designs

The "Sneaks" and I have been busy lately adding new designs to their custom fabric line.  It's always find working with the "Sneaks."  You never know what they might be up to.

Shown above are all the new fabric designs that we have in our The Sneaks Family Fabric Designs Collection. We hope you and your guests enjoy making many, many things for your girls or boys birthday crafting party.

© 2007-2019 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.