Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

When it comes to Christmas crafts I can make them any time of the year and have done so many, many times.

Christmas has been one of my favorite holidays for decorating since I was a young girl as it was a tradition in our house to make a new Christmas decoration each year.  Of course, when I became an adult with a house of my own I wasn't limited to just one new decoration each year.

Given that I never create anything in moderation I've made many, many, many (better make that many more than I can count) Christmas decorations over the years.

I was always finding Christmas decorations that I wanted to make all during the year and was saving them in a folders here and folders there.  Of course, the folders got too big and too numerous so I started saving some of the decorations I wanted to make to a Christmas Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's Pinterest  board.  There are more projects on my board then I'd ever be able to make in my lifetime, but at least I now know where to look.

I hope you enjoy some of the Christmas crafts tutorials, video's and how-to's I have found.

If you love my Christmas Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's board please follow my board by clicking on the link above.

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