Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Special Request and My Doll Clothes Tutorials & Accessories Tutorials Pinterest Board

Back in 2008 I received a request from a customer asking if I would consider making a special order item for them. Now, I don't normally do special orders, but my customer wanted a graduation doll and both of my were sold out.

I told my customer that they could make either my "Anna" or my "James" graduation doll as both patterns and e-patterns were available. Well, for my customer, that was not an option as they did not sew and they already had a 20" doll. What they really wanted was a graduation cap & gown to fit their 20" doll.

So, what to do? My customer pleaded with me to "please" consider a special order request and make them a graduation cap and gown for a 20" doll. After much discussion I finally agreed and made them the black graduation cap & gown you see in the picture above.

Since I had already created the pattern pieces in order to make the graduation cap and gown I figured I might as well create the pattern to go along with the pattern pieces. My customer was happy with their gown and I ended up with a new pattern.

My new graduation cap and gown for 20" doll e-pattern is for making a gown with a two-snap front closure with fold down lapels, gathered front, and mid length full sleeves. The lined cap has a cardboard top, tassel, and elastic strap for affixing the cap to the doll's head.

As it turns out, it is one of my best selling patterns and because it is easily adjusted is used to make all sorts of graduation caps and gown for various size dolls, bears, centerpieces at graduation parties, etc.

I have full intentions of creating a handmade doll clothing line for various size and styles of dolls, but just haven't done so as of yet.  It's on my list.

I have, however, designed hundreds of my own dolls all with different styles of clothing which I can use as inspiration for my handmade doll clothes line. While, I'm sure, you'll love my doll clothing line you can't wait for me so I set up a "Doll Clothes Tutorials & Accessories Tutorials , Video's, Patterns and How-To's" Pinterest board to help you.

I just LOVE making doll clothes and accessories for my dolls. If you do, too I hope you find these tutorials, video's, patterns and how-to's helpful.

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Have fun making your doll clothes.