Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I've Taking My 2nd and 3rd Online Class At Artful Gathering! YIPPEE!!

I just loved the Artful Gathering e-class that I took last June. I had been wanting to take an e-class for years and just never had the time. Well, last year while perusing Pat Winter's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" magazine for the umpteenth time   I saw a page on the "Artful Gathering 2012 - An Online Video Art Retreat" which was offering online classes in June 2012. This piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out their website.

While browsing through the Session One Workshops I saw several that I thought would be nice to take. And, I saw one that was being taught by Pat Winter, who is one of my all time favorite crazy quilt designers. So, when I saw that Pat and several other amazing artists that I know were teaching I decided "if not now - when" and signed-up for the workshops.

I made some wonderful friends and had such a wonderful time taking Pat's class I decided to take some classes in 2013. The problem was going to be which one - there are just so many astonishing artists teaching at Artful Gathering I knew it would be hard to choose.

Well, this year when I got the email on the available classes I knew it was going to be a hard decision. I wanted to take them all, but that wasn't going to happen. The problem was narrowing my list down to 1 or 2. It took me a week to decide on 2 classes - one for each session.

I decided to take Colleen Moody's "Briley The Birdie" class in the first session....

Briley The Birdie
A Vintage Tweetheart by Colleen Moody

and Judy Johnson's "Lovely Sea Maiden" in the second session....

Lovely Sea Maiden
A Needle Felting Adventure by Judy Johnson

The first session doesn't start until June 6th. I can hardly wait. Wish me luck.

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