Sunday, October 08, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - “Norman The Pilgrim” Country Thanksgiving Pilgrim Doll Decoration E-Pattern

Norman The Pilgrim is a free-standing doll getting ready for Thanksgiving. He has a shirt with long sleeves and embroidered cuffs, square-bottomed pants, long embroidered vest with Pilgrim belt and buttons, embroidered Pilgrim collar, corduroy lined hat with Pilgrim hat belt, a beard, mustache and long white hair fastened in the back. His arms are wire-shaped and covered. His face is embroidered. He also has a fabric covered head and covered rectangular wood base. His inner body is supported by a dowel and is covered by his shirt and squared-bottom pants. He is carrying a wooden rifle.

Norman The Pilgrim is on the hunt. You might wonder if he's on the hunt for turkeys? The answer would be "Yes" and "No." You see, he's really on the hunt for some "peace of mind" from his perfect wife, "Pleasantly Plump - Eunice." She just has to have everything so perfect hat Norman has to get out of the house. So, turkey hunting is an excuse. You see, "Norman The Pilgrim" is a practical man. So, just in case he was to happen upon a turkey, he brought his rifle along. He wouldn't want to disappoint Eunice. After all, she thinks he's the perfect man and perfect husband.....

Norman The Pilgrim Handmade Country Thanksgiving Pilgrim Doll

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