Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Witches

With Halloween comes the most recognized of the villains - the witches.

That got me to thinking a little bit about witches. And, of course, when I get to thinking about something I inevitably wonder about their history and what started the fear of "witches?" This fear might better be defined as a "manic craze" that lasted for hundreds of years. YIKES!

Now, I might be a little more curious about "witches" than I should be. You see, I was actually born in the state that is notorious for witches, witchcraft, and witch trials. Plus, in my genealogy search I found there may be a witch or two in my family in the past! YIKES!

Maybe I'm actually a modern day witch? Nah!!!! Witches don't like Victorian dolls - or do they?

If you'd like to learn a little bit about the history of witches please read my "A Little Witch History!"post.

I, personally, have made many witches and have designed many witch doll patterns for my Linda Walsh Originals website.   I have also designed several custom fabrics using some of my witch designs and have also made many witches based on other designers patterns.  Some of the witches I have designed have their own product lines which include e-patterns, handmade dolls, custom fabric designs, products made using their custom fabric designs, and products for home decor, accessories, and everyday use.

Primitive Witchy Annie 

Watch out for her. She can be quite frightening when she wants to be.

Sometimes she gets lonely and tries to be nice. Everyone needs a little company from time to time. Even Primitive Witchy Annie. Don't you feel bad for her?

In fact, she'd actually like to have some real friends. That way she could always call them when she's lonely and when she can feel a real "Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood coming on.

Primitive Witchy Annie has a coffee stained cloth body and embroidered face with black bead eyes.  She's wearing a coffee stained, tattered, and fringed dress, a tattered apron with bow, and gathered bloomers.

She has lace-tied boots, patches on her clothes and wild black hair along the sides and top of her head. Her raggedy leg stripes are sewn on with black floss.

She has a lined cape with patches and wired witches hat. Because she has a lined cape she feels she is a little above the rest of the witches. They only have wool or black felt capes. Nothing as nice as Primitive Annie Witch has. Wouldn't you agree?

So, do you want to be her friend? She promises she'll try to prevent her ""Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood from coming on.

If you want to be her friend just don't wear any "ruby red slippers" when you come to visit. They bring back too many bad memories for her and might just trigger that "Watch Out My Pretty I'm Going To Get You!" mood coming on.

Primitive Witchy Annie E-Pattern

Care For Some Brew, Virginia

I'll get you my pretty! Yes, I will!" Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! "My pretty!"


Not only is she a nasty sounding witch, but a really ugly one to boot! Maybe that's why she's an extreme primitive. The uglier - the better.

Well, they don't get much nastier or uglier than "Can For Some Brew, Virginia!"

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd accept anything from "Care For Some Brew, Virginia!" Would you?

If you did I'm not too sure what would happen to you.

Would you get sick? Maybe! Would you melt? Maybe if you're lucky "Care For Some Brew, Virgina!" would!

Would you be so delusional you'd start to think "Care For Some Brew, Virgina! was good looking? Maybe, but you'd have to be out of your mind for that?

Her ugly ragged gray yarn hair just compliments her extreme primitive appearance. Wouldn't you agree?

Come on now, my pretty! Wouldn't you agree? Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! My pretty! Care for some brew?

Care For Some Brew, Virginia E-Pattern

Mabel I Won't Cast A Spell?

"Mabel I Won't Cast A Spell!" can’t decide whether to be a good witch or a bad witch. She’s watched “The Wizard of Oz” so many times your head would spin. And, sometimes, her’s does. She is a witch after all.

Mabel is a free standing primitive witch doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and a full head of curly gray. She is wearing a lined cape, dress, fringed scarf, and lined witches hat. “Mabel I Won’t Cast A Spell?” is coffee stained throughout.

There is no confusion with Mabel. She knows she's a witch. In fact, she's a "teasing, taunting witch!" She may or may not cast a spell on her depending upon her mood.  Lucky for us she's in a "Hey, Look At Me! I'A Model!" mood today and a little distracted. Otherwise we'd all be "frozen" in our chairs, literally.

Mabel I Won't Cast A Spell Handmade Primitive Witch Doll

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