Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My “Morning Walk, Karl” Woodland Santa Doll Decoration E-Pattern

Morning Walk, Karl just loves walking in the woods. In fact, the mornings are his favorite time of the day. He gets to collect his thoughts and enjoy his walk with nature. Ah, there's nothing like the early morning sun to put you in the right frame of mind for the coming day.

He is a free-standing woodsman. He has a long embroidered jacket decorated with a painted wood canoe and painted wood spruce tree covered with snow. His shirt is white and he has cuffed velour pants, socks and green sock slippers. His hat is a wool cap and he has a very full beard and mustache and long white hair. His face is drawn and he has clear plastic and wire glasses. He also has a fabric covered head and wood body and feet. Rope is tied around his waist and his snow shoes so that he can carry them around his waist. He is using a walking stick.

"Morning Walk, Karl" is a likeable guy. But, he's usually in his best frame of mind in the morning. If you want to ask him something or get him to do something - ask him in the morning after his "morning walk." He'll probably say "sure."

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals 

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