Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow, Snow, and More Snow? I HATE Snow!

It's been snowing to beat the band since early this morning.

It seems like it's going to snow for the rest of my life!

There's nothing but snow everywhere you look.

I think I'll keep all my curtains and blinds closed until the Spring!

Can you blame me?

It really is snowing to beat the band outside and hubby has just come in from shoveling, snow-blowing, chopping ice, cleaning the gutters, and raking the roof for the umpteenth time this Winter. We've had so many snow storms and so much snow that we just can't keep up with it.

You can no longer see coming out of our driveway. We used to be able to see cars driving down the street from our windows, but there's so much snow on the ground now that we can't see the cars anymore. It's been a long and snowy winter so far and then is no end in sight.

One of these days I think both my husband and brother are going to going to put their fists right through the television. They both HATE the weathermen (who are never right) and who LOVE to tell you how wonderful this is, how lovely the scenes are, or say something humorous about the snow. I know that they're both thinking ... lovely my........! You get out here and shovel and rake and chop it and then tell us how much you LOVE the snow. You can have a heart attack and there's nothing lovely or wonderful or humorous about that.

So far this winter we've had 65 inches of snow and most of it is still on the ground. Sure there's been some melting going on here or there, but even the warmer days are fleeting. This is just a bad winter. Maybe even the worst we've seen in some time.

Today the forecast is that it's going to snow for two days and add another 15" - 20" of snow to our total.  And, then there's another storm forecast for Saturday.

I'm a glass half full kind of gal and try to stay positive about things, but even this every other day forecast of snow is getting me down. It's just so much work for all of us and, truth be told, there's nothing joyful or positive about shoveling and clearing snow day after day after day.

So, for all the weather men and weather women out there who think this is wonderful please keep your enthusiasm to yourselves. We don't want to hear it.

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