Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow Go! Snow Go! Come On Snow Go Noodles Handmade Doll & E-Pattern

I hat snow but I love creating snowmen.  Go figure!  One of my favorites is "Snow Go Noodles!"

"Snow Go! Noodles" couldn't been any nicer. He couldn't be anymore positive and goodhearted. He couldn't be anymore charming, or intelligent, or distinctly dressed. He couldn't be any more of a philanthropist than he already is. He couldn't be any more helpful or physically fit. He couldn't be..... Well, let's just say he's perfect. Perfect for a snowman - that is!

"Snow Go! Noodles" is a 28" squared bottomed self-standing cloth and wood country snowman. His arms and hands are wired and his warm & natural cloth head and warm & natural cloth body are supported by a wood dowel and wood base. His face is embroidered and he has indented black bead eyes, a resin carrot nose, and outline embroidered mouth. His eyebrows and eyelashes are embroidered and his cheeks are blushed and slightly indented. He has a mass of thick, straight, cream colored hair along the side seams of his head with the back left bald.

His large brimmed and lined hat with contrast bands and decorated bows sits slightly tilted to the left of his head. He is wearing his favorite blue top stitched jacket with cuffed sleeves, facing along the edges, a large button for front closure. A bow decorated pocket with coordinated fabric is affixed to the front of his body. A fringed scarf is wrapped around his neck and overlapped in the front and a fringed scarf is wrapped around his waist and tied in a bow in the front. He has a corn cob pipe inserted behind his waist scarf and is holding a large wood and metal shovel in his hands.

"Snow Go! Noodles" is so positive and so nice that nothing can get him down. Not a little snow, not a little cold, not even a little thaw. Certainly nothing that can get the average snowman down. But, "Snow Go! Noodles" isn't just any snowman. He couldn't be happier. He couldn't be ..... Well, let's just say he's perfect.

Snow Go Noodles Handmade Country Snowman Doll Decoration

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