Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Winter Outside and Inside Our House

The weather out side is frightful.....

But the fire's so delightful......

And, if there's no place to go.......

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......

Well, I don't think so.

There was a time when that song was a happy one for us.  Not any more.  Too much snow can have that affect on you.

As you know from all my Linda's Blog posts it's winter outside and inside our house.

Here's the remainder of our Winter decorations pictures:

On the front door we have a wood painted snowman .  "Snow Thyme Samuel" is  23" tall and was made from a "From My Heart To Yours" pattern.

Inside we also have two of the wool felt penny rig kits that I made and blogged about last year.  The one pictured above and the one pictured below I reviewed in my "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:I Really Wanted To Try Needle Felting and Penny Rug Felting - I Loved It!"

The one pictured above is the Wish Upon A Star Wool Felt Pattern by Lakeview Primitives and the one pictured below is the Piece on Earth Wool Felting Pattern by Lakeview Primitives.

We also have several of the punchneedle Winter themed kits we created and which we wrote about on our "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:  Last Year's Punchneedle Kits and Subsequent Gifts.

The bald headed snowman punchneedle pictured below we wrote about on our "The Book Review Corner Blog" in a post entitled:  Punchneedle Fun With Dimensions Holiday Friends Ornaments Kit #73244 and Dimensions Santa's Presents Kit #73410 and the  little snowman punchneedle was made based upon a "Lizzie & Kat" pattern design.

The shadowbox snowman and snow-lady in the picture below were created and made by hubby and I.  I wrote about them in a Linda's Blog post entitled:The Rest Of The Shadowbox Pictures.

And, of course, the "Gray Is Beautiful" dolls get to participate in all the Winter fun with their "Gray Is Beautiful" wide calendar.  They may be snow-ladies, but their senior citizens and proud of it!  Right on!

We're done with the snow.  It's time for SPRING!!!!!  Now if I could just get Mother Nature to cooperate.

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