Thursday, August 22, 2019

My New Handmade Mixed Media Art Doll - Meet Goldie

As mentioned in my previous Linda's Blog post, I Had To Change Her Face, when I was buying the wood doll kits for my Artful Gathering 2019 Session 2 "Beyond the Imaginarium: A Compendium of Holiday Merriment" class taught by Mary Jane Chadbourne in July I saw she was still selling her I  "The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll" wood kits containing the wood to make three dolls.

So, as you all know I bought them to "play" and "play" I did.

Goldie is a handmade 15" by 2" by 5" mixed media wood collage art doll who was painted a medium  teal blue color.  And, surprise, surprise like 'Blossom" I didn't sponge paint her, which I usually do.

Unlike the other mixed media art dolls I've made her face is a combination of acrylic paints and watercolor paints.  As painting faces has always been my weak-point I wanted to try this to see if I could do it and be pleased with the results.  I have to admit I was very happy with how her face turned out.  It really seems to suit her.

When making dolls with faces I find that the face usually drives the personality of the doll.  Such was the case with this doll.  She seemed bold, adventuresome, and a little bit of a "wild child."  She might even be a little bit of a tomboy.  When I look at her face it seems like she's almost daring me to ask her something or dare her to do something.

So, I decided to name her "Goldie." Not only does she have an inner desire for love and companionship, but also has a desire to have fun - be a little adventuresome.  Kind of like the Goldie Hawn dancer from the old 60's-70's TV show - Laugh-In.  Always smiling, always laughing, and always dancing.

Her face is hand-painted with acrylic and watercolor paints and is surrounded by light brown hand spun and hand dyed alpaca roving from my sister's Rock Garden Alpaca's Farm.  As her alpaca fiber is so fine I glued it in small sections at a time  Her wood crown is embellished with various  graphic papers and chipboard stickers.  Mixed media fibers are wrapped around the top of her hairline and bottom of her crown and are used throughout her outfit.

She has a creative embroidery trim wrapped around her neck and a silk ribbon rose embellishment at the top of her blouse.

Her outfit consists of scrapbook paper embellishments as well as paper flower chipboard embellishments.  Her hands are graphic images and her vest has been embellished with puffy paint dots, and metallic pen stitch lines.  Mixed media flowers have been added to the bottom of her chipboard graphic flowers as well as matching mixed media fibers for the ones wrapped around her hairline.  The same mixed media fibers embellish the sides of her outfit.

The words: "Every Day A New Story Begins" is on the bottom of the front of her base and suits her adventuresome attitude perfectly.  Two different colors of glitter Washi tape have been wrapped around her wood legs. Matching green glitter Washi tape is wrapped around her base as are matching mixed media fibers for the ones wrapped around her hairline.  Paper flowers add embellishments on the top of her base and surrounding her legs.

The back of her outfit is embellished with the phrase: "Believe In Possibilities" as well as chipboard flowers with mixed media fiber tie and scrapbook paper graphics.  The back of her base is embellished with the phrase: "Smile Every Day" and definitely suits her personality.  How can you not smile everyday when everyday is an adventure?

The picture above is a close-up of her back embellishments.

Pictured above is a close-up of the back bottom of her base.

The picture above is how she looks on her right side.

The picture above is how she looks on her left side.

I was pleased with the way she came out and think "Goldie" is too.  Hopefully, you agree.

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