Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My New Handmade Mixed Media Victorian Collage Christmas Tree #1

Years ago I bought two 3D unfinished wood Christmas tree kits that contained two pieces of wood that you would put together to form a 3D Christmas tree.  I don't know where I got them and haven't seen the exact kits since.

As I was in a Christmas crafting mode I decided now might be the time to use both of these.  So, surprise, surprise, I did.

I had in mind to create two Victorian Christmas trees decorated with Victorian collage images.  Shown above is one of them.

After putting the tree together I sponge painted them with green Christmas colors.

I added the Victorian collage papers to the four sides and glued a metallic star to the top.

I had been saving some old miniature multi-colored ribbon Christmas bell ornaments that my sister-in-law had given me years ago and thought they might work here so I inserted their hanging ties into the holes that had been pre-drilled on the tips of three of the four tree tiers and tied them to secure them to the edges of the tree tiers.  Where necessary I applied some glue.

I added miniature red beads down the sides of the two wood tree pieces and then glued red metallic elastic trim as a garland around the tree.

Last but not least I glued different colored miniature beads to the center of the tree garland in each of the four tree tiers.

I was really pleased with the way my mixed media Victorian collage trees came out.  They will be perfect for the Christmas holiday season.  Plus, surprise, surprise I already know where I'm putting them....lol

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