Friday, August 02, 2019

A Progression Of Learning With Faces - I Hope!

I'm a lifetime student or lifetime crafter always in search of learning something new and have been teaching myself how to make things since I was knee high.  I've learned how to sew, knit, do a little woodworking, painting, floral design with natural and non-natural floral, create pictures, sculpting, drawing, collage, making dolls out of all sorts of media,  quilting, and handcrafting just about anything I could get my hands on.

Basically, there isn't any type of craft I wouldn't want to learn.  My bucket list is huge and, for sure, I won't be able to learn every type of craft there is.  I'll give it my best shot, which is all anyone can ever expect.

Some of the crafts I've tried have been easy for me.  Others have been difficult, like painting faces.  I find that my hand tends to shake a little when I'm trying to draw and paint faces for some of my doll creations.  That's probably what drew me to "faceless" dolls.  That and my love of the Victorian Era and Victorian dresses.

Well, many years ago now I discovered that the internet was a fabulous source for learning all sorts of crafts.  It was like crafting heaven for me.  I literally could spend 24/7 doing nothing by learning how to craft and apply the various techniques I'd learned.  What could be better than that?

In 2012 I discovered the Artful Gathering online classes and fell in love with them. They offer online art retreats that are available in the Spring and Summer each year that are are taught by some of the most unbelievable and creative artists I have ever encountered and whose creativity is beyond measure.

So far I've taken 13 Artful Gathering (counting the two I'm taking this year)  e-classes and just finished the second of the two online classes that I'm taking at Artful Gathering this year.  I have learned so much in all the classes I've taken, especially the doll making ones.

Here's some of my creations involving the painting of faces.  I'd like to think I've progressed in my learning and techniques over time and hope you would agree.

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