Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Caroler's Scene and Dining Room Christmas Decorations

I know that I don't have to tell you this as I'm sure you've heard it a thousand,  no make that a million, times before.  I love Christmas and Christmas Decorations. 

So, it should come as no surprise to you that I also LOVE carolers, especially the Bryers carolers.  A doll maker who loves caroling dolls - what a surprise! 

And, of course, since I love dolls so much hubby and I have created a caroling scene that has grown rather large over the last two decades.  We started with the four carolers shown in the picture below and it just kind of grew from there. 

One year we added an outdoor lamp.  Another year we added a front door.  Then we added more carolers and a fireplace.  As the scene grew we kept moving it from the top of a wet bar to the top of my sewing table.  Then hubby added a two tier platform which he painted white one year so we could have two levels.  After that we created a rectangle frame to surround the carolers and which we could add miniature lights to. 

Well, the scene kept growing and relatives kept giving us carolers as presents until the scene just got too overcrowded for the top of my sewing desk.  So, we bought two fold-able three tier shelves that we could place side by side in front of our dining room fireplace, which has recessed lighting.  We added a small table to house my mother-in-laws favorite ceramic tree and a small table to add a recent addition of spiral stairs.  The end result is the picture shown at the top of this post and shown below: 

If you click on either picture you'll see a much larger picture of our carolers.  It really is quite lovely and one that we are very happy with.  Of course, I'd love to just keep adding caroler after caroler, but I'd eventually run out of room.  Plus, hubby keeps telling me that sometimes less is better, so we'll keep the scene as it is for now. 

So, I thought you might like to see a slideshow of our carolers scene.  Here's what I see from my kitchen: 

Here's a few pictures for you: 

The carolers scene does dominate our dining room decorations, but we have more decorations that I thought you might like to see.  So, here they are: 

This is one of my favorite pine cone trees that I made in October of 2002.  I wrote about my pine-cone trees in a Linda's Blog posted entitled "Dried White Pine - It Was A Good Idea - Or Was It?" This pine-cone tree stands 30" tall and sits as the centerpiece of our dining room table. It's sitting atop a large quilted runner set that my Mother made for me several years ago. She made an exceptionally long and wide runner and 6 matching place mats.  They are shown in the picture below: 

We also have a buffet table against one of the walls and sitting atop it are more of my Mother's place mats, some of my Santa designs, a rather plump Santa gift, a Santa in a sleigh gift from my step-son and my large pine-cone basket that I made in August of 1994. 

My pine-cone basket is rather large at 18" by 25" and is shown in the picture below.  I wrote about some of my pinecone baskets in a Linda's Blog  post entitled "The Pinecone Baskets - Now That's A Good Idea!"  At 16 years and counting my pine-cone basket is still in excellent shape. 

My Santa designs include my  "Morning Walk Karl" handmade doll & design and my terra-cotta Santa's.  The plump Santa was a gift one year.  Unfortunately I can't remember whether it was a gift from my sister or someone else.   

On another wall we have a little scene containing some more of my handmade dolls and a wooden reindeer with a poinsettia floral in its back. 

The wooden reindeer was bought at a craft show that hubby and I went to over 20 years ago.  I like adding the poinsettia to it's back for a little color. 

The doll shown below is called "Mrs. St. Nicholas, A Little Plump But Happy"  and she is one of my handmade dolls & "pleasantly plump" doll designs

The Santa shown below is called "Olde St. Nick - Plump and Happy!" and is another one of my handmade dolls and "pleasantly plump" doll designs

Last , but not least, we have a picture of a vintage Santa and toys that hubby and I got at a craft shown over 20 years ago.  I loved the picture so much that I decided to keep it up all year long. 

Over on the bookshelves we have two ceramic Santa stocking hangers that my sister gave me many, many years ago. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our carolers scene and dining room Christmas decorations. 

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