Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Obsession With Shoes? Mine or Hers?

I seem to be on a gift giving trend in my posts lately, don't I?

Well, with a big family there's a lot of gift giving going on and a lot to show.

If you've been a follower of my Linda's Blog for awhile you know I have many obsessions - one of which is miniature shoes and socks. In fact, I wrote about this not too long ago in a Linda's Blog post entitled "An Obsession With Shoes and Socks!"

Besides an obsession with miniature shoes and socks I also have an obsession with dolls, the Victorian era, floral arrangements, history, and genealogy.  However, lately, I'm not so sure about the shoe obsession.

Several years ago during a shopping trip to Sturbridge with my Mother I came across a beautiful group of miniature Victorian shoes.  I just LOVED them - they were Victorian after all - and decided I had to buy two, okay maybe three, of them.

They also had the cutest miniature cowboy boot, which I just had to buy for my younger brother.  He's was into cowboy boots at the time so I thought it would make a great Christmas present.

Well, since then I seem to have acquired quite a few miniature Victorian shoes. However, in looking at my collection I have decided that it's not totally my fault. You see I keep getting them as presents from one of my sister in-law during the holiday season.  I may have started the collection, but in looking at my miniature Victorian shoe collection I've come to the realization that maybe it isn't me who has the obsession with shoes, but my sister-in-law who keeps giving them to me. LOL LOL

I've decided that since I have so many miniature Victorian shoes in my collection now that she is definitely a miniature shoe enabler! LOL LOL   She's enabled my miniature shoe collection to be as plentiful as it is.  The family will just have to blame her for my shoe obsession.

So, I thought you'd like to see a few of my miniature Victorian shoes.

Some of the miniature shoes, like the ceramic shoe shown in the picture above, are comical and not quite what you would consider to be miniature Victorian shoes, but most are miniature in size.  Of course, I LOVE all of them and, truth be told, love my miniature Victorian shoe collection - whether it's my fault or not!

Here's a couple of the shoes in my collection. There are many, many more.

Obviously a miniature sneaker is not a miniature Victorian shoe and a rooster shoe is not a miniature Victorian shoe, but that's okay.  Once in awhile instead of a miniature Victorian shoe there's a miniature Victorian hat thrown into the mix.

Or, even a miniature Victorian phone.

I even have a glass slipper!


Am I Cinderella?

Is my sister-in-law the fairy godmother?

Who really has the obsession with miniature shoes?

Is it my sister-in-law or me? 


What do you think?


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