Wednesday, December 08, 2010

You Spent How Many Hours On That Cross-Stitch?

If I told you that I had spent over 250 hours on a cross-stitch picture you'd probably think I was nuts.  Well, I did and I'd do it again as the cross-stitch picture framed (shown in the picture above) is absolutely stunning.  If you click on both images above you can view an enlarged version of the picture.

To give you a little background on why I would do this, back in July I wrote a Linda's Blog post about my pressed flower pictures entitled "My Pressed Flower Pictures - Now That's A Great Idea!"  In that post I told you about a large pressed flower picture I had made that was hanging in our master bedroom and, sadly, was fading which meant it needed to be replaced.

Well, my husband thought a needlepoint picture like the one I had done in the dining room but much bigger would be nice.  I wrote about this needlepoint picture awhile ago in a Linda's Blog post entitled "Needlecraft Picture From A Decade Ago - Or So!"

So, since our house is filled with dolls and pictures of buildings & houses I thought a cross-stitch Victorian scene might be just the thing.  So, I set out to find some large cross-stitch kits that would be suitable.

Well, I found several that I liked, but couldn't decide which one would be best suited so, as usual,  I bought a couple of kits.  I also wrote about this adventure in a The Book Review Corner blog post entitled "Just How Many Cross-Stitch Kits Did You Buy!"

While I liked all of them I decided to go with the Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch M Lady's Chateau which was a Dimensions Gold Collection cross-stitch kit.

I started this in the beginning of August 2010 and finished it in the end of November of 2010.  My husband was keeping track of the hours and I clocked approximately 253 hours on this.  Every afternoon I would spend a few hours working on it.

When it was finished it was stunning all by itself and we decided that it would need a nice mat and frame to really finish the piece.  After all the hard labor put into creating the cross-stitch picture we decided it needed to be finished properly.

So, we took it to a little local shop called Art & Frame Emporium.  Their website is at

This shop has been in business since 1982 and we have been buying things from them for over 20 years. They may be a little art shop, but it is filled with wonderful art supplies, kits, picture frames, etc.  But, best of all, it's the staff there that makes the difference.  The owner, Ed Turner, and several of the employees like Jean Pellerin, James McAlice, and Mickie Ayleward are all gifted artists in their own right.  Over the years we have found that all of the members of the staff always offer terrific advice or suggestions.  That's why we keep going back and why a small shop can remain in business all  these years.  You get quality products, quality advice, and quality service.

When I needed quality frames I went there.  When my husband needed advice on what kind of brushes to buy for me he went there.  When I wanted craft kits for my granddaughters, or advice on what to buy for my grandson who wanted to learn how to draw manga I went there and talked to Ed.  When I wanted to buy acrylic pencils for drawing the faces of some of my dolls I went there.

So, when it came to deciding where to have my cross-stitch framed we went there and talked to James.  He's a framing designer and he gave us terrific advice and suggestions for the triple mats and a frame that we could use.  We decided to use a black mat, gold mat, and cream triple mat combination.  The black mat was much deeper than the rest and created the illusion of drawing you into the picture.  The cross-stitch itself creates a 3 dimensional effect of drawing you into the picture and the deep black mat just added to that affect.   He also suggested that we use museum glass instead of regular glass - which makes an enormous difference in the viewing of the picture.   He was right on everything he suggested.

When they called to tell us that our picture was ready they said it was "gorgeous!"  My husband could tell that they were really proud of their work - and they should be.  When we saw it - it was stunning.  Just beautiful.  I put a lot of labor into my cross-stitch and they all put a lot of labor into finishing it properly for me.

Both my husband and I were thrilled with the way it turned out and have it hanging in our master bedroom as we had planned.  It compliments the furniture in the room and is just breath taking to view.  The pictures in this post don't really do it justice.

I haven't quite decided which cross-stitch picture I'll start next. It may just be Dimensions Gold Collection In Her Garden Counted Cross-Stitch Kit" as it is a wonderful picture of a Victorian woman in a garden.  It's a 9 1/2" x 13.2" picture so it isn't quite as big as the one I just finished.  

Like the picture I just finished it will take me a long time to complete.  You may be saying "you spent how many hours on that cross-stitch" once again.  For sure, when it comes time to finish it properly I know just where I'll be going.  When you want quality - go to the best and Art Emporium is the best!

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  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    It is really stunning!!!! You have inspired me to cross stitch again after 25 years!!