Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't Forget The Front Hall Christmas Decorations!

At one point in time the front entrance was the most important focal point in the house.  That was when guests would be escorted to the parlor awaiting the host or hostess or whoever they were there to see.  Nowadays the side doors and garage door entrances get more of the traffic. 

However, being the traditionalist that I am I still love to decorate the front hall.  So, I thought you'd like to see some of the decorations that we have in our front hall. 

Most of the decorations sit atop the wonderful cabinet that my younger brother made for me.  I wrote about this in 2008 in a Linda's Blog post entitled "Woodcrafts and Wood Furniture My Brother Made Me."  Shown in the picture below is a large 36" wide silk floral and preserved floral basket that I made in May of 2003. 

To the right of the floral basket are two of the porcelain Santa's I made.  The one on the left is my "Roland, The Mountain Ranger Santa" design and the other is a Scottish Santa that I made from a kit back in August of 2002.  In the bowl is some Christmas potpourri. 

I gave a version of my Roland, Mountain Ranger Santa to my younger brother for Christmas in 2008.

The two wall sconces also get in on all the decorating fun. 

And, on the front door we have my favorite woodcraft.  He's a 24" Santa that hubby and I made back in August of 2002 from a Country Thoughts pattern.  He adorns our front door each and every holiday season. 

Each year we decorate the outside of the house with four very large 48" artificial evergreen wreaths that I bought close to 20 years ago from Michael's.  They were the biggest ones they had at the time. I added berries and pine-cones and a wired bow to them and each and every year we put them out. After twenty years they still look great.  That is definitely a small investment that has paid off well over time.  

I hope you have enjoyed our little tour of the Christmas decorations in our front hall.

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