Monday, December 20, 2010

Gotta Love Ornaments - A SMALL Obsession!

One of the things I just love to create is ornaments. Now you might think that's because they are just so adorable.  Well, that would be one reason, but that is not the main reason. The main reason is because they are so SMALL and can be made in a relatively short period of time.

My liking of creating ornaments kind of goes hand in hand with liking to create dolls. They are both SMALL - that is unless you create some 3 or 4 footers like I've done.

In any event - back to the SMALL issue. You might be wondering exactly why that is that I like creating small. Well, when I was first learning how to sew I used to make my own clothes and gifts for others like quilts. Well, if you've ever made your own clothes or quilts you know that it takes a very long time. Too long for me. I just don't want to be spending day after day after day creating something as large as a quilt.

Now don't get me wrong - I LOVE quilts.  I just prefer sewing items that don't require a lot of time. I'd rather make lots of different SMALL items than one really big item - like a quilt. Besides every time I've tried creating a quilt the tension on my sewing machine goes berserk and I end up having to get my sewing machine cleaned and fixed. I've never had that happen with a doll or even an ornament.

The other reason I love ornaments is they can be hung just about anywhere. Whether it's a Christmas tree, a knob, the end of a curtain rod, on a peg, or even a hook they are just so versatile. You can create them for holidays, the different seasons, any special occasion, or any type of person or object that you can think of. With so much versatility it's no wonder they've been a favorite amongst artists and crafters.

I, of course, have many, many ornaments hanging all around my house all year long. They change with the seasons and the holidays. However, the Christmas season is really the time when my SMALL obsession is very evident. I have them hanging everywhere - especially our Christmas tree.

So, I thought you'd like to see some of the handmade ornaments that are hanging around our house and our Christmas tree. Most of the ornaments were handmade - either by me or given to me as gifts from relatives and friends.

It's a SMALL world after all.

Now there's a phrase after my own heart.....

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