Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Menagerie Of Ceramic Santa's I Painted One Year

I suspect that I'm not the only crafter on the planet that goes through phases of crafting many of one type of item.  For me since I can never do anything in moderation I tend to do a lot of one thing.  I can never just dip my toe in the water to try something.  Oh, no not me!  I have to dive in head first.

Well, several years ago I was in a ceramic Santa phase and decided to paint a bunch of miniature Santa's that I had gotten from either Michael's or A.C.Moore during one of my many shopping trips there.

Instead of buying just one or two - well, I bought several.  I wanted to start a miniature Santa collection and figured I needed a few to start and then could add to it one at a time every year.  At least that's what I told hubby when he asked me why I had so many.

Of course, he didn't buy my explanation.  He never does - he knows me better than that! LOL LOL

I also pained a 12" ceramic Santa with a fancy sleigh, but you can only see the top of him in the picture below.  Maybe next time I'll manage to take a better picture.

Also, I decided to paint one of my miniature Santa's pink.  I thought he'd be cute that way.

Of course, over the years friends and family kept giving us miniature Santa's as gifts to add to our collection so it has grown quite a bit.

However, I haven't painted any ceramic figures in awhile.  Maybe I should paint a couple more.  You can never have to many in a collection.  Or can you?

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