Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decorations In Our Sunroom

One of the cheeriest and sunniest rooms in our house is our sunroom. It's one of my favorite rooms and was both my beloved Mother's and our beloved cairn terrier, "Bud's", favorite rooms. I know why it was my Mother's favorite rooms - she just loved sunshine. Since this room is on the south side it gets a lot of sun and because of this can be "hot" at times.

I often wondered why it was "Bud's" favorite room too until one day it dawned on me that the sunroom was the only room in the house that he could see out of. He'd sit in front of the french doors all day just looking out.

So, I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the Christmas decorations in our sunroom. The focal point is the grouping of the two large dolls and three tiered plant stand in the corner of the sunroom which is shown in the picture at the beginning of this post

Hubby and I made the large Santa and Mrs. Claus dolls in November of 1998. They both stand 36" tall.

We had a problem with the large Santa. When he was finished he seemed to be a bit top heavy. He kept falling forward. So we decided to add a black platform for him to stand on and then nailed his feet to it. It's not the most attractive to look at, but it works. He doesn't fall over anymore.

Next to the tall dolls is a three tiered plant stand.  On the top of the plant stand this year is a large poinsettia silk floral. Sometimes I hang it from the ceiling and sometimes I put it on the shelf. Just below the poinsettia is one of my favorite primitive Santa snowman handmade dolls called "Snow Me Some Toys, Santa.

On the bottom shelf of the plant stand are two pixie cloth dolls that my sister made me one year. They're little pixies filled with bean bag beads. Between the two pixies is a ceramic and paperclay Christmas Santa wolf that my older brother gave me one year. I just love the wolf because he's so different.

On one of the love-seat's is a Christmas quilt that my sister made me one year.  I actually forgot I had this until I cleaned out one of my closets this year.  Opps........  Sorry baby sister.

Between the two love-seats is a pine-cone basket I made in August of 1994 that is 12" by 16". Sixteen years later it still looks great.

On the side table between the two love-seat's is a festive candle and two of the punchneedle shadowboxes that my brother and I made.

We have a festive coffee table in front of the love-seat's that contains a Yankee Candle, a bowl of Christmas potpourri, and a Santa cookies and milk plate and cup that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law gave us one year.

Next to one of the love-seats is a small table that has one of my favorite silk floral arrangements on it. It's about 20" wide and I created this in May of 2003. One of the reasons while I love this particular silk floral is the rectangular wood logs container that it's in. Plus, I think the arrangement came out well.

Just in from of it are two more of the punchneedle shadowboxes that my brother and I made.

In the corner of the sunroom are some wooden bookshelves that contain some cloth Christmas dolls that my sister made me, some cloth dolls that my Mother gave me, some of my Santa designs, and some of my wooden bowling pin caroler designs.

I'll be talking about some of the handmade gifts my sister gave me in another post. Since I know that my sister reads my blog I can see her squirming in her chair now wondering what I'm going to say.... Hmmmmm..... Will I be kind?

In the corner of the sunroom is a stacking paper Santa that my sister-in-law gave me. Isn't he adorable?

Last, but not least, is another one of the pinecones 11" by 18" baskets that I made in July of 1994.

I hope you have enjoyed your little tour of our festive and sunny sunroom.  Happy holidays.

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