Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Cards Arrived

In November I wrote a blog post entitled "I've Been Playing, Again! This Time With A Personalized Card Website" and told you I had ordered some cards and would let you know how they turned out.

Well, I got my cards last week and I have to tell you I am very pleased with them. They are just wonderful.

I ordered my cards on November 22 and received them on November 29, 2010 which I thought was a fantastic turn around time.

I had ordered two sets of holiday cards with my return address on both sets of envelopes and had also ordered holiday gift tags. My order was nicely and neatly packaged. The gift tags were enclosed within their own little match stick type box and the cards and envelopes were separated. As specified our envelopes contained our return address on the back.

I just knew from looking at the package that holiday card giving was going to be much easier this year. And, next year, it will definitely be a breeze as I hope to get all my addresses into my address book by then.

I ordered two sets of holiday cards, one Christmas and one just Happy Holidays. The card stock for both was great as were the envelope papers for both.  Here's what the Christmas card I picked  looked like:

I just loved the picture of the man and "doggie" hanging their wreaths and knew it would be perfect for us this year.  For the card above I added a picture to the left hand side of the inside of the card and a Christmas message to the right hand side of the inside of the card as well as our names.  I'm not going to show you what they are as that would give away the surprise.

Here's what the Happy Holidays card looked like:

For the card above I just added a holiday message and our names on the inside on the right hand side. 

The envelopes had our return address printed on the back of the envelope.  They looked like this: 

I also wanted to see what their gift tags were like so I ordered the following with a cute picture of our "beloved" cairn terrier: 

The cards were great.  The service was terrific and the response time was wonderful.  I will definitely be using  next Christmas and plan on using them for the various occasions that arise during the year.  

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