Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hey, There's Even More Decorations! What About The Farmer's Porch and Bathroom?

As mentioned in my front hall Christmas decorations post front doors aren't really used like they used to be.  It's mainly side-doors and garage doors.  Well, we use our side-door which is in our farmer's porch so, of course, we have to have Christmas decorations there as well.

Since we still have young grandchildren I paste sesame street stickers to the windowpanes of that door.  The one in the middle on the very bottom (at grandchild height) says "Merry Christmas, Now Go Away!"

When visitors come in our door they are greeted by three of my creations hanging on the wall.

There's my fabric wreath which I made in February of 2002 and which I wrote about in 2010 in a Linda's Blog post entitled "Cloth Wreaths and a Giant Stapler - Sort Of!" It's 12" around and I made three Christmas wreaths and one winter wreath that year.

There's my quilted fabric pictures based on a "Picture It With Fabric" design that I wrote about in a Linda's Blog post entitled "Quilted Pictures - A Wonderful Concept!

And, there's one of my artificial evergreen wreaths that's 20" round and that  I made in October of 2002.

There's also a decoration for the doorknob.  You can't forget that now can you?

And, of course, the half-bath off the farmer's porch gets in on the decorations, too.  Shown on the wall are three of the wooden shadow boxes that hubby and I made in August of 1999 and which we gave a Christmas presents that year.

On a wall in the half-bath is another one of the Christmas wreaths that I made in May of 2003.  It's 10" round.

And, of course, you can't forget about the sink.  Everyone needs a little festivity while washing their hands - don't they?

When visitors come to our house this holiday season they'll be greeted with "Merry Christmas, Now Go Away!"  I wonder if they really will! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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