Friday, September 09, 2016

Doll Quilts & Doll Quilt Tutorials, Video's, Patterns, and How-To's Pinterest Board

Over the past 50 years I've honed my sewing skills by making many things including my own clothes, dolls, curtains, large quilts, small quilts, mini quilts, quilted pillows. placemats and runners.

I've written two blog posts about the quilts I've made and quilts my family has made: For The Love Of Quilting and Gotta Love Handmade Quilts.

The first time I made a quilt I thought, "This is fun!" However, like making clothes I very quickly learned that I didn't want to spend a lot of time on large quilts and outfits to wear. I much preferred mini quilts and doll clothes, both of which were smaller and took a lot less time. I know, I know - I get bored easily and large quilts are very time consuming. For the larger quilts by the end of finishing them I always felt, "will this ever be done?"

You get the picture.  For me, "smaller is better." Which means, as far as quilts are concerned, mini quilts and doll quilts are perfect sizes for me.

I always wanted to create a line of doll quilts and doll quilt e-patterns.  Unfortunately I haven't had the time to do so. It's on my list......

I did, however,manage to design a raggedy cloth doll who loves to quilt and has her own quilt and fabric stash.

“Wanna Quilt? Annie”, 14” Country Raggedy Annie Doll E-Pattern - Country Series

Well, they don't get any cheerier or happy go lucky than "Wanna Quilt? Annie." "Wanna Quilt? Annie" could be called the happiest crafter around. She loves to craft and he specialty is quilting. In fact, she really LOVES to crazy quilt. Crazy quilting requires a lot of time to do especially if you love to embroider parts of your quilt. Sometimes "Wanna Quilt? Annie" just doesn't have time to invest in a crazy quilt so she'll just make a patchwork quilt instead.

“Wanna Quilt? Annie”, 14” Country Raggedy Annie Handmade Doll - Country Series.

She always carries her bag of fat quarters around with her a she never knows when she may just squeeze in a few minutes here or there to do some crazy quilting. It could be waiting for the school bus, during her lunch hour, or in study hall. And, since she's the President of the "quilting bee" group that always meets for an hour after school she always need to be ready to work on her quilt.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" is working on a new quilt and can hardly wait to show it to her "quilting bee" group. She couldn't be happier.

So, I've managed to design one doll with her own quilt and hope to design more in the future.  I also want to make some handmade doll quilts of my own.  So, of course, I've set up a Doll Quilts & Doll Quilt Tutorials, Video's, Patterns, and How-To's Pinterest board.

If you love dolls how can you help but love doll quilts? You can't - especially if you're a little girl with dollie furniture.  So, of course, I had to set up a Doll Quilts & Doll Quilt Tutorials, Video's, Patterns, and How-To's Pinterest board to house all the wonderful links I've found.

I hope you like some of my favorites and hope these tutorials, video's, patterns, and how-to's are helpful if you're making a doll quilt.

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Happy doll quilt making.

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