Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Linda's How-Do-I Series Free E-Book - How To Make An 8" Self-Standing Snowman Woodcraft

As a crafter I just love making snowmen.  The reason is they are just so versatile.  They can be made out of just about anything: cloth, various types of clay, paper, needle felted out of roving, created from various fibers, made of yarn, wood, or combinations of any of the mediums mentioned.  Style wise they can be country, primitive, shabby chic, Victorian, folk-art, rustic, or woodland.

I used to make cloth and wood snowmen and a couple of years ago started making needle felted snowmen out of alpaca roving.

One of the easiest snowmen I made years ago was a wood snowman I named "Stand Alone John." He's an 8" self-standing snowman made out of 5/8" pine wood.  He's completely painted and has a wool fringed scarf and baby sock hat on the top of his head.  A pompom adorns the top of his hat and just adds to his charm.

He's a wonderful decoration for the Christmas holiday season and during the winter months.  I enjoyed making him and thought you might enjoy making one of your own. So, I created a free e-book for you.  Enjoy!

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