Thursday, September 29, 2016

Primitive Tutorials, Rustic, Woodland and Folk-art Crafts & Home Decor Tutorials Pinterest Board

I was first introduced to primitives with something I saw many years ago during a shopping trip to Sturbridge with my mother.  In one of the crafts stores we liked to visit I was looking at a box filled with patterns and just started laughing my head off. Of course, my mother asked, "what's so funny?" So, I showed her the pattern I was looking at and she burst out laughing, too. It was for a primitive cloth doll which was so ugly it was actually beautiful. So there we were - two grown women standing in the middle of a store laughing our heads off.

As I scanned through the box I found other patterns for primitive dolls that were just as ugly and just as beautiful. So, of course, I bought a few and could hardly wait to get them home so I could make them.   And, make them I did.

The popularity of primitive dolls - especially "raggedies" continued to grow and grow.  Primitive decor seemed to take over with all sorts of primitive things that could be made for one's home -  dolls, raggedies, make-do's, shelf sitters, holiday and seasonal primitive decorations, primitive animals, primitive graphics, primitive woodcrafts, curtains, rugs, furniture and so on and on.

Over the years I decided that I wanted to design my own primitive dolls and crafts of various shapes and sizes and create patterns for them so you could make some of your own. So, that I did.

Around this same time primitive decor was all the rage and gaining in popularity online which created a ton of primitive websites, blogs, and groups. It seemed there were primitives everywhere and no shortage of freebies for creating all sorts of primitive dolls, crafts for home decor, etc. So, of course, I printed off all the free tutorials, patterns, and how-to's I found and wanted to make. Over time the primitive crafts pile kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger to the point of being ridiculous.

So, when Pinterest came along I was thrilled. I could store all the free tutorials, patterns, and how-to's I found for primitive dolls, crafts, home decor and more on my Pinterest board and get rid of all my piles. Yippee!

If you love primitives, too and would like to learn how to make them I hope you find the tutorials, patterns, articles, projects, and how-to's helpful.

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Have fun adding your primitive creations to your primitive decor.

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