Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How To Make A Quick and Easy Clothespin Snowman - Clive

I love working with clothespin dolls and stands as you can make just about any type of character including snowmen.    So, I decided one weekend to make a couple  with a miniature sled and broom attached.

I'm happy to report that they were very easy to make.  Here's how I made mine:

Supplies Needed:

3 3/4" Unfinished  Clothespin Doll and Stand
5/8" Unfinished Miniature Wood Bowl
1/2" Unfinished Miniature Wood Spool
Acrylic Paint (White, Black, Orange)
Blush (Pink)
Matte Finish or Mod Podge
Low Temperature Glue Gin and Glue
Wool Fabric Scrap - 8" long by 1/2" Wide (For Scarf)
3" Miniature Broom
1 3/4" Miniature Metal and Wood Sled
Wood Glue


1)  Put the unfinished clothespin doll in the unfinished stand.
2)  Glue the 5/8" unfinished miniature wood bowl to the top of the clothespin with the wood glue. Wipe off any excess glue and let it set.
3)  Glue the 1/2" unfinished miniature wood spool to the inside of the unfinished miniature wood bowl with the wood glue to form the top hat. Wipe off any excess glue and let it set.
4)  Paint the top, bottom, back, front, and sides of the combined snowman clothespin doll and stand with top hat with the white acrylic paint. Let dry.
5) Paint the top, sides, and bottom of the top hat (i.e. miniature wood bowl and miniature wood spool) with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
6)  Using the diagram below as a guide lightly draw the eyes, eyebrows, and nose for the snowman on the head of the clothespin with the pencil.  Lightly draw dots for the mouth of the snowman with the pencil.  Lightly draw 3 circles for the coals an inch below the mouth down the center of the snowman with the pencil.

7)  Paint the snowman nose with the orange acrylic paint. Let dry.
8)  Paint the eyes and eyebrows with the black acrylic paint.  Let dry.
9)  Paint dots for the mouth with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
10)  Paint three coals down the front center of the snowman's belly with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
11) Brush matte finish or mod podge on the top, bottom, sides, front, and back of the snowman. Let dry.
12)  Apply the pink blush to the cheeks.
13) Fringe the top and bottom of the 8" long wool fabric scrap for the scarf and then wrap it around the neck of the snowman just below the head of the clothespin. Create a center knot to secure the scarf. Trim and fringe both ends.
14) Glue the miniature broom to the right front side of the snowman with the low temperature glue.
15) Glue the miniature metal and wood sled to the bottom left hand side of the snowman with the low temperature glue.

Your snowman is done. Enjoy!

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