Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gotta Love Needle Felted Scarecrows

My trio of handmade needle felted OOAK scarecrow art dolls are as different as they are alike.  For sure they are all scarecrows.   For sure they are all needle felted and for sure they're all sitting on grapevine pumpkins.  That, however, is where their similarity ends.

Stan The Pumpkin Man is a little apprehensive about anyone taking his pumpkins.  He knows that everyone will be coming in Fall for their pumpkins and hopes he'll be less apprehensive about them taking them by then. We'll see......

Penny The Pumpkin Pie Maker just loves baking - especially when she's making her famous pumpkin pies. She has a knack for making the best pumpkin pies in the area and is well known far and wide for them. In fact she has so many requests for her pumpkin pies during the Fall season that she can't keep up with all the orders. She tries to but sometimes she needs help from her cousins, Stan The Scarecrow Man, and Samuel Scarecrow. Stan is more than willing to help - even though he's a little apprehensive about his baking skills. Samuel, on the other hand not only thinks being a scarecrow is beneath him - cooking is also. He's just too regal to bake - or so he thinks.  

Unlike his cousin Stan The Pumpkin Man "Samuel Scarecrow" is not apprehensive about anyone taking his pumpkins. In fact, he's more than happy to let anyone take his pumpkins and his bales of hay for free as long as they do the work to harvest the pumpkins and hay bales. He feels that he is too regal to toil in the fields. He was meant for more refined activities like being waited on. Perhaps he should have chosen a different line of work than being a scarecrow.  What do you think....

Scarecrows for sure, but as different as night and day.

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