Friday, September 09, 2016

Animal Art Doll Tutorials, Video's, Patterns, and How-To's Pinterest Board

Several years ago I decided to design some animal art dolls of my own and designed my Victorian Animals Society which included bears, dogs, cats, mice and even Victorian moose dolls.

Unlike my Victorian animal art dolls which were made of felt animal art dolls can be made in so many different mediums.  Styles can  range from simple styles to very complicated art doll designs.

Animal art dolls are a favorite amongst artists and crafters alike with the bear art dolls being the dominate style.  I've seen some absolutely beautiful bears but have also seen some amazing rabbits, dogs, and other crazy creatures.  If you'd like to see some amazing and beautiful creations from some animal artists please visit my Animal Art Dolls & Teddy Bear Artists Pinterest board HERE.

Like everything else I do I love collecting all sorts of free tutorials, patterns, and how-to's for helping me learn how to make beautiful animal art dolls.  So, of course, I set up a Pinterest board for all those I've found.

I just love animal art dolls and teddy bear art dolls. If you do, too and would love to learn how to make them perhaps these tutorials, video's, patterns, and how-to's will be helpful.

If you love my Animal Art Doll Tutorials, Video's, Patterns, and How-To's board please follow my board by clicking on the link above.

Have fun making your animal art doll.

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