Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Easily Make A Unfinished Wood Snowman Ornament

It's no secret that I hate snow, but love creating snowmen.  Go figure!

So, I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy snowmen decorations. Well, while browsing through a crafts store years ago I saw an unfinished snowman ornament that I thought might be something quick and easy for my mother and I to make for our craft weekends.  So, I bought some.

I'm happy to report that they were very easy to make.  Here's how we made them:

Supplies Needed:

2" by 3" by 1/4" Unfinished Wood Snowman
Acrylic Paint (White, Black, Gray, Gold, Orange, Turquoise Blue)
Blush (Pink)
Paper Towel
Matte Finish or Mod Podge


1)  Lightly sand the unfinished snowman ornament.  Wipe off with a wet paper towel and let dry.
2)  Paint the top, bottom, back, front, and sides of the snowman with the white acrylic paint. Let dry.
3)  Paint the top sides, front and back of the snowman hat with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
4)  Paint the front handle of the broom with the gray acrylic paint.  Let dry.
5)  Paint the broom top, front, and side of the broom with the gold acrylic paint. Let dry.
6)  Paint the snowman nose with the orange acrylic paint. Let dry.
7)  Paint the eyes and eyebrows with the black acrylic paint.  Let dry.
8)  Paint dots for the mouth with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
9)  Paint four coals down the front center of the snowman's belly with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.
10)  Use the turquoise blue paint to draw "c's" for the front, side, and back of the snowman's scarf.  Let dry.
11) Brush matte finish or mod podge on the top, bottom, sides, front, and back of the snowman. Let dry.

That's it.  Easy to do. Enjoy!

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