Thursday, September 01, 2016

What Does Laughing My Head Off Have To Do With Primitive Dolls

When I look at primitive doll faces I can't help but melt. They are so darn cute.  I was first introduced to primitive dolls many years ago during a shopping trip to Sturbridge with my mother.  In one of the crafts stores we liked to visit I was looking at a box filled with patterns and just started laughing my head off.  Of course, my mother asked, "what's so funny?" So, I showed her the pattern I was looking at and she burst out laughing, too.  It was for a primitive cloth doll which was so ugly it was actually beautiful.  So there we were - two grown women standing in the middle of a store laughing our heads off.

As I scanned through the box I found other patterns for primitive dolls that were just as ugly and just as beautiful.  So, of course, I bought a few and could hardly wait to get them home so I could make them.   And, make them I did.  I was definitely smitten with primitive dolls.

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