Thursday, May 07, 2015

For The Love Of Quilting and Quilting Tutorials, Video's, Patterns and How-To's on Pinterest

Over 43 years ago, when my sister and I shared a bedroom, we decided to re-decorate our bedroom which involved painting the furniture, making new bedspreads and curtains, and adding a collage to one of the walls.

At the time it was quite the undertaking as we were making the bedspreads and curtains from scratch. I know we did a lot of measuring and were really picky about the fabric we would be using and the design we were trying to achieve. Sisters always have different likes and opinions so there was a lot of discussion as to what we were going to do. There was never any dispute as to what color paints we would be using or the color of the fabrics. They would be various shades of blue. The overall color scheme was dark blue, medium blue, light blue, cream, and white.

I'm pretty sure the curtains were rod pocket gathered type of curtains with a ruffled valance, full length curtains with ruffled edges and half curtain panels with ruffled bottoms. The bedspreads were somewhat quilted with gathered ruffles down the sides.  The bureaus were painted white with each of the drawers being a different color blue.

We had collected a whole bunch of pictures from different magazines we liked and stapled them to the wall in one very large collage. Our father wasn't too happy with all the staples in the wall, but let us do our thing.

When the room was done both my sister and I were pleased with it, but unfortunately didn't take a picture of it.

Over the years both my sister and I, as well as our mother, honed our sewing skills and, as a result, ended up making many, many things including our own clothes, large quilts, small quilts, mini quilts, quilted pillows. placemats and runners.

The first time I made a quilt I thought, "This is fun!" However, like making clothes I very quickly learned that I didn't want to spend a lot of time on large quilts and outfits to wear. I much preferred mini quilts and doll clothes, both of which were smaller and took a lot less time. I know, I know - I get bored easily and large quilts are very time consuming.

I got to the point where instead of making a full size log cabin quilt with mutliple log cabin sections I made a full size quilt with very LARGE sections - which were no where near as time consuming to finish.  In fact, the quilt in the picture above was a quilt that started as a traditional log cabin that was covered over by another quilt I had designed and made and which I subsequently covered again. With all those covers it turned out to be the warmest and HEAVIEST quilt I had ever made.

My mother liked making log cabin quilts, traditional type quilts and folded mini quilts, pillows, placemats and runners like those shown in the pictures above.

My sister went further with her quilting by creating beautiful quilted and appliqued wall art. In 2011 she started Inspired Creations By D where she sells "FRAME or QUILT - ART QUILTS Fusible Applique E-Patterns & Quilt Kits."

I just love her latest pattern "Tis The Season", which is shown in the picture above, and think it's stunning.  I hope you would agree.

I personally don't like making large traditional quilts but do however, like making small wall quilts, doll quilts, mini quilts and, my latest obsession, mug rugs.

I also like looking at some of the beautiful quilted creations out there as there are a lot of exceptional quilters on the web.  A lot of quilting inspiration.

As a result I've collected a lot of pins on my quilting Pinterest board.  At last count I had nearly 1,000 quilted tutorial pins.  Definitely a lot of wonderful quilted eye candy to see and so much to learn.

I love learning new quilting techniques, watching quilting video how-to's, and reading quilting tutorials. I hope you do, too and hope you like my selection of quilt making how-to's, video's and tutorials.

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