Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Stick Me Right Snowman Ornament

It's no secret that I hate snow, but love creating snowmen. ;Go figure! As a result I've made quite a few snowman of all different shapes and sizes. Some require a lot of work and some are quick and easy
I love working with Popsicle sticks as they are easy to paint and can be made into just about any seasonal or holiday ornament decoration you might want - like a snowman. So, I decided one weekend to make a few. I'm happy to report that they were very easy to make.
As snowmen go they don't get much cuter than "Stick Me Right Snowman Ornament."

Stick Me Right Snowman Ornament is a handmade 5" painted wooden Popsicle stick snowman with an adorable face, fringed flannel scarf wrapped around his neck, and long fabric cap on his head

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