Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Wee Winter Whimsies Online Class at Artful Gathering 2016 by Hally Levesque

I've had a delightful time the past few days making the dolls for Hally Levesque's "Wee Winter Whimsies" class in Session 2 of Artful Gathering.

2016 - Hally Levesque - Wee Winter Whimsies - Primitive Folk Art Dolls for the Holidays

Once again, Hally's video's and instructions for painting the faces and characters didn't disappoint. She is an amazing instructor and provided lots of information on the painting of the shelf sitter angel dolls & angel ornaments which I appreciated as the drawing and painting of faces and characters is not my forte.

The class called for making 1 shelf sitter angel doll and 5 angel ornaments. I decided instead to make three shelf sitters and three ornaments as I'm a sucker for shelf sitter dolls. I love them.   Plus, I'm a beginner when it comes to painting faces and characters and knew that painting tiny faces and characters on tiny ornaments was going to be a challenge for me. Well, challenge it was.

When it comes to holding the brush steady - I can't. No matter how much I try my hand starts to shake so painting small is a real challenge. Also, I'm a beginner when it comes to shading and knew that shading the different areas would also be a challenge.

Hally's dolls are primitive folk art dolls for the holiday season and supposed to be folksy in design. I LOVE painting with "snow" and tend to overdo it. Well, overdo I did and ended up with a lot of three dimensional snow effects. Plus, no matter what I do mine always seem to end up a little more Victorian and shabby chic looking.  I wonder why........

I made lots of mistakes with my drawing, painting, and shading of my angel dolls. Sewing I don't usually make a mistake on, but did on a few of the shelf sitters arms. Instead of the manual stitching being on the back of the arms I ended up with the manual stitching on the front and didn't notice this until I went to paint the arms.

Personally I love learning something new - especially when it comes to dolls and loved taking this class. After all, who wouldn't love creating adorable angel shelf sitters and angel ornaments - novice or not.

I hoping to have a chance to make more of the angel shelf sitters and angel ornaments as they are just too adorable to resist. Plus, I need the practice.  Maybe this time I won't use as much snow and my hands won't shake.

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