Friday, July 01, 2016

Art Doll #5 From My Artful Gathering Class - Lillian

I've had a delightful time the past few weeks making the dolls for Hally Levesque's "Romantic Rosabella" class in Session 1 of Artful Gathering.  I was only going to make 2 dolls but could not decide which color I wanted the base to be so I ended up choosing seven different colors from solid color fabric my sister had given me.

I figured at least one or two of the dolls would come out nicely and was pleasantly surprised when they all did. Even though the dolls are all similar looking they all ended up having their own little personalities. To no surprise most are "Diva's" or at least they think they are.

This is the fifth doll I made from that class.  She has a handmade with hand sculpted paper clay face, arm, and bonnet. She also has handmade silk ribbon flowers as well as painted flowers down the front of her dress. Handmade silk ribbon flowers are also used for her bouquet and to decorate her bonnet.

Two layers of gathered lace tulle forms her overskirt which adds to her romantic look.

I had been saving some of the beautiful hand dyed and batted alpaca fibers my sister had given me over the last two years and was thrilled I would be able to utilize some of it here. This dolls hair was created from a handmade alpaca batt combination of some of my sister's beautiful hand dyed blue alpaca fiber.  Her blue alpaca fiber batt worked beautifully in creating my dolls 8" long braided hair.

If you would like to see more of my sister's alpaca fibers she sells her alpaca fiber products in her Rock Garden Alpaca's Etsy shop here. 

I decided to name this art doll "Lillian" as it just seemed to fit her beautiful innocent and pure appearance.

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