Thursday, December 24, 2015

Penelope - The Rocking Horse Doggie Finally Has Her Santa

Penelope, the rocking horse doggie, has been patiently waiting for her Santa.  After all, she was made a year ago so he could sit on her and create a new Christmas display in the dining room.    So you can imagine her delight when it came time for the Christmas decorations to be put out this year.

A year ago I wrote a post entitled, "No Sooner Was The Rocking Doggie In The Door ........." about bringing Penelope home.

If you remember she was a beautiful wooden rocking dog that my brother had made for me.   My brother had made one for our new grand nephew and I had loved it so much I, of course, wanted one.

When I told my brother this hubby gave me a look of "you've got to be kidding. Where are we going to put that?" I, of course, gave him a look of " I have someplace in mind. You'll see."

This Christmas season he finally found out what I had in mind.

Santa couldn't be happier sitting on Penelope and she is thrilled to finally have him there.  He's a perfect fit.

Penelope, of course, would love for Santa to stay out all year, but isn't quite sure that will happen. We'll see.

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