Thursday, December 24, 2015

I Love The Look Of The Mixed Media Christmas Ornaments On The Christmas Tree

Earlier this year I posted about a mixed media phase I was in where I decided to finish some wooden ornaments I had cut out years before and which were still waiting to be finished in a post entitled, "Fourteen Years Later I Finally Had Time To Finish The Wood Christmas Ornament Pieces."

I had decided to finish these using the mixed media techniques I had been learning during the past few years. I would be painting, collaging, embellishing, sculpting, stenciling, gluing and sewing the ornaments in various mixed media ways.

I ended up making two sets of six ornaments each.  One set was to be a gift for my daughter-in-law and the other set would be kept for decorating hubby's and my tree.  So, I thought you'd like to see how the ornaments looked on our tree.

Most of the ornaments on my tree have either been handmade by me or are handmade gifts given to me over the years. My new handmade mixed media ornaments are a little larger than most of the other ornaments on our tree, but I like how they look.I hope you do too.

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