Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Twin Granddaughter's Mixed Media Tutu Dress Picture Gifts

This past summer I told you about taking Debby Anderson's "A Romantic Journey On Canvas" at Artful Gathering and starting a mixed media tutu dress canvas picture adventure.  The course involved creating  3 mixed media tutu dress canvas picture projects which are shown below:

I knew before taking this class that I would love it so as I was going along I anticipated making more then the number of projects required for the course. After sculpting the tutu for the class I decided to sculpt a few extra's in various sizes.  I love giving handmade gifts so making a few extra tutu's was the smart thing to do.

I ended up making five additional tutu's - which resulted in five other mixed media tutu dress canvas pictures being made.

In my previous post entitled "My Mixed Media Tutu Dress Canvas Pictures Adventure" I told you about making the three tutu pictures shown above and also told you that two additional tutu pictures were in the process of being made.

What I couldn't tell you at that time was that the two additional tutu dress pictures were being made as gifts for my granddaughters for the holidays and are shown at the beginning of this post and above.

If you've been a follower of my Linda's Blog you know that I've posted about little girl dresses before.  That post contained two of my favorite pictures of my twin granddaughters who took many dancing classes over the years.  The mixed media tutu's reminded me of them so I thought I would make two tutu collage pictures containing those two pictures and one other picture for each of them and give them as Christmas gifts this year.  You know how much I love giving handmade Christmas gifts.

Here's the five additional tutu's I made:

And, here's all the tutu pictures I made this year.

Will I be making any more? Hmmmm.... You never know....

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